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The vast size of Lake Powell combined with amazing scenery is the perfect lake for an adventurous house boating vacation. Although not as massive as Lake Powell or Lake Mead, Lake Mohave is quite large at 67 miles long with over 230 miles of shoreline. Lake Havasu is about 45 miles long with 450 miles of shoreline making it an ideal lake for house boating.
Lakes in the Phoenix and Scottsdale area are large enough to handle house boats, but you will likely have to bring your own. However, the marinas at these lakes do offer other types of boat rentals such as pontoon boats, ski boats and runabout boats as well as jet-ski rentals. State Dock has the largest fleet of rental houseboats in the eastern Cave Run Marinas, Inc.
Best Answer: i keep getting stuff from mamouth cave, but they never have any prices on it, just about local motels Cave Run Marina rents them. Relax and enjoy cruising the many scenic lakes in Canada on a fully equipped houseboat rental.
New to the fleet is the Legacy, a houseboat where you can call your meeting to order in the morning, and play in the sunny water of the Shuswap Lake in the afternoon. To see all that Huck's Houseboat Rentals and Houseboat Vacations has to offer please load in Javascript. Trump Series Houseboat - by far the most luxurious rental houseboat on the Mississippi River! You will be your own Captain - But don't worry, we train hundreds of people to captain boats each year. Whether you own a houseboat or plan on renting one, there are several Arizona lakes that are perfect for an enjoyable a relaxing time on cool, waters with lots of open space. During the summer, the water temperatures are an ideal 70 to 80 degrees, perfect for swimming and water recreation.

Some tourists will cruise the lake sightseeing, fishing, jet skiing, water skiing and then anchor at night to enjoy the tranquility of dark skies and bright stars. It is 110 miles long with over 550 miles of shoreline and its total water surface is twice the size of Rhode Island. There are marinas located on both sides of Lake Mohave that rent house boats of almost any size that will accommodate groups and large families.
Known for its crystal clear waters, it is perfect for houseboating, swimming, water-skiing, and fishing. At the time this article was written, no lake marina offered house boat rentals that were available for cruising. Houseboat rentals are the perfect vacation for large groups that are looking for a fun and leisurely vacation idea. Nestled amongst vast BC mountain valleys on beautiful Shuswap Lake in the North Okanagan is some of the best houseboating in Canada. These houseboat rentals cater to your needs whether you are on vacation, having a family reunion, birthday, a special anniversary or your very unique wedding. Escape the mundane board room and enjoy your next meeting among sun drenched beaches, beautiful waterfalls and awesome fishing, all yours to discover from the comfort of your home away from home.
The vessel is an amazing 94 feet by 24 feet wide accommodating up to 30 guests, making it the largest vessel on the Shuswap. Boats are equipped with all the comforts that help to make this the best vacation you could ever want.
Spend the day or an entire week vacation fishing, swimming, exploring, and experiencing stunning landscape.
Although they are about 290 miles apart, both Lake Mead and Lake Powell are fed by the Colorado River. This magnificent lake, half way between Calgary and Vancouver is a recreation and houseboating paradise.

Once the meetings are over enjoy swimming, hiking, water skiing, golfing, ATV riding and mountain biking.
The Legacy is equipped with a large board room, teleconferencing capabilities as well as wireless internet. The fleet, the boats fantastic in size offering plenty of room, they are spotlessly clean and well maintained having just about everything you would want or need for an outstanding vacation. Lake Powell is near where the Grand Canyon begins and Mead is near where the Grand Canyon ends.
During the day you can cruise around the lake, go fishing or swimming and then in the evening pull the houseboat into shore and enjoy a campfire on the beach and scenic hike along the shoreline.
Great for management meetings, corporate retreats, strategy sessions, staff parties, or company perks.
British Columbia’s Shuswap area offers some of the most luxurious houseboats available, complete with hot tubs and water slides. Sun drenched beaches, beautiful waterfalls and awesome fishing are yours to discover from the comfort of your home away from home. Your team will have fewer interruptions than being in a hotel, more focus on tasks at hand, a more restful, and a more creative environment producing better ideas and stronger results.
Houseboating in Saskatchewan and Ontario offers a chance to enjoy some of the amazing fishing and scenery opportunities in the area. Swimming, hiking, water skiing, golfing, ATV riding and mountain biking are some of the activities available for those with the need for more vigorous action.

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