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It will be launched in half the time it takes the US at just one-third the cost (they don’t outsource their labor). Add the new Chinese naval version stealth fighter bomber already in flight-testing to the mix and you have the makings of a formidable weapons system indeed. China is the only nation other than Russia that can launch men into outer space (our capability ended with the last space shuttle launch . China ‘s new carrier could be twice as fast as anything we have, plus the stability of a catamaran type hull will greatly reduce the pitching, yawing and swaying common to our present designs.
It appears that some profitable thought should be given to advising your grandchildren to learn mandarin Chinese(forget Spanish). You didn’t think the USA could bully the world for ever and get away with it did you !
These are not real pictures and are most likely to be planted by the CIA so that americans get all upset and give the war criminals even more money.
I’m sure your comments on housing developments were tongue-in-cheek but actually there are reports that China has something quite close to that in mind.
It’s just a shame that any nation should seek to intimidate other nations, as the US has been quite happily doing for many decades now, with the constant threat of bombing and mass murder of civilian populations. If you think how this wealth could be spent in easing the lot of every person; if that were the strategic aim, then there would be no need for these highly vulnerable vessels.
Look at Detroit and then compare it to lets say Bejing,Chinese standards of living and construction are out pacing the U.S right now They have the most advanced Aircraft. We give our money to help people like you, its not our fault you rob your people and blame it on us….
Please remember that the Chinese were making ocean-going junks of colossal size, before the United States was even thought of.
If they sell you things that fall apart before you even leave the store, it is because they know that you are the only people on God’s earth stupid enough to buy it in the first place. Spirits incarnate, living as humans in our midst; moving openly and freely, yet undetected by the masses, or even their hosts. What about the the lousy Sherman tanks and stink cheese they forced the cockasians soldiers to eat? I spent almost 10 yrs on US Air Craft Carriers… I very seriously doubt the Chi Coms can build a carrier that goes 70 mph. Sui Lulu, Zhang Yiming and Li Wei, from Nanjing city, have created their own version of a transformer from a Citroen C2 car; they named the 15ft Transformer X2. Because of financial constraints, their transformer can't do very much actual transforming.
Since I know you can't resist more cool Citroen C4 transmformer videos, see the ice skating transformer video.
According to the signed cooperation agreement, the joint venture would build an LNG receiving terminal with 3 million tons of LNG capacity in Wuhu in the Anhui province. The company added in its statement, that the project would be built in phases with phase 1, which would have a capacity of 1 mtpa, coming into operation in 2017. The second phase, to be operational in 2020, would add another 500,000 tons while the full planned capacity of 3 mtpa would be reached in 2030. Posted on June 24, 2015 with tags China, CNOOC Oil & Gas, Huainan Mining Industry, JV, LNG import. The proposed 3 mtpa LNG imports terminal owned by independent gas distributor ENN of China has been delayed.
Inpex of Japan plans to construct a third LNG storage tank at its new Naoetsu LNG terminal in Niigata.
Henn Architekten out of Berlin has been chosen as the winner of the architectural competition for Cenke Tower in Taiyuan.
The vertically accented facades of the longer sides will be constructed from glass with different transparency levels and opaque aluminum elements. A planted sunken courtyard and entrance area located on the western side of the building complete the lively structure.
Now you can use Chinese Vocab List Creator to create a Chinese vocabulary list from any Chinese text with a single click! On the title bar of example sentence section of the Chinese English dictionary page, added sentence display settings to allow the users to quickly toggle the display of Chinese, Pinyin or English. On the Nameplate-like Chinese Flashcard Maker, added a new option to allow the users to print 4 flashcards per page. On the Chinese English Dictionary page, added a new option for the display settings to allow the users to customize the color scheme of tone color coding or simply turn off color coding for the tones.
Now you can update your account name and preferred contact email via the "My Account" view. Created a new tool, called Fill in the Missing Strokes Chinese Worksheet Maker, to allow the Chinese teachers to create Chinese worksheets with missing strokes or missing character radicals. Added a new vocab list split tool to allow you to split a long vocab list into two new lists at a given positioin. Added Chinese Character Stroke Sequence Image Generator to allow Chinese teachers to create character stroke sequence images. Added Fill-in-the-blank Chinese Worksheet Maker to allow you to easily create your own custom fill-in-the-blank Chinese worksheets for classroom and homework uses.
On the Chinese Word Worksheet Maker page, added a few new options to allow parents and Chinese teachers to generate Pinyin and English flashcards without Chinese. Added about 8000 set phrases (including Chinese proverbs, idioms and commonly used proper names) and new words,such as ??, ?? etc. Now you can Practice writing Chinese characters on your tablets or smartphones using your finger. On the Chinese English Dictionary page, added a handwriting button to allow the users to practice writing the animated character.
On the Character Worksheet Maker page, added a new option to allow the users to specify the Pinyin grid size.
For the users who are learning traditional Chinese characters and wanted to grab traditional Chinese characters or words from the Chinese English Dictionary page to create a vocab list, you can do that now by simply setting the preferred script to traditional. On the Bingo Card Maker page, added a new option to allow the users to select whether or not print Chinese characters on the Bingo cards.
Changed the page navigation structure to allow us to easily add more features in the future. Released Chinese Vocab Matching Game to allow Chinese language students to review and practice the Chinese vocabulary they have learned. Added Chinese Lesson Printable Creator to allow you to create custom Chinese lessons and supplemental reading materials tailored to your classroom and the needs of your Chinese language students. Added Chinese Sentence Copying Worksheet Maker to quickly create Chinese sentence copying worksheets. From now on, you are not required to be a member to load and use the pre-defined, commonly-used vocabv lists on our online online Flashcard program.
On the Chinese Character Color Coder page, now you can make nicely formatted and color coded Chinese text in PDF for classroom use.
On the Chinese Word Flashcard Maker page, added a new option to hide the Pinyin on the back side of the card. Added Chinese Radical Table for Traditional Chinese Characters for the users who are learning or teaching traditional Chinese characters to look up Chinese characters. Added color-coded tones for Chinese characters and Pinyin on the Chinese English Dictionary page. Beside Chinese characters, now the user can play the animations of Chinese words by clicking the film icon next to the word. We are in the middle of revamping the entire web site to make it more intuitive and mobile friendly. Rewrote Chinse Word Worksheet Maker to make the stroke sequences on the word worksheets scalable so that they can be printed with high quality at any resolution. Now the system can provide the English defintion for you automatically when you are creating or editing a vocab list. Added a new Bingo Card Maker option to print Pinyin and English along with the Chinese words on the Bingo call sheets. Released Chinese Word Dice Maker to allow parents and Chinese teachers to create printable paper dices with Chinese characters, words,Pinyin or Bopomofo for home or classroom use. Now the Chinese Sentence Scramble Maker can intelligently detect the words in the sentences and generate the scrambles without breaking the words.
Improved the Character Animation Maker to make it much easier for the users to embed the animated Chinese characters into school or personal web pages.
Added a new Chinese Word Worksheet Maker for parents and Chinese teachers to generate Chinese word worksheets with character stroke sequences. As requested by a few Chinese teachers, we added a new grid size, "Large Plus", which is very useful for young Chinese learners to practice Chinese character writing or trace Chinese characters. Released a batch of example sentences to cover additonal Chinese sentence patterns and words used in HSK 6.
Besides on the screen, now Bopomofo (Zhuyin) is fully supported on the generated worksheets, handouts, flashcards and Bingo cards. Added Themed Chinese Writing Paper Creator, a creative and powerful tool to create lovely themed Chinese writing paper for use in your classroom or at home.
Added Chinese Sentence Scramble Creator to allow Chinese language teachers to easily generate Chinese word or sentence scrambles to use in the classroom. On the Chinese English dictionary page, the Chinese character detail section now includes Cantonese Jyutping pronunciation. Our innovative Chinese English dictionary becomes more powerful: now our users can search Chinese characters by Cantonese Jyutping pronunciation, for example, jat1 and ji5. Added Unicode, GB(??) and telegraph code of each Chinese character into the Chinese English dictionary page. Added Chinese Coloring Sheet Maker to allow parents and Chinese language teachers to quickly generate Chinese character coloring sheets for young learners.
Released Chinese Word Search Puzzle Generator, another great tool that allows parents and Chinese language teachers to create Chinese word or Pinyin search puzzles with your own list of Chinese words or Pinyin. Compiled and published the measure words for each and every applicable noun word in the Chinese English Dictionary. To help you learn Chinese grammar, we added Parts Of Speech (??) for each and every Chinese word (character compound) in the system. Thanks to Elizabeth Yew, we compiled and added more characters that share a particular character or charactr component. In the example word section of the Chinese English dictionary page, now the words are ordered by the usage frequency, from most commonly (*****) to least commonly (*). Improved word and sentence search with fuzzy Pinyin (????), for example, searching with query da xue or da yi. Now your Saved Vocab Lists, My Vocab List and handwriting practice progress will sync across your browsers and devices.
Chinese writing practice of the current vocab list on your desktop after your tablet or smart phone runs out of battery. The mobile version of Chinese Pinyin drill can help you learn and practice not only the basic tones of Mandarin, but also Mandarin tone changes (also known as tone sandhi). Added a new option to the Character Details Settings to allow the user to specify how many writing boxes per row on the exported JPEG or PNG stroke sequence images.
The following is the stroke sequence image for ?(happy, enjoy) with 4 writing boxes per row. Added Chinese Character Decomposition Explorer to the Character Detail View of the Arch Chinese Mobile.
Completed and released the native-speaker recordings of all the Chinese words(character compounds) included in our Chinese English dictionary. Revamped the Arch Chinese Mobile user interface to make it easy to use on iPads and Android tablets. Created a Memory Matching Game to help young Chinese learners learn Chinese words and characters.

Created and released more example sentences to cover additional Chinese sentence structures and usage patterns. Compiled and released the "See Also" characters to the Character Details section on the Chinese English Dictionary page. The mobile version is completely re-designed and optimized for iOS, Android, Windows and BlackBerry phones and tablets. Add a new option Draw writing grids only on the bottom half of the page (applies to blank worksheets only) for young kids.
It allows the young learners to draw pictures or anything they like on the first half of the page. On the Printable Chinese Character Flashcard Maker and Printable Chinese Word Flashcard Maker pages, added the options to allow the users to adjust the horizontal card spaces and vertical card spaces. In addition to playing the pronunciation of the character, the system now plays the character structure information recording when the character stroke order animation is done. To make it easy for the users to look up Chinese characters, phrases or sentences by English words, the English definitions of the characters and phrases are hyperlinked.
Added a new Chinese character animation option: Pen thickness (Thin, Medium or Thick) to the Chinese dictionary and stroke animation settings.
Added a new Chinese character writing option: Chinese character font style (Thin, Regular or Bold) to the Chinese Worksheet Generator settings. Added a new option: Use larger head character box to show Pinyin, radical and slightly longer definitions to the Chinese Character Worksheet settings view. Added Chinese radical worksheets shortcuts to the sidebar of the Chinese Worksheets page.
Added a new option: Fill the empty space on the worksheets with blank writing boxes to the Chinese Character Worksheet settings view. Similar to the traceable character count, the user can set the minium practicing character count to 0. If you were a registered member, now you can transfer all the vocab lists on your old account, even if it expired, to your current account.
On the Chinese Worksheets page, added a new option Do not show the radical components of the traceable characters to allow the students to fill them in. To make it easy for you to keep track of paper flashcards, now the flashcard set name shows on the flashcards. Now the Chinese character worksheets include Chinese radicals, regardless of the writing grid size or page orientation.
Added the pre-defined vocab lists for The Youth Chinese Test (YCT), which is designed for non-native speaker elementary and middle school students who learn Chinese as a second language.
Created additional 2,000 example sentences for the common characters and words used in modern Chinese. On the Chinese character details section of the Character Animation and Chinese English dictionary page, now you can quickly review all the characters that a particular character is part of. Added a new option Generate worksheets without any character hints (just the pinyin and English definition) to the Chinese Character Worksheets page to allow you to generate worksheets without the Chinese character, radical or traceable characters. Added See Also links to the left side of the animated character to quickly look up characters with the same radical or component. Now you can optionally provide a short description for a vocab list for searching and sharing vocab lists with other members. Merged My Characters and My Words to the newly-created My Vocab List, which support both single and compound Chinese words.
Reviewed and corrected Pinyin and English definitions for all the traditional Chinese characters. Now the character animations for the traditional characters are performed on the simplified system. Added Chinese Character strokes page to list all the basic strokes used in the modern Chinese characters. Added previous and next buttons at the bottom of the each list of example sentences and compound words.
As shown in My family members in Chinese, fixed Chinese character worksheet generation when, in the worksheet setting section, the user has selected "Show English definitions in separate grids" and unchecked "Show stroke sequences in one box to save space".
Now you can quickly create Bingo cards with Chinese characters or compound words grabbed from the Chinese-English dictionary by clicking the Bingo link on the My Characters or My Words boxes. Consolidated user-saved Chinese vocabulary lists for Online Chinese flashcard program, Chinese Word Worksheet Maker and Printable Chinese Flashcard Maker. To allow the users to conveniently save the characters grabbed from the Chinese-English dictionary to the server, added Save button to the My Characters boxes on the Chinese-English dictionary, Chinese word details,Chinese character worksheets and Chinese word worksheets pages. As in the My Characters boxes, now you can save the compound words you have grabbed from the Chinese-English dictionary. Added Study button to the Chinese Character Worksheet Maker page to allow the users to conveniently study the Chinese characters online and then print out the worksheets for offline practice.
Now you can expand and collapse the example sentence details by clicking the little magnifying glass icon.
With the sample sentences, now you are able to quickly toggle on and off the English, Pinyin and Chinese characters to help testing. When looking up characters or words with fuzzy Pinyin (Pinyin without tones), in addition to example words, now related example sentences will be shown as well.
In Chinese-English dictionary, query character or word is now highlighted in the example words and sentences. Added a few thousand additional example sentences that cover most commonly used Chinese words and sentence patterns.
Many Chinese learners are learning traditional Chinese characters and using Bopomofo phonetic system. On the Chinese Character Worksheets page, now you can save the characters and their customized definitions to Arch Chinese server. On the Chinese Character Worksheets page, added "Show repetitive characters on the worksheet" option to allow duplicate characters on the worksheets. Started creating studio quality, native-speaker audio recordings for all the example sentences. This bingo card maker is not just for learning Chinese, you can use this tool to generate traditional 5x5 number bingo cards or other educational bingo cards to support and reinforce lessons in mathematics, language arts, science, social studies, and just about any area of the curriculum! Created high quality example sentences for each character and word defined in the new HSK level 1 to 3. Added Chinese character formation and etymology information for additional 2,000 plus less-commonly-used characters. To ensure correctness and completeness, reviewed the definitions for all the simplified Chinese characters in the system. Fine tuned the search capabilities, especially search-by-english, of our free online Chinese English dicationary.
Added Chinese character formation and etymology information for the most common 5,000 characters.
Besides the radical, now the radical name (definition) also shows on the paper character flashcards. Added character formation and etymology information to the back side of the Chinese character flashcards. Now the system can remember the settings you have tweaked on the Chinese Word Worksheet Maker and Printable Chinese Flashcard Maker.
Added a feature to allow users to edit and then save the flashcards to the server for future study or printing.
The system can read the word or character automatically when you are studying the word or character on the flashcard program.
Replaced the original flashcard program with a newly-designed and simple Chinese vocabulary flashcard learning system. Now you can grab common words and phrases from the Chinese English dictionary to build a flashcard set to study online and then generate word worksheets or nicely formatted paper flashcards for offline study. Chinese Word Worksheet Maker and Printable Chinese Flashcard Maker work on all major browsers, including Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome and Safari. On the word details page, besides character radical links, added character component links to allow a user to look up characters with the same component as the character in a word. Created Chinese Word Details page to allow users to view the detailed information of a commonly-used Chinese word. Added Import functionality to Chinese Phrase Worksheet Maker and Printable Chinese Flashcard Maker.
The new auto Pinyin feature in Printable Chinese Flashcard Maker will make Chinese flashcard creation even easier.
Reviewed and added 25,000 additional commonly-used words and Chinese idioms to the Arch Chinese word and phrase repository.
Added a Reset button on the Chinese flashcard program toolbar to allow the user to remove all the card schedule informaton and start it over. Added Printable Chinese Flashcard Maker to allow the teachers and parents to create paper flashcards quickly. To get best possible experience using our website we recommend that you upgrade to a newer version or other web browser.
MANILA— China is forging ahead with reclamation projects on at least seven tiny but hotly contested features in the South China Sea, posing what could be a major challenge in the Philippines' international arbitration case against China. Since the beginning of the year, various satellite images of Chinese reclamation work in the Spratly Islands have shown shoals and reefs turning into artificial islands. In January 2013, the Philippines filed a case with the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea seeking affirmation on features it is contesting with China based on definitions of international law.
Gregory Poling, who specializes in the disputes in the South China Sea at the Washington-based Center for Strategic and International Studies, said such cases are rare and in the only other case he could recall, the international court’s standards were tough. University of the Philippines Institute for Maritime and Ocean Affairs director Jay Batongbacal said that until 2010, the Philippines had solid surveys of the features it claims in the Spratlys.
Also, Batongbacal said, the features that could be surveyed are too close to Chinese and Vietnamese positions.
He said the Philippines has submitted flight surveillance imagery of the islands, low-tide elevations, and rocks as well as their anthropological and historic background.
The Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague has yet to determine whether it has jurisdiction over the case. The Islamic State terror group claimed its first attack in Somalia earlier this week, though the claim has not been verified by forces on the ground. People in Bangladesh’s capital are expressing deep concern over the brutal attacks that have killed secular blogger, and most recently a gay rights activist and an employee of the U.S. Plus they can service their nuke sub fleet in-between the twin hulls ( sight unseen ) or even launch amphibious opps from same. And of course the launching and landing capabilities from the utilization of two flight decks at once. You sheeple are protecting them because of their anti discrimination-antisemitic Laws that they passed to protect them from you blokes. Your insults are nothing and fall short of anyone with a brain and a mind capable of thought. And thanks for vending all that Chinese-made junk that falls apart before it even leaves the store. Like the spasms of a decapitated body, the fact of the matter, thats precisely what it is; if you really think about it. As the building rises in height, the shape reduces in size, responding to the program while controlling the amount of direct sunlight that reaches the interior of the Tower. We add new features and improve the existing functionalities constantly to meet the needs of the Chinese language learners. For the users who have not created a folder, all your vocab lists are placed in the default General folder. The two new lists will be added into your Saved Vocab Lists and you can archive the original list if you do not want it anymore. Some students have learned Pinyin only and their teachers want to generate Pinyin Bingo cards for classroom use.

If you are a Chinese teacher, you can create the vocab lists of your lessons and save them to our server. Sentence copying helps Chinese language learners master Chinese sentence structure and use commonly-used Chinese sentence patterns.
Now you can search words and sentences via fuzzy Pinyin of any one of the characters in the words and sentence, e.g. For the user's convenience, a Chinese Radical Table for Traditional Chinese Characters link has also been added to the top of the search box on the Chinese - English Dictionary page. To print Bopomofo (instead of Pinyin) on the generated Chinese printables, all you need to do is to select the "Bopomofo" on the phonetic notation option. This tool can intelligently detect the words in the sentences and generate the scrambles without breaking the words. A user can enable this option to print the character on the first writing box of each blank row.
You can also use this tool to generate word search puzzles to learn vocabulary of any other languages. Now a user can look up the right measure word for any given noun or the nouns associated with any given measure word.
Adverb (??) - used in front of verbs or adjectives to express time, degree, scope, repetition, negation, possibility, or tone.
If you are a beginner, it is strongly recommended to focus on the 3 star or above words only.
You can freely mix Chinese characters or words and English or Pinyin in your search queries. With a few mouse clicks, you can create the nicely formatted quizzes for classroom use based on the vocab in your current vocab list or one of the saved vocab lists. You can also use it on your desktop if you have a newer browser, such as the latest version of Google Chrome, FireFox or Safari. Click the speaker icon next a character, word or sentence to hear the real-person pronunciation. For each Chinese character, now you can view the list of collocated or closely associated Chinese characters. If you want to hear the pronunciation only, you can uncheck the option Read the character structure after stroke animation on the Sound tab of the Character Detail Settings view. With one mouse click, you can find the characters and words with the English definition or related to the English definition.
If you are learning traditional Chinese characters, which have relatively more strokes, it is recommended to set the font style to Thin or Regular. When this option is enabled, the head character box will take up two writing boxes, which allows the user to use sligtly longer English, German or Russian definitions. With the shortcuts, you can quickly create customized Chinese radical worksheets for your class. When there is empty space available on the last page of the worksheets, the user can enable this option to generate writing boxes to take the space. The structure information will be printed in the head character box as an ideographic description character. You can see the vocab list transfer button on the My Account page, which can be brought up by clicking the My Account link on the headers of the pages that you need to sign in to gain the access to the full features, such as the Chinese Character Worksheets and Chinese Character Stroke Order pages. For your convenience, we have created a Worksheet Shortcuts box on the Chinese Character Worksheet page to allow you generate Chinese character stroke worksheets with only a few clicks. This option allows the Chinese teachers to create Chinese character worksheets without showing the character radical components of the characters. As requested, on the Stroke Order Animation and Dictionary page, added a Download MP3 Recording button, which is below the animated Chinese character.
On the Stroke Order Animation and Dictionary page, Single click the animated Chinese character to hear the stroke names.
On the Chinese Stroke Animation and Dictionary page, click the animated Chinese character or the Next Stroke button below the animated Chinese character to hear the native-speaker pronunciation of the strokes. Quick Lookup is very useful to find the corresponding Chinese character or word for an English word. The saved word lists will be shown on the right-hand side bar when you are on the Online flashcard program, Chinese Word Worksheet Maker or Printable Word Flashcard Maker pages. Once the worksheet PDF file is ready, you can elect to save the PDF file to your local machine and then view it with your favorite PDF viewer, or directly view the PDF file in a separate browser pop-up window. As shown on the Chinese character display setting screenshot, now you can choose Pinyin or Bopomofo as the phonetic system.
That way, you can generate worksheets for those characters in the future or from a different machine. With the flexible and powerful Bingo Card Generator, you can generate custom Bingo cards and randomized call sheets with your own Chinese characters and words. Before you export, or print worksheets or flashcards, you can change the definitions and Pinyin of the flashcards on the deck. You can import the flashcards you made or exported from other sources to the flashcard program. With this feature, you can export the flashcards to share with others or make a backup copy of it. The system now provides Chinese character details view to allow you to sort the search results by stroke count, Pinyin or usage frequency.
Now the radical table lists all the Kangxi radicals and, with one mouse click, you can find the characters with a particular radical.
With the Import buttons, you can load the Chinese flashcard and phrase data that you typed or exported from other sources.
All the Chinese words and phrases have been reviewed by our bilingual Chinese language teachers. You can use the Pinyin Tone Drill program to test and practice your knowledge of Mandarin Pinyin and tones. Just about every single feature included in the filing now has Chinese reclamation work in progress. It was a much higher bar than say, a few flyovers for satellite imagery,” said Poling. He and Poling say timing of the surveys is important because they need to have been done before reclamation work started. Beijing says it does not because Manila’s filing is essentially about maritime borders and delimitations, which the court cannot rule on. Filipino maids are well known in the world, we chinese look down upon you, there are so many stories about HKers slaved Filipino maids. William Li of Canada, thank you very much for your information as well as for correcting me. Meanwhile, al-Shabab militants have stepped up their attacks as Somalia prepares for elections later this year. The darkness of a dark world might call the light a bully but the truth is those that operate in darkness refuse to come to the light lest their deeds be reproved….
The goal is to provide maximum interior daylight while allowing hotel guests to enjoy panoramas of the city. The narrow facades contrasts the larger with transparent glass surfaces running along the smooth curvatures, granting views into the building while displaying its diagonally braced structure. You can upload your own pictures or search keywords to find the relevant images shared by the Chinese learning community. Like the existing vocab list merge tool, this tool is listed under the Tools drop-down on the title bar of My Vocab List.
If you want to navigate to the home page, you can simply tap or click the Arch Chinese logo.
Your students can use them on the Chinese Vocab Matching Game and online flashcard program.
You can use any clip images to create Chinese writing paper for seasonal activities or other theme that you can think of.
Without paying a licensing fee, we cannot look up Chinese characters by a character component, which is nothing but another Chinese character. Some Chinese language teachers or parents may prefer to make use of the empty space to write feedback or notes after reviewing the student's writing. By default, the Show the character structure information(ideographic description character) in the character head box option is disabled. The goal is to help the students to identify and understand the radicals in Chinese characters. You can listen to the pronuncation of the word and add the word to your vocab list to further study or generate worksheets. Note this phonetic system setting applies to Chinese character details, example words and sentences. If the Pinyin syllable is also a valid English word, such as sun, can, long,die,pan and man, the system will return all the characters with the same syllable or meaning. To help you locate a radical, we provide English definitions, Pinyin, Kangxi radical numbers and stroke counts. Click the magnifying glass on the right end of the example sentence to view its word and character components.
Besides the example sentences of the word, the page contains some innovative features: similar pronunciation words, same pronunciation words (if any), words with the same head character and words with the same tail character. No more "illegal operation on an inside path" issue for the users who use an ancient PDF viewer.
Comparing to the original handout generator, this newly-designed system is much easy-to-use and faster. Our phrase repository may not be biggest one on the Internet, but it is one of the most accurate and tailored for Chinese langauge learners at all levels! So are several airstrips and at least three multistory buildings where bare outposts once stood.
And by the way, Latino is really not a race to be proud of, they are poor and rude and stupid. Henry Ridgwell reports there are growing frustrations among Somalia’s Western backers over the country’s slow progress in forming its own armed forces to establish security after 25 years of chaos.
Xulhaz Mannan, an embassy protocol officer and the editor of the country’s only gay and transgender magazine Roopban; and his friend Mehboob Rabbi Tanoy, a gay rights activist, were hacked to death by five attackers in Mannan’s Dhaka home earlier this month. If you want to split a saved vocab list, click the Copy icon next to the saved list to copy the list to My Vocab List first. Note that a student does not have to have an account to access the vocab lists created by his teacher. Our goal is to create 20,000 plus example sentences that cover the majority, if not all, of the common characters, compound words and sentence structures. Like Mandarin Chinese Pinyin Chart and Chinese English Dictionary, you can order radicals by stroke count, Kangxi radical number, Pinyin and even English. The similar pronunciation words include the words with same syllables but different tones, such as xiao3 xue2(??, elementary school), xiao3 xue3(??, light snow).
US gets a lot of money from China and British government needs to be friendly with them due to the reality that Chinese are the main tourist visitors and shoppers in London. Further, depending on how many similar pronunciation words available, the system will display words to help users to differentiate confusing pronuncations (such as zh- vs. Now a user can use Kaiti, LiSu, Xingkai, YouYuan, Hupo, Caiyun or Songti on the worksheets.
If Russia will stop from meddling to Ukraine's political affair and boost its economy so that it will hamper the progress of China. I hope that Vladimir Putin will realize that while US and UK and other European nations are busy putting him down and criticising his political agenda China is busy conquering South America, US, Africa and all over the world.

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