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Then call Bobby Williams at that website and order your truck for delivery anywhere you want it.
And yes, if you are towing a boat big enough to gross 17,500 pounds with the trailer, and the trailer is not a gooseneck or fifth wheel, then you should be shot at sunrise.
I think you are also going to have a problem finding a hitch receiver or having one built that will accomodate the weight you are talking about. Before I changed to a fifth wheel toyhauler I towed a large, double slide, 13,000 lb pull trailer with my F550. THE SPEAR is identical in hull shape to the PT 11, but the interior geometry and construction are quite different and deserve explanation.  The PT 11 has a full width foredeck so that water drains into the aft compartment, otherwise there would be three areas that would need bailing of rain and spray. When rowing with three, the trunk seat allows more comfortable seating for the person sitting in the bow. Below photo taken in March 2013 of the prototype being built to figure out the process and to write the manual. Two of the watertight hatch kits that we offer as options fit really well in this boat, making the boat versatile for carrying (and keeping dry) groceries, camping gear, cameras, safety gear, etc.
The aft hatch is easier to access when sailing and is great for things like cameras, jackets, and food, but because of the baffles under the back seat (more on that next), the volume of area under the forward hatch is much greater. While the hatches are work to install, the cost of the kits is very small compared to the utility and safety they offer. The Spear has a large back seat area, but because it has a hatch, we have to install baffles to form sealed air voids outboard of the hatch where they would do the most good in an emergency. The first PT 11 Nesting Dinghy kit has been cut as of April 15th and construction has just begun.
We have really been attempting to set up the pictures to the highest instructional advantage so actual building progress is happening is small steps. I know some of you must be wondering what is with the long silence and lack of images on Nesting Dinghy progress. Wow, what a weekend!  First and foremost, thank you all for coming and spending time talking to us about the PT Skiff.
We have the opportunity to run the PT Skiff from Port Townsend up into BC this week to trial it as a camp cruiser.
Port Townsend Watercraft in BriefPT Watercraft is located in Port Townsend on the Olympic Peninsula in NW Washington. Port Townsend is fortunate to have a great marine industry and many have had a part in making PT Watercraft a reality. Shipps Marine in Gladewater sells new Pro Gators but don't know if they have any used ones. Originally Posted By: tagI am looking for a clean fiberglass stick steer boat in good condition. Hey tag, I know where a King Fisher is, stick steer, that a good friend of mine will probably sell. Originally Posted By: red snappaDoes that boat come with the condos and coordinates Tbox?!!
If I can't find a replacement then the next best thing would be getting a good quality, high resolution picture from someone and have one made with the VIN # on it, etc.
I just hope you can get all the data off your old decal or someone with a good decal can give you everything but the VIN. At some point in time people need to wake up, remove their cranial intrusion into their own rectal areas, and take responsibility for their own actions.
Called Tommy Conner this morning, emailed him my bill of sale and the plaque is already done! Customs official didn't even come out to check the boat HIN or the trailer VIN when I came across!!
I asked the custom officer if he wanted to see the boat and he said just bill of sale with trailer vin and boat vin was ok. The Trailer with the offset lunette appears to be using a Ben Hur Drawbar Casting and lunette. Many M-100 trailers left the factory with the early Lunette as did Dunbar Kapple, some even had 3 position landing legs, I observed this in the early 60's.

If you can find a leftover in stock somewhere, or order a new one, then you can easily make an F-550 do the trick for you. Most F-550 diesel CrewCab 4x4s with a steel tow body are going to weight around 10,000 to 11,000 pounds without the trailer when wet and loaded for the road.
I could only find a 15,000 lb hitch(a Titan I think) but it wouldn't fit on the F550 frame.
This was such a Port Townsend moment; A dinghy launching with flowers and bubbly, great friends and even a blush causing speech in the drizzling rain.
The Spear can have scuppers through the main bulkhead (the nesting PT 11 can’t) and therefore can have what I call a “trunk” seat.
They also provide access and visibility to the daggerboard trunk, mast socket, and rudder hardware, not to mention a good place to hide valuables left in the dinghy. Sealed air voids (compartments) have the same value as flotation foam, but access ports or hatches are not allowed in sealed air voids. Though the baffles under the back seat decrease the usable volume for storage, they make us legal and make you safer, and they make for a well supported back seat. What we have so far is a rough working prototype that will be the basis for the final prototype soon to begin. I hope all your questions got answered and you have had a chance to check out the website if you had not seen it before. We will be keeping notes and taking pictures which I will post when we get back by September 24th.
PT Watercraft and "Pika" met in Puget Sound and compared boats and notes and each took turns at the wheel of the other. We are working on a fuel consumption study and comparison for the two boats to be published soon. It is the partnership of Ashlyn & Russell Brown, desiring to bring modern and innovative designs to the home boat builder. Turn Point Design, Jim Franken, Townsend Bay Marine, Edensaw Woods, NWSWB, NW Sails and NW Canvas, and also Bieker Boats of Seattle. We want boaters to safely have fun for many years with their creation while saving money, have less negative impact on the environment, and much less frustration with limitations typical of many small boats on the market. I just imported from the US a Maristar 1995 and the vin plate on the trailer was washed out.
The trailer appears to be earlier than 1953 because of the brackets for the slave cable box. Some of the numbers impressions may show on the back.I think the crease way on the left side of the date block is not a number. So nope, you're probably not going to find a normal well-equiped F-550 with a wet and loaded weight on only 8,500 pounds.
Study that thing and figure out exactly how you want your truck equipped, including the high capacity tow pkg.
In other words, be sure the truck, receiver, hitch, and trailer all match and that they all have adequate weight capacity for your monster-size boat and trailer. I ended up having a receiver built to the specs of the Titan but it wasn't warranted by the manufacturer. Paul Bieker's new design (the Riptide 41;"BLUE") was in the water and Russell was invited to check it out.
Coast Guard regulations play a large role in the interior geometry of the PT 11 and the Spear.
If the builder insists on inspection ports, it is then necessary to fill these voids completely with foam flotation in order to comply with safety standards. The manual for the PT 11 'Spear' has this section but earlier versions of the PT 11 nesting dinghy manuals have an earlier method. The good news is that this hull rows really well and has great initial stability in contrast to previous versions.  The connecting hardware prototypes look great and work great making assembly a matter of a few seconds. Paul Bieker and family happened to be Seattle bound on their boat which provided a great photo platform and we were able to get some video. He also kept the side decks clear finished and the wood grain looks really nice next to her "20 feet of Bahama water"-blue hull paint.

Russell is explicit in his manuals and kit detail, intent on providing very high quality stitch & glue boat kits and related products. The last 3-53 Strick M100 I have is 19591 so I think yours must be a 4-53 unitNo, two different size number punches were not common.Any attempt at restamping the old plates would devalue them.
The number of MBTs and Bantam trailers with the axel and lower shock mounts from a different mfger on them is evidence of that in my data base. Replacement is a 2012 F-150 EcoBoost SuperCrew Lariat that tows my 5,000-pound TT like a dream. The various options, including sailing rig, offered for the PT11 nesting dinghy will be the same for the Spear. I have created a pdf file of the 7 page replacement for pages 7 through 14 in "Building the PT Eleven" for those who have an older version and have not yet begun to build their boat. The nested package is more compact than before and it fits neatly in the back of our little Toyota truck. A better trailer for your purpose would have been a newer m416 which has a two position casting for the lunette.Brake fluid will help remove the remaining paint and finish from the data plates. I serviced these for 10 years and dealt with surplus ones from DRMO from late 50s thru the 80's. Those are easy to see, but the number that were also swapped around that ended up on a trailer of the same mfger and therefore not readily observable as having been swapped out is unknown. The bow area (forward of the mast step bulkhead) is a sealed air void in the PT 11 and the Spear.
Brandt and his wife, who built their PT Skiff earlier this year, not only brought their boat up from Seattle, and gave rides, they also took some great pictures. Or you can buy repop replacements and keep the originals in a safe place or reverse mount them inside the tub with the new repops on the outside. Or you can buy repop replacements and keep the originals in a safe place or reverse mount them inside the tub with the new repops on the outside.Thanks for your info on the serial # of my trailer. Another example of this is the illustrations in the M38 manuals that are straght out of the CJV35 manuals and the M38A1 illustrations that are clearly from the M38 manual. It is not normal behaviour for a GI to walk around with a pencil and pad writing notes on nuts and bolt details of the Jeeps and trailers in his charge in order to answer specifics from Cuz 50 years later.
The PT 11 has built in buoyancy tanks in the back of the boat on either side (outboard) that are equal to the volume in the bow. To date no solid evidence has been presented to give us any idea when the front storage box went away on the M100's nor when the front storage box brackets went away. It is possible for a GI with sharp eyes wth interest and enthusiam for his job to observe and remember little details that gave these trailers individual personality. The only lunette and landing leg part numbers listed in any of the three M100 manuals are the heavy style post WWII unit and two hole leg. Having 1st hand knowledge of MWO's and repairs done on these trailers comes from access to DA form 478 which accompanies the M-100 from delivery to salvage. While on the dock at Shilshole Marina, a wedding party came down the dock and the bride and groom asked for a ride in the PT Skiff. The details of these trailers and memories of Cable Boxes on pallets at the PDO's are still vivid, as well as the several brands of tires that were common to the M-100.
Many of these trailers never got all of their MWO's during their service life which was apparant to those who maintained them.Reciting from a pile of manuals is no substitute for real time experience. It is assumed (but not confirmed) that the box was discontinued when the separate trailer to vehicle two plug harness was superseded by the terminal connected harness but there was apparently a long period where the brackets still came on the tub. The trip from Port Townsend to Seattle takes about 2 hours and generally uses about 2 gallons of fuel.
Russell was able to surf a cargo ship's wake for about 10 miles before the intensity of it got to him and he exited the wake. The trip from Port Townsend to Seattle and back, with favorable currents and surfing, used about 3 gallons of gas.

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