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I do have a water separator and I do keep my bimini in a full down position to reduce drag (save fuel when hauling) and wear and tear on the boot of the bimini.
Ken, I hadn"t really thought about the hinge points, but it would cause stress cracks over time and then you"d have to replace them (if they aren"t welded on - then its grinding time).
Now the throttle can have a full throw from one stop to the next on both the motor and control box. I aslo picked up a tach that still needs to be hooked up but it will be nice to know what rpm"s the motor is actually turning. While I was raising the motor I figured I should try sealing off the back of the transom. Rather than test my improvements at my local water hole we decided to head to a larger body of water that is about 30 minutes away. Looking at their website it seems they just plonked a massive engine into it without much in the way of real engineering. Id like to see a supercharged block, vertically - so there is no need for large gearing to change the torque from the horizontal to the vertical. True, but the Yanks have the torque low down & more evenly spread across the rev range, whereas smaller engines have to be revving their nuts off to deliver.
Taking a page from the playbook of Apple and the Steve Jobs' notion that the inside should look as good as the outside, Seven Marine has created an arresting look both outside and in.
Many consumers want to go faster in their existing boats and simply need more horsepower on the limited real estate of their outboard transom. The General Motors aluminum block V-8 6.2 L supercharged engine develops 556-hp as installed in the 2014 Cadillac CTS V Sedan.
The Concept of the 557 is to mate the supercharged GM 6.2 L V-8 aluminum block engine with an inboard pod drive-style transmission linked to a rugged ?twin pinion? gear case. A single 557-hp engine could replace two conventional outboard motors, thereby saving weight, reducing lower-unit drag, and reducing the total number of parts in the propulsion system.
The ZF transmission not only harnesses the power from the horizontal engine and re-directs it to a vertical drive shaft, but it also changes gears from forward to reverse and makes the first RPM reduction. This is the torpedo of the 557 with twin pinion lower unit gearing of the Seven Marine which is exponentially stronger than a single pinion gear, according to Seven Marine. Traditionally, outboard drive shafts are relatively thin to keep the width of the outboard leg as narrow as possible to reduce drag. The 557 is the only outboard engine on the market with its own closed-loop engine cooling system. With the cowling lifted the first thing visible is the Seven Marine closed-loop cooling system ? the only outboard in the world that doesn?t run raw water through its block. Perhaps the most important aspect of the 557 outboard is that its major components have already been proven by some of the world's leading companies. The beautiful polished stainless steel headers not only look good, but they carefully direct exhaust gases below with a minimum of back pressure. Numerous other parts such as gear case housings, pinion gears, drive shafts, casings and other components are mostly made by American suppliers including many foundries and machine shops in Wisconsin. Seven Marine has patented its architecture of an automotive engine used in a horizontal position. The Power-To-Weight Advantage It is not the scope of this explanation of Seven Marine's outboard to get into the details of the company?s product, which will be done in a later report.
The Seven Marine outboard was designed for boaters who want to go fast, have the latest technology, and want more room in their boat for other activities.

We have not tested Seven Marine engines and so will have to reserve comment on speed, fuel consumption, noise levels and handling characteristics until we do.
The Intrepid 37 was the first boat that the twin 557-hp Seven Marine outboards were tested on. So far we have seen the Seven Marine outboards placed on center consoles for luxury boating, offshore fishing and government patrol work. The temporary block still didn"t give it a full throw so I am excited to get it out and finally get a true wide open throttle !
I took the boat for another test and tune run ( Thats what I call it when I tell my wife I am heading to the lake on a week day and she"s at work ) to test my new carb settings. I just today was able to get my mechaninc to come for a ride and get the motor running like it should. Still other consumers want more interior room in their boats without having to jump up 6? or so and pay the geometric increase in boat price.
By linking these three major components Seven Marine has harnessed prodigious horsepower and directed it through a rugged drivetrain.
Attached to it is the crucial ZF transmission that harnesses the torque and re-directs it below.
By taking advantage of the new inboard pod style transmission architechture on the market made for high-torque diesel engines and designing it for an outboard motor, the new 557-hp outboard has an exceedingly robust upper drive train.
These gears are the key to handling the tremendous torque generated by the supercharged engine as well as to withstand the shock loadings encountered when the prop re-enters the water after catching air. All conventional outboard motors on the market use a single pinion gear in the torpedo gear case also to reduce drag, but at the same time creating the most vulnerable weak point in traditional outboards' drive train.
By using robust shafts, bearings and a twin-pinion gear design in the torpedo, Seven Marine is taking aboard the lessons learned over the last 40 years in offshore racing with reliable sterndrive and gear case architecture.
Most of these companies have been or are still currently venders to many engine and equipment OEMs in Wisconsin ? companies such as Kohler, Harley-Davidson, Briggs & Stratton, Twin Disc ? in addition to other marine engine manufacturers. The result of this plethora of resources is that literally a world of talent and expertise, machine tools and infrastructure, has been utilized by Seven Marine?s founders to create the world's most powerful outboard. His father happens to be none other than Richard (Rick) Davis, who ? until he retired in 2008 ? was the Chief Technical Officer for Mercury Marine and the man involved with three of the engine company?s most brilliant accomplishments during the last decade ? Mercury?s OptiMax 2-stroke direct injection technology, overseeing the development of the Verado program, and bringing the Mercury Zeus pod drive to fruition in cooperation with Cummins Engines. The third engineer in the family is Brian Davis, who is also in his 30s and heads up international sales, investor relations and finance.
However, the most important element of this revolutionary outboard is obviously its power-to-weight ratio.
The basic advantage of the Seven Marine outboard is the fact that its 6.2 L V8 aluminum engine is supercharged which gives the 1,045-lb. Obviously this package has some built-in benefits such as ultra smooth shifting and high low-end and mid-range torque because of its supercharger. For example, at the Ft Lauderdale Boat Show this year they will be on six boats including 2 high performance fishing boats, 2 40+ ft luxury center consoles, a 40 ft. Got a State Park resort in AL that the bimini won"t clear if its in the position Jamie keeps his in. I am still waiting on some aluminum trim so that I can install the new sheeting on the fence.
My motor actually sits low in the water due to the fact the center log is set lower than the others. In the process, by using the ZF transmission, Seven Marine outboard has achieved smooth shifting, slow trolling speed control, and no ?clunk? when going in and out of gear, among other things.

Seven Marine has designed robust drive shafts and twin pinion gears to maximize durability and reliability. By removing the directional shifting of gears done in the gear case as is typically done in all outboard engines and moving it to the transmission, Seven Marine has removed yet another problematic area of traditional outboard propulsion systems. Basically where you see it in my first picture of the control which is 90 degrees to the base.
As for your control, it should not be necessary to have to push the throttle that far forward to open the carbs all the way. I was talking about it with my brother and we decided that it would look better with smooth sides. I guess my question is weather or not anyone has seen an improvement in performance with the height of the motor? If it were not for this fact I could just move the lever on the spline to allow it to pull the throttle more in forward than reverse. The previous owner spent close to $1400 on electical parts and labor so I am good in that department I hope. I have been taking it to him once a week for the past few weeks and then trying out the new changes. When I do a hard turn the motor loads down and my mechaninc said it should improve if I raise the motor. I hauled mine up the first day I had it on and I thought it was going to fall off bouncing down the road.
Then I would adjust the throttle cable so that when the control is in the idle position (in forward gear), the cable will have just a bit of free play before the engine speed picks up as you advance the control.
I wasn"t able get my mechaninc friend to go out with me but I reported back to him and told me to adjust a couple things. I have alot of time and work in removing old graphics and repainting , but I know the new smooth sides will look great with my grapics. I just leaned the motor out ( he set it rich to be safe ) and plan on making a quick trip to the lake tomorrow for a test run. My plugs are still pretty dark so I think I can lean it out a bit more but I want to check with my mechanic first.
I know it my shim plate is a wedge design instead of the piece of wood I am using it will allow it to pull the cable more. He said it was a good idea becasue there is no more adjustment on the motor and only one way for the cables to mount on the control. I talked to three dealers and they don"t offer jets like you would find for a dirt bike or snowmobile. I was bummed but my mechanic said no problem we"ll just fill them with silver solder and redrill. Since he is a friend I am going to take him out for a day on the lake so he can see first hand how she is running.  Still tons of work to do hopefully I will have some pitures to share by the end of the weekend !!! I set the motor as low as it can go becasue the cavitaiotn plate was close to even with the bottom of the center log.

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