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When it comes to building a trailerable pontoon houseboat, I knew that I could build it out of aluminum. The Schwimmhaus by German architects Confused-Direction is a green hausboot (oops, house boat) designed to float around or just stay put on the shore. Based in Oldenburg, just a boat’s float up the Hunte River to the North Sea, Confused-Direction is a young design co-op founded by Flo Florian and Sascha Akkermann. Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. I've often thought it would be cool to live in a floating home and recently tried a short stint in an old sailboat. In the United States most local governments make it difficult or even impossible to have a floating home.
In response to "Logdog's" question concerning where he might get a permit for a floating home in NW Washington. I live in the Netherlands, and a lot of dutch people would disagree with your definition of a house boat.
Continuing with our series on modern small houseboats, this article features the beautiful houseboat project called pavilion ahoy. The use of of the warm wood flooring and walls create a consistency flow throughout the small houseboat. Starting with one end of the Arkiboat, we have the kitchen and living room all rolled into one space.
Between the living room and the master bedroom lies a second bedroom and the bathroom area. Please leave a comment or suggestion on how to make this blog better Cancel replyYou must be logged in to post a comment.
In 2015 there were more than 12 million recreational boats registered in the United States.
The biggest freighter in the world, the Maersk Prelude is owned by a Chinese company and can carry an astounding 19,100 twenty-foot long containers.
Another way to discern if the vessel is a boat or a ship is, if it can be carried on a ship it’s a “boat.” A life-boat is a good example. I would guess that, if you’re reading this,  you’re not interested in building a 600,000 ton freighter, you just want to build a boat.
One of the great things about their site is that it’s designed  with the amateur boat builder in mind. Wouldn’t it be nice to get out on a river on a sunny summer day and do a little fly fishing?
One of the things I like most is that you can download study plans on most of the boats and even some free plans for small boats. Devlin Design  is a great site for  boat plans or you can just sit back and have their fine craftsmen build it for you. This is a necessary requirement if you’re hauling goods across the oceans and actually want to get there.
But unlike wood or fiberglass, steel will rust to nothing in a few short years if not maintained constantly. Since World War II, aluminum has grown to be one of the most popular materials for boats, as well as airplanes. Alcoa Defense has a great brochure  explaining the benefits of aluminum in marine applications. This video  of men in Indonesia building a huge boat by hand shows some of the timeless skills that go into ship construction. In the upper peninsula of Michigan, the Great Lakes Boat Building School offers a nine month comprehensive boat building school that will help you get your career started. Up in Port Hadlock, Washington, the Northwest School of Wooden Boatbuilding offers degrees in occupational studies. There are several other Boat Building schools you might want to check out, there is probably a boat building school not foo far from you right now. Type I is a flow through discharge device that produces effluent having a fecal coliform bacteria count not greater than 1,000 per 100 milliliters and no visible floating solids. Type II is a flow through discharge device that produces effluent having a fecal coliform bacteria count not greater than 200 per 100 milliliters and suspended solids not greater than 150 milligrams per liter. Type III is a device that prevents the overboard discharge of treated or untreated sewage or any waste derived from sewage. What all this means is that for a houseboat toilet a Type III MSD is usually the system of choice.

If you follow the marine sewage news you will quickly realize that almost everywhere you go there are “No-Discharge-Zones” or NDZ’s. If you are building your own little houseboat then a Type III houseboat toilet and tank is the best idea. Well, time flies, and after a lot of welding, the three pontoons have been pressure tested and are just about ready.You will notice in the photo, that there's a V shape at the bottom of the two exterior pontoons, as I believe these to help in tracking, or directional stability.
I'm sure many of our readers would love to have all the tools, welders, and a setup like that.Just a quick note, I hope that the V shape on the bottoms of the two exterior pontoons are going to provide enough slow tracking or directional stability?My reasoning is that on some of the aluminum pontoon houseboats that I have seen usually have some form of small keel welded along the length. Its modern pre-fab aesthetic sets it aside from most maritime-y houseboats, and a green roof adds freshness and sustainable cred. Does anyone know who an individual would contact in order to explore the permitting process? The Schwimmhaus is, by accepted definition, a "Floating Home" not a "houseboat." Houseboats are recreational, self-propelled vessels.
Featuring a 323 sq ft boathouse designed by Drew Health of Arkiboat, it is a fine example of how a small space can be made to feel bigger by rethinking the traditional structure of a house. All the kitchen appliance has been carefully layer on the wall to free up more space for the people. Similar to how the living room was designed, we have sliding doors here that opens to reveal the beautiful seascape and the illusion of a grander space.  Storage is also plentiful here by installing cabinets and shelves below the bed. If you want to build a little tiny home houseboat this is one qualifies as one of the top tiny homes on water. The slide show below shows what can be done when you set your mind to build your own floating tiny home. Originally launched in Portland, Oregon back in 1988 this tiny home on water has continued to capture the imagination of almost everyone who is interested in small houseboats or in building a little floating home.
While most were built by professional boat building companies, many were built by individuals carrying on a tradition of boat building probably dating back to that first guy who floated across a river on a log.
At more than 1,300 feet long, the new fuel efficient design allows the huge ship to carry these containers using only 80% of the fuel used by smaller ships built to carry only 10,000 containers.
Boat efficiency is just as important to the guy moving his personal boat from Canada to the Caribbean as it is to giant shipping companies. Whether you want to build an off-shore power dory out of plywood and epoxy or weld up an aluminum trawler, Jeff has a design for you. With designs to fit every type of boat, Sam Devlin produces some of the most beautiful boats on the water.
Bamboo, reeds, plastic bottles, and coconuts are just a few of the nuttier ideas., But most are built out of steel, aluminum, fiberglass and wood. It’s main quality is its light weight compared to steel and with newer aluminum alloys like aluminum 1100 and 5052  corrosion can be kept to a minimum. Recently the Navy has even tried to build larger warships of aluminum, but has met with limited success. The history of wooden boat building  includes ancient sailing ships of the Phoenicians to modern boats that rival the finest furniture in the world. And if you live up in the northeast you might want to check out the Wooden Boat School in Brooklin, Maine. You can take courses in boat building with lots of hands-on experience. They even have several different sailing classes.
Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. Coast Guard to meet the requirements in 33 CFR Part 159, each having its own design, certification, and discharge criteria. This type of device is typically a holding tank and may include other types of technology including incineration, re-circulation, and composting.
The government will swoop in and treat you and your marine toilet like a big toxic waste site. Still under construction, Schwimmhaus is being built from wood salvaged from an old farm house in addition to other sustainable building materials.
I realize it may not be an easy undertaking but feel confident if I could obtain the permits I could manage the rest of the factors.
However, there is not likely to be much of a market, and certainly not any waiting list in Portland or Seattle, or any other city in the US.
The design created many openings within the interior that allow a non obstructed view of the surrounding sea view. The sliding doors easily reveal the beautiful landscape that surrounds the entire houseboat.

It’s a floating House boat, a riverboat, and probably one of the best ways this summer to spend an afternoon or a week-end. It takes skill, persistence, and creativity and Than Monk in Oregon, proves he has it all with this beautiful little floating tiny home, the Recurring Dream. People have been fascinated with boat building, especially building their own boats, since the dawn of time. Their website boasts over “300” boat plans available with every kind of boat plan you can think of. I have have spent hours on the site reading about wood varieties and epoxy glues and I’ve just scratched the surface. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). It will have to be pumped out at approved pump-out facilities or by portable collection boats. So, Either a Type III system that stores the waste or an expensive system that evaporates or incinerates the crap is the way to go.
It would be Ok for a day or two, but the joys of a week long houseboat vacation might be ruined by the constant emptying of a twenty pound tank of crap. On of the best features with this design is that the floor can be insulated for year round use. The problem is that all US waters that can accommodate floating homes are governmentally-owned and essentially every possible berth that might be available is already owned and occupied.
This not only fulfills the designer’s philosophy but also makes the space feels much larger than it really is. The programs they offer can get you prepared for all the different boat building methods, from traditional to the modern. You have a fresh water tank, a gray water tank for sinks etc, and a black water tank for the nasty stuff.
Go ahead click the book and sign-up, it's free and filled with great articles, tips, information and website updates. NO more berths are being created, and in fact, in most jurisdictions, governmental agencies want living on the water in a permanent dwelling to be abated. It’s may be too small to live on for extended periods, but it would sure be great for week-ends or even a couple of weeks. While it is possible to have a Type I marine toilet system that cleans and disinfects the waste, in reality, you cannot discharge it in the water.
He and his wife Jane incorporated over twenty years of boating experience into the design and it shows.. On a trailer it’s a movable tiny home and on the water its a houseboat That would really make this a handy boat to have. In many marinas they have a marine pump-out service available that periodically makes the rounds and empties your holding tank.
The view is that living on the water should not be allowed, because the waters belong to ALL the people, and when people live on them, they are restricting their use for recreation by the general public.
His story on the Brandy Bar contains some great pictures of the boat out of the water, as well as additional info on the boat. If you are thinking about building one of these tiny houses that float or even a great little sailboat, check out this site. Designed by Berkeley Eastman, this is more than a little houseboat, it’s a work of art. They have got information on everything from dozens of plans to materials, construction techniques. Their website is full of information on the boat and how to sail her, along with some great accounts of some of their trips.
On his site there are plans for several different boats, but my favorite is the Aqua Casa , but don’t leave his site without checking out the CapeCodder. Visit Water Lodge by Glen L or look at the Water Lodge Too Its an extended version with an additional 4′ of boat.

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