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Location: mi Fiberglass Transome stairs for AFT cabin I am building a set of stairs leading down to my swimplatform. I do not own a chopper gun but if I did (or had someone spay it) would it be better for this particular application? Originally Posted by mjkkemper I am building a set of stairs leading down to my swimplatform.
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Miami Fiberglass Work - Boat & Gelcoat Repair, Custom Fiberglass Projects, Gelcoat Painting, Sanding.
We specialize in custom fiberglass work, gelcoat repair and painting, other damages to the surface like blisters. Our expertise in fiberglass has a wide field techniques, that are used to produce high quality results, that will last and endure the test of time.
Most of my life I’ve been a sailboat guy and have owned several sailboats ranging in size from 21 to 25 feet. The boat that I would really like to have would be an inexpensive, mini trawler, that would have a little cabin, look unique and could be powered by a small outboard.
The false top and the canopy will all be constructed from exterior plywood, painted with top quality latex paint.
We've reached the stage in this self build boat project in which we move away from building in western red cedar strip and marine ply. The cabin top is located over the galley and navigation area and will provide all-round vision from below.
The rounded edges of the plug were formed with expanding polyurethane foam as used in the building industry, and sanded to shape.The entire plug was then filled and faired, and finally given a coat of black mould release agent. With the cabin top plug complete,the cabin top mould was then laid-up in chopped strand mat and polyester resin, to form the GRP mould as somewhat proudly exhibited here.
Finally, the cabin top was laid-up in the female mould and later emerged as the finished moulding. In the meantime, Mary was laying-up the fiberglass sliding hatch and garage, and the non-opening portlights for the hull sides aft. Cutting out the holes in the cabin top for the custom-designed windows was another one of those tasks filled with anxiety. In a self build boat as in any other sailboat, whether intended for cruising or racing, good cockpit design is fundamental to the overall success of the boat; particularly the slope of the seatbacks, the width of the seats and the distance across the cockpit well. These were all taken account of in Alacazam's cockpit, the mould for which was fabricated in melamine-faced chipboard. The last GRP moulding we had to do was the top opening fridge which was later installed in the galley with 4" (100mm) insulation all round.Well, actually it wasn't quite the last fibreglass component we had to deal with in this self build boat project. Location: Seattle Help layperson choose materials for small pilothouse build Hoping to get some help choosing materials and advice on a small pilothouse I would like to construct on my 74 Boston Whaler. Originally Posted by shizlenut Hoping to get some help choosing materials and advice on a small pilothouse I would like to construct on my 74 Boston Whaler.
Originally Posted by tunnels Forget about vac bagging and infussion it not even worth a second thought !!
The other way would be to lay up flat fiberglass panels on a slab (like the Abitibi), then cut them to size and join them together.
Just used 3 mm ply shapes hot glued in place as a frame to hold the glass panels in place till they were lightly glassed !! Location: Seattle So, I have been looking into this project for literally 5 hours total now and am still pretty vague on many processes but let me see if I have the right idea. Not sure if im anywhere close, but thanks for your time guys, if you could go into details of the process, I would greatly appriciate it. Oh and just to give an idea of what im going for, i live in seattle and want to build an alaskan bulkhead style pilothouse, possibly forward swept windshields.

Location: Seattle I do have a fair amount of experience with woodworking, since that is the case will it be considerably easier for me to construct completely out of ply and then glass over outside, then flip, glass inside, flip again and glass onto boat.
For an inside radius, pack some Bondo into the joint, then use a machine screw with a flat washer bolted against the head to scrape the Bondo into a fillet. You could also use your EZ-build process, but instead of plywood (rot is why I don't like it) use a CoreMat panel you've prebuilt instead. Originally Posted by shizlenut I do have a fair amount of experience with woodworking, since that is the case will it be considerably easier for me to construct completely out of ply and then glass over outside, then flip, glass inside, flip again and glass onto boat.
The rot thing id look at getting the best wood to combat rot and also a wood preservitive , Here in nz we have metalex its a green color and mix it with kerosene or turps and paint it on and let it dry then a coat of thinned epoxy resin ,allow to harden and then another epoxy and glass , paint or what ever you want to put on as a finishing coat !! Great forum fellas If you really want to work with glass on this project theres a cople of ways !
To make either of these methods you need a sheet of mdf board with a smooth shiny waxed suface to make your panels on . You can make each panel very close to the actual size and shape you need so to cut down on the waste of materials , then release the panel and simply trim to is final shape ,same method as if you were using plywood ! Its possible to make radiused corners and edges as well in long strips and fit and use them everywhere .
IMO for what you are contemplating, believe it or not, wood and a little epoxy, fiberglass and paint is best, and least expensive. Location: seattle usa i'm needing the same thing not a pilot house, but a raised cabin for my 24' Lapworth Gladiator.
20 feet Fiberglass Fishing boat for sale (600 Hard Top Fisherman), View fiberglass boats for fishing, Atomix, Atomic Product Details from Atomix Boats Co., Ltd.
The area where you step on the tread of the stair will flex so i would suggest you put a core on there , a minimum of 9 mm 5 ply with bevelled edges to Glass over . We have excellent references available on request, and can provide of a lot of different professional services that are available in the fiberglass industry. When the wind did not cooperate, I was always content to simply motor along at about 5 mph. Sailboats of this size typically come with a small cabin, with molded in bunks for sleeping, plus room for some storage, cooking and a portapotti. The swing keel (400 lbs in this case) is designed to keep the boat upright even when strong winds are hitting the sails and trying their best to tip the boat over. The aft one third of these boats is always an open, self draining cockpit, with seats molded in along both sides. Now the composite element of Alacazam's construction begins; time to reach for the chopped strand mat and polyester resin. And as the forward edge and the sides of the cabin top will sit on the coachroof we used the coachroof as the base for the cabin top plug before it came out of the workshop. Foam core material was incorporated in the lay-up to provide sufficient stiffness for the mould to keep its shape. As expected it fitted Alacazam perfectly, where it was screwed and epoxied to the coach roof.With the smooth gelcoat on the outside of the finished moulding, the less attractive inside would later be covered with mural mousse headlining material.
These would later be glazed with panes cut from clear polycarbonate sheet, and provide light in the heads, bosun's locker and aft cabin. I am a amateur and have limited experience with fiberglass and no experience with composite construction. Cut to shape and glassed the joins and then when its all done glassed and peel plyed inside and out then faired and sanded to a final shape and undercoated etc etc . I am assuming the biggest downfall would be weight and possible rot down the line somewhere. They also have these panels at little lower in cost if want to use blems, the blems may have a small cosmetic flaw. We recommend that you read this hardcover book - We will even give you a free copy - all you have to do is to pay the postage.

If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. I have a quite a bit more work to do ( lip around the bottom edge, Flaring and rounding the corners) anyways this is my second build. The rule of thimb with Glass parts you walk on is if it moves people will say its weak and you could gett cracking over time !. We also specialize in the design and manufacture of customized and durable marine dash panels ranging from basic to more elaborate designs. We offers boat repairs & maintenance services for all models and makes of boats and engines.
What was a surprise, was that I would start with an old 21 foot sailboat and convert it into my new mini trawler!
This amount of ballast will keep my little trawler stable and up right even after my construction adds considerable weight above the waterline. And for those that require a female mould - like the cabin top for example - we'll need to make a plug, from which we make a mould, from which we mould the cabin top. I'm not a fan of these, owing to an incident one night sailing single-handed around Cape Trafalgar in my Nicholson 32, Jalingo 2.Briefly, I was head down in the cockpit locker looking for some warps to tow astern (it was blowing a bit) when we were pooped.
We are very experienced in the field of Fiberglass and Polyester, have a lot of know-how, and specialized equipment to handle any task, with high quality results. We are a family-owned business that provides convenient boat repairs & maintenance services in Miami-Dade and Broward counties. We specialize in developing and manufacturing of customized, highly durable marine dash panels, offering a large spectrum of both basic and sophisticated designs. I plan to build a wooden “false” top over the existing cabin to give the boat an old fashion look.
Being a swing type keel, the boat draws less than 12 inches when the keel is in the up position. Most of them today have been sitting unused in someone’s back yard for many years and can be bought, trailer and all, for a few hundred dollars.
The forward 4 feet of this area will be partially enclosed with sides and a front panel with windows. When it is in sailing mode the weight of the wind on the sail pushes the bow down and lifts the stern. About half a ton of water filled the cockpit, much of which ended up in the cockpit locker which did little help my state of anxiety. Here's a much better approach to finding exactly what you want and getting the best possible deal! The fiberglass hull was solid but the deck of the boat had been damaged and repaired many times. I was advised to do what you have done against my better judgement with disastrous results.
Gelcoat the mold first(I thought gel-coat was used to finish fiberglass, but then again I don't know much, obviously), then layup the part (saturate 450csm, layer on saturated 5mm coremat and recover with saturated 450csm layer?).
So, a sailboat like this gives you an inexpensive way to start with a good hull, an enclosed cabin and a trailer.
If the weather is bad, I could move forward and steer where the side panels are, with the use of a tiller extension. The cabinets & interior walls are just good exterior grade ply coated with epoxy and covered with HPDL (think Formica).

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