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This Chris Craft Aquahome houseboat was an oldie, but definitely a favorite houseboat, since it was in impeccable shape and it always got great comments from other boaters. Anyone have information on a 1976 Advantage fiberglass pontoon houseboat, is it to old to buy? I have owned my 1969 46ft Aquahome for 2years now, but my sliding entry door track is broken. Just stepped down due to age from my 42ft custom Connie to a 1970 47ft Aqua Home houseboat. I have an engine to dash wiring diagram for a 1972, 46 ft Aquahome houseboat that I will be glad to share with anyone.
I have a 1972 46 ft Chris Craft Aquahome and the fiberglass is very dry laid or pourous in my houseboat. My dear dear sweetheart has a 1972 Aqua Home that hasn't moved out of the slip in 10 years, nor been pulled ( I think I saw a tree growing at the water line).Wondering about the integrity of these hulls and propensity for blistering.
These Chris Aqua Home houseboats were laid out in a very professional, space preserving way and make great , modern boats even for today .
My Uncle just passed, but for ten years he and my Aunt lived on the 46' Chris Craft Aqua Home.
I grew up admiring this houseboat when I was a kid, and would like to find one now to enjoy with my family. I have just purchased a 1968 Chris Craft Houseboat that is 34' and has a single 283 engine.
While waiting for friends to join us at a coffee shop, my wife spotted at 33 ft Chris-Craft houseboat in a nearby holding yard.
My husband and I rescued a 33 foot 1969 Chris Craft Aqua Home Houseboat a couple of years ago. Includes brand new Triple Axle Bunk Trailer manufactured for it that sells for 6,000 alone.
The hard ceiling is 20 feet long and has aluminum railing around it, an aluminum ladder and indoor outdoor carpet so it makes a great Upper Deck that is deal for sitting, lounging, sunbathing and jumping or sliding into lakes. This Houseboat is finished all the way around on the outside and inside, except for in the cabin, which still needs to be finished, and it is not furnished.
It has 27 inch aluminum tubes welded onto an all aluminum chassis, and the cabin is built on an aluminum frame. The price does not include a motor, but we are one of the top 20 Mercury Motor Dealers in the world every year, so you most certainly can get a great deal on a brand new Mercury Motor if you want one.

A 115 Hp Outboard Motor on this Houseboat would cost an additional $9995, which would include the cost of us building a steering helm and installing the control cables and motor. Full professional financing nationwide shipping and extended warranties are all available on approved credit.. DisclaimerBoatParadise is not liable for any mistakes or incorrect information submitted by its users and does not represent or share opinions of its users.
This was my first Twin engine houseboat with Merc V6's that I owned, and it served me well. Had 17 cruisers and now my first houseboat and I am loving the Aqua-Home houseboat for sure! I also have the original owners binder from Chris Craft anyone can look at or make copies.It also has engine and transmission drawings. I wish it were possible to get some of the documentation on these as we still haven't sorted out the wiring, etc. I find the more we tamper with a good simple design the more we chance making it look like a trailer house.Chris made every boat in a high class method , and had a team of marine architects who knew hull design - unlike some of the modern era cruisers which kick up damaging wakes wherever they cruise .
We are considering putting outboards on it, and filling in the engine compartment with a hot tub. He had Chrysler 318's in it and it would fly across the water.You're picture brought back great memories, Thanks.
It was a great boat to spend the summers living aboard since it had Air Conditioning for those hot humid nights.These have lots of storage, and room for two people to live on comfortably.
My girl friend badly injured the starboard side of the vessel mainly the walkway torn off we are at a cross roads to rebuild over the winter or part her out.Her Leman Fords and all her other gear is great but I am having no luck at finding the starboard walkway, and the slider door.
Open the hatch on the front porch and crawl down in, look straight ahead above the bulkhead hole right in the middle. There is a wire or two on one or both bolted to the drive somewhere if it is disconected the engines will not run.
Are they also really porous as well?The bilge and stringers look wonderful, and the boat has twin 372's with V-drives and an Onan generator. They were in backwards or flywheel forward.I bought a set of Borg Warner type bell housings and test fit a 350 chevy with oil pan and when the driveshaft coupling mated up flat we had an inch clearance on bell housing and oil pan. The Deep blue hulls of these Aqua homes should always be kept polished - stunners on the water . She happens to be my general contractor in the renovation of our 33 ft Chris Craft.We did all the wrecking last fall, and we're in the re-building phase.

We had a blast on that houseboat, and since I was young I was always there with them on the boat (so much so that my Father would constantly remind me that I was his son, not theirs).It's a shame they don't make these anymore.
The galley and crew quarters (the booth) have been completely gutted with all windows removed for structural repairs. I have never owned a boat before but am fascinated by the prospect of rebuilding a houseboat. Any other readers have any inflo on where one might be for parts I would love to hear from you before we are forced to let her die. Now we are repowering with modern equipment!We have replaced all thru hulls with bronze graco valves. I owned, operated and maintained this beauty, which became a part of my life , until the late 1990s.
It's always too much DEStruction and not enough CONstruction.I've just completed fiberglassing the top lounge deck. Christmas presents are now new cupboards, counters, wall panelling, inverters etc.We've signed on with America's Great Loop Association and hope to float her down to Florida (from Lake Simcoe, Ontario) for the 2010-11 Winter. The numbers are on a yellow stickertape that was painted over and I found them by luck while sanding to paint.I hope this helps, Lee Davis. I sawed out the drain rails aroud the engine lids and relined holes with a dam 1 inch above deck and made lids out of aluminum to lay over dam rails, no more leaks to the engine room.All the controls and gauges work, all new lights and fridge. Looked just like yours in the picture, except the hull was deep navy blue that was breathtaking when it was polished.Reply-AnswerKenney, I am sorry to hear about your uncle. The owner says the engines were run last year but I am not under the illusion that they are good to go and would have them rebuilt before use. Reply - AnswerIf I remember correctly, the Hull ID is located in the forward hatch compartment on the port side, and it is impregnated in the fiberglass hull.
There was a larger engine later available which would not pair up with the original v-drives. Go ahead click the book and sign-up, it's free and filled with great articles, tips, information and website updates.

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