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Ahhh very good, only needed a little help with alignment of your text and pics, but you'll get the hang of it. You could try a suction puller but it'll still leave a crease, but if its shallow I wouldn't bother with it. Avalon Luxury Pontoons have the strongest hull and substructure of any pontoons on the market.
Everglades unsinkable hull design by Daugherty has quality and style unsurpassed by any boat on the market today. Avalon Pontoons and Everglades BoatsAvalon Luxury Pontoons has been making pontoon boats since 1972 and is known as the leader in the pontoon industry.
Everglades Boats patented hull design (RAMCAP) by Bob Dougherty is revolutionary in the industry and the number-one hull of any boat in its class. Newport Pontoons continues these traditions of excellence by offering the best pontoon boats and off shore fishing boats available. Our double decker pontoon boat lets you enjoy family fun every weekend with your own waterpark on the water. In a way it's nice it doesn't have much furniture on it, as you can lay it out any way you want. I'm fine with it for now but If I catch wind of someone with those tools I'll know what to ask for. We are proud to represent Avalon Luxury Pontoons and Everglades Boats in southern California.

With over 70 different models and floor plans to choose from, Avalon makes a boat for any budget or use.
The RAMCAP hull that revolutionized the industry in 1999 has made the Everglades boat the #1 boat in it’s class. Avalon offers a range of style and sizes in pontoon boats, from an entry-level 14’ pontoon to the revolutionary, award-winning Ambassador Deco series that has taken pontoon boating to new heights of design and style. Bob Dougherty joined Boston Whaler in 1960 and was the Senior VP of product development, where he became the head engineer responsible for developing the unsinkable hull for Boston Whaler.
The Deco Series Paradise Funship is loaded with features like a slide with water pump, a double-wide lounge, a storage center with speakers, and remote stereo controls.
I am recently engaged and plan to use this boat as part of our wedding ceremony this summer!
There's a great deal of know how on here and there's not much someone hasn't seen or done.
Then I will make some type of covering for it and down the road I will buy furniture as I can afford it. One thing that I will be dealing with the ladder later on is the clearance it allows me under bridges. By offering these two boating lines we are able to offer our customer base luxury, style, and performance in craft that have revolutionized the industry. Avalon won the NMMA Award for the best-designed pontoon in 2012 and has been recognized for winning the customer CSI Award the past six years in a row.

The Funship also features our exclusive Deco 1 solid aluminum walls and Waveglider triple 27″ diameter performance pontoons.
Currently I cannot access the other side of my lake because the safety rails on top and the hoops at the top of the ladder hit the bridge!  I have some ideas for this later but for now I'm just focusing on getting this thing floating again.
Our Newport Beach, California, customer base demands the best, and we supply the highest quality boats possible.
Now, with an NMMA Innovation award-winning design created in 1999 that revolutionized the way boats are built, Everglades has proven itself the best boat and hull design in the industry. Our partnership with Avalon and Everglades allows us to be the only local boating company to offer the two finest lines in the industry in their respective fields. Over the past decade Everglades had grown to include center consoles, pilot house, and cabin models from 21 feet to the incredible new 42-foot boat in 2015. With over 50 years dedicated to boat building, the Everglades team continues to push the bar by producing the finest fishing boats the industry has to offer. I guess that's what these forums are for, sharing ideas and methods helps make someone elses project easier and come out the way they wanted it. I marked each hole with a little piece of tape in case they would be hard to find in the springtime.

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