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With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. Epilog Challenge VI: I have entered this into the Epilog challenge please vote on it if you like the build. With the plan you have created in mind, design a support structure that will fit your needs for the deck. Measure the width of the boat where the ribs will be located, and cut a 2 x 2 to this dimension.
Lay a large piece of cardboard down on top of the deck support that you have just finished.
This step is optional based on whether or not you want to add seats or raise the seats like I did.
In the desired area, trace a line around the edge of the minnow bucket that you are going to use. I did some research before doing this and have read that some people have done this without marine grade wood and have not had a problem over an extended time. The reason I used that spacing was I use the holes created from drilling out the middle seat. I have a 12ft v-hull that I'd like to do something like this too but I'm concerned about it being back heavy when sitting in water, is there a way to make it set higher? Did you replace all the wood behind the textured sheet metal on the transom?Was the bar on the bottom a strip of the same ply? Sent ya a pm back.I have not worked on the boat in awhile now because hunting season is here. Well I talked with the guy that had the AlucaBond panels and he told me he would call me back when he was able to get to his shop to see what sizes he had. Both are 14′ and at least xxxvi wide if not a I am indium the process of trying to pickout my foremost My overall goal is to build a boat that has a front and raise casting deck is prosperous to fish.
I am the new kid on the block, I am hoping to do a few things to my small boat, the first will be a trolling motor bow deck, I see from some of the pictures some guys lay the wood on top of the curl of the boat, Are screws run into the curl to hold the wood piece in place??. Thats very cool, What kind of block did you use for the mount and did you wrap that carpet around it after you did your main rug. Not mentioned on the forum here as far as I see, I will be wanted to pop rivet angle up near the top of the boat in the bow section.

Screw the front deck support to thealuminum seat so the the top is collinear with the seat. I would use the laser to help me with some really cool projects like laser cut wood objects, led illuminated signs, engraved tile and much much more. The bilge pump is not necessary for me because I only have it in the water when I am using it. I also thought about making them in to rod holder by either drilling holes or buying rod holders with the foam but they are too close together. I have almost the exact same boat FM Netter 15, and excited to start into the mod but noticed that there is almost no way for me to access the nuts on the on the bottom of the slider track.
The boat is 12 feet Atomic number 53 have been inquisitive I have 2 nephews that have recently purchased jon boats to Pisces the Fishes kayoed of. If I were to screw a board on top of the curl of the boat, I am thinking it will not be level, can someone give me an idea on where to get started, I am in no rush but I would appreciate all comments, Thanks, PeteThe one picture is the floor in front of the middle seat, Would you guys remove the front seat shown or build all around it?? I want to put a bow mount moror on the front, What would I do then, put it up on blocks to clear the edge as your set-up is recessed from the top curl.
Your rig is sharp looking, I hope I get to feel better in the coming weeks so I can get started.
I just framed it up with some scrap 2x3s no ply just carpet wrappwd around it then secured to deck. Is there any certain rivet I need, I am sure its above the water line but I want to make sure I buy all the right stuff once I get started.
The area for the rods extended under to front and rear seat so I can store 8' plus rods. I've got some pictures and getting them setup and going to be starting a thread on it here soon. Watch afterward Jon Boat to Bass Boat Conversionby Thomas Huckaby Featured32 711 ennead lookout first off test after matted coldcock refit aluminium planks victimised as floor. If the stability and deck space is suffient ill build something more permanent and nicer looking. If you're planning on attaching it directly to the ribs of the boat, you need to put some sheet foam the same height as your ribs underneath. I was thinking of using a 3 Modify your spinnerbaits and buzzbaits right on the casting deck in 2nd.

We did have a 14 alum craft with all the trimmings but it was just too much for us to get back on the trailer etc. If I do anything to the boat it will be the bow and put wood on the seats, but they are not pedestal seats, they just have a swivel on them and thats the way I want to keep it, Your boat came out nice, you have to have a little caepenter in you as I am a electrician but I try. The main objective in my conversion was to create a large, flat, and sturdy deck area in the middle of the boat to stand on and cast from.
I will also have to install wood on top of the bench's , Do you run the screws right into the top of the bench??
Since I am going to fish for pan fish and walleye, I planned on dropping an anchor in my fishing locations.
Would this be the way to go, or just go ahead and use rivets, I will not be standing on the bow, its just going to hold motor and anchormate. I would have liked to add a trolling motor to make it a more versatile boat, but because of weight concerns I did not. I am thinking maybe tractor supply will have some type of waterproof rivet, There are no boat shops in my area.
I am not a professional craftsman by any means, but I do have a good amount of experience with the common tools used in this build. If you do add a trolling motor make sure to that the weight of the batteries, mount, and motor will not be a problem. Just looking for some encouragement and advice, to wards the back of the built bow I will be drilling into the seat if thats OK. I started will a rough drawing of the side and top view of my boat and modified to it match my ideas. I am a disabled Vet and I do things when I feel good, so my chores take twice as long to do.

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