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Sims4Friends is not endorsed by or affiliated with Electronic Arts™, or its licensors. In our house was a copy of The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction, a massive book that included time lines,major authors, novels, pulp fiction, TV series and films, etc.
I was from here that I noticed that the natural progression of science fiction seemed to start with steampunk and the time it seems wedded to -- the Victorian era. They included apocalyptic and dystopian worlds depending where people would hold onto scraps of the pre-apocalypse world. I also enjoyed cyberpunk tales such as Bladerunner.It was dark and different and definitely not for everyone. It was when I discovered the steampunk subculture that I found the only way you can have a multi-era, multi-cultureand multi-tech world and have it work!

I even did a makeshift golden compass on the bridge of the ship.I did want to mention to the Store team's growth and evolution; I am stunned and amazed bi-monthly, and am more excited about store worlds with the upcoming Midnight Hollow than the EPs! The new tech, time traveling, and Plumbot-making couldn't go any better with inventors and steampunk fans! Just know I am re-coloring allthat silver and white to coppers, golds, and corroded metals. Sorry, I just had to do the fan-girling thing!Another thing I discovered at the same time as The Sims Store was the Exchange and the builders in Creative Corner. I was already fully locked in to my Victorian and some whimsical but I did not fully lock into Steampunk until I saw Larifari2009's re-colors and builds! My first steampunk build was inspired by Larifari2009's re-colors and steampunk multiculturalism. Later on Murfeel, who probably  beats me on steampunk love, opened my eyes to Art Nouveau which gave me a step up for giving a more European feel to my steampunk builds.

I was so happy with my first steampunk build, I'd stare at iton the Exchange; as silly as that sounds. Whimsical tends to be a more fun and fancy-free approach with inspirations from Final Fantasy to Wonderland.Steampunk-Victorian is a lighter version of Steampunk or even Gaslamp Fantasyfor the more conservative, more era-architectural inspired. Adding more clocks, tea pots, industry items, book stacks and bookshelves, inventions, alchemy items, sculptures, luggage, globes and maps decor.4.

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