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J’s Upper Decks opened in early 2014 with the mission to bring levels of fun to pontoon boats everywhere. But there are more advantages to having an upper deck when it comes to safety out on the lakes this season.
When Jay Fender owned and operated J’s Watercraft in east and west Texas from 2009 thru 2012, he noticed the demand for Pontoons with upper decks.
To achieve that, you don’t need to buy a brand new pontoon boat, all you have to do is restore your current pontoon boat and make it feel exciting again. But J’s Upper decks are not just a canopy substitutes or a sun shade---they are actual platforms. Even worse, you are not getting the full pontoon boating experience without a few accessories. Customers would turn away if there wasn’t a pontoon boat with an upper deck available to party on that weekend. The hard top advantage for an upper deck, is that you are not just getting a cover but a second level.  What does that mean exactly? Or let's dig deeper---what is a pontoon?  Even Boats can have a midlife crisis.
Seeing how this was stopping people from going out on the lake, Jay knew he had to do something about it. So you are starting to regret buying the size you did and have eyes on a bigger pontoon boat.  However, do you really need to buy a bigger boat? Boats with upper decks are expensive and there was no real option for a DIY Upper deck kit.
It can be added to boat lettering or be a standalone work of art that shows your boat’s personality. So Jay and a group of engineers sat down in Clarkdale, Arizona and came up with the legendary J’s Upper Decks. The internet is filled with explanations and theories on where the pontoon boat originated and how they are made.
Well, Texas may like things big, especially when it comes to space, but it’s the upper deck that makes the experience.

There are some great videos on You Tube that focus on restoring pontoon decks and seats if your pontoon boat needs some repair.
So here is a brief Q & A of Pontoon boats---according to the geniuses on the internet: What is a pontoon? If you are looking for a pontoon boat accessory that will take your boating experience to the next level, consider adding an upper deck by Jay. Here a few we've found: after removing and replacing all rotted elements, now what? Here is a testimonial from our photographer Stephanie Peters: "Last month, Jay Fender took me out on his pontoon boat out on Lake Watson, located in Prescott, Arizona. It’s a small lake, but the views of the rock formations surrounding the lake are incredible. And pontoons may be simply constructed from sealed cylinders such as pipes or barrels, or fabricated as boxes from metal or concrete. Manitou Pontoon Boats give a full history on the different types of pontoons here.  What is a pontoon boat? If you are looking for a pontoon boat that is designed for fishing, add extra ice chests and fishing pole mounts. If you are looking for an upper deck, as of course all Pontoon owners without decks should be, give Jay a call today.
If you are looking for a party boat experience, as we all really are, invest in a slide or a diving board for extra water fun. And to my surprise, with the view, I could not only see the one bald eagle, but a second one came flying right out to it!  It was incredible! There are two models available that can fit any pontoon boat  that are easy to install and help extend the boating season. Bald eagles are common in the Northern Arizona region, and this time of year it is common to see them nesting near water.
If you’re cold, just heat up the fire pit and it’ll last up to 20 hours on a 20lb gas tank! It’s not for cooking, but it is a convenient way to stay warm through the fall evenings! Having the upper deck on the pontoon boat gave us the opportunity to have a better view of the bird life surrounding Lake Watson.

The upper deck has it all: it is a better sun shade than a bimini canopy, a more stable diving board than any board out there, and it is the best sun bathing platform for any tanner. Over the years, the boat evolved from barely surviving in the water to an expanded line of boats and dozens of manufactures who make them.
Also pontoon boats now come in specific designs tailored to the various hobby: fishing, partying, cruising and etc. 60 years later, Weeres Pontoons is still making pontoon boats that are durable and fun, and still in the land of 10,000 lakes. The slide is manufactured from a UV-coated, commercial-grade reinforced PC material that will last for years of fun. The slide will definitely draw attention to you and your boat, if you are looking to make friends out on the lake! Although Weeres is widely recognized as the inventor of the modern day pontoon boat, his friend, Edwin Torborg, could have been the inventor instead.
Our upper decks increase boat capacity, enjoyment and help maximize your boat’s potential. Each deck is easy to assemble and we have a wide variety of standard sizes that fit most pontoon boats. Even before the Greeks were seeing greener grass on the other side of the river, King Wen of Zhou, the ancient ruler of the Chinese Zhou Dynasty, used pontoons for bridges in the 11th century BC. An upper deck gives shade and weather protection from those sudden summer storms and it gives your boat a level up to see different perspectives of your favorite lake! The history of the Pontoon Bridge is of course debated by the internet's opinion on Wikipedia.  My pontoon boat is made of aluminum not steel, when did that happen?
Aluminum added flexibility to both function and design in pontoon boats.  what are the advantages of a pontoon boat? J's upper decks are all aluminum based structured sound upper deck kits that anyone can afford to customize their pontoon boat with to make it into a luxury double decker.

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