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Earlier today, if we told you that you'd be reading a preview of a Sims expansion, we bet you'd have thought we were crazy.
Next The Limited Edition comes with some cool items, in case fighting sharks isn't enough incentive. Next Changing the chlorination of your pool is allowed, proving how deep this simulation goes. Let the Midnight Tide carry you away from your daily routine and into the relaxing vacation of your dreams. This urban-designed houseboat with modern decor is ideal for the artistic Sim or couple who is accustomed to city life but seeks inspiration from the glassy waves of the open sea for their painting, writing and photography projects.
Island Paradise has really inspired me to build like a crazy fool - I have houseboats, resorts, houses on stilts, and even a little island (30 x 30) ploppable-in-your-ocean garden home.
Unfortunately, although I have tried several times over the past few weeks, I cannot upload any of them. I definitely look forward to seeing more contributions from everyone on this thread - I'm starting to regain my belief that Simmers are amazing people - so creative and talented!
I had the same problem with my Sim 3 luancher uploads the trick that worked for me was to disable custom content on the Sims 3 luancher. Maybe this will work for you as well open your Sims 3 luancher click on The Installed Content Tab and click on The run without Custom Content on the upper right corner. Then go into your Sims 3 game and let the game replace everything that was a custom content then save the file that has no custom content in it onto your clipbord to be shared and uploaded to the luancher and again to The exchange. Hi, I just wondered if there was a certain day that you start and finish looking through the uploads, and a certain day that you will be highlighting them? This resort is called Guillermo's Place, because I had my sim open it in memory of her husband, who was named Guillmero, who died after running out of air whilst scuba diving! Jon's family is originally from Aurora Skies, but he has now moved to Isla Paradiso to explore the wonders of the deep and enjoy the sunny weather.
I would LOVE to be able to make bigger ships or yachts and I can not believe i would be alone in this.
I have downloaded the set from Luna but I do not like it that much, it is boat themed, but I would like to see something like this.

I would not mind if it were a bow and Stern and if it is visible in townfiew to your world can rock! Making an object isn't hard, there's lots of tutorials for tables and such, I haven't tried a boat hull yet though so no clue if it's similar. Also the items like the chimney Carlos uses, are not placeable on the decks themselves, which would make them easier to use. Well, I'm still very new to CC creation, so I make no promises, but, the funnel should be very doable.
Well, I ran into a few hiccups with Wings 3D eating my final version of the mesh, and the multiplier is a nightmare to fix, but it is showing in game and looks pretty good on the 14x6 curved bow.
Ha, I was just coming back to update Well, I've pretty much given up on the multiplier, which means it still has that almost unshaded look.
I have seen the titanic tread, however he does not make it sailable, What I was looking for is a houseboat-item like Nilaba made that covers the hull of a regular houseboat to actually make a real looking ship. Land ahoy: The incredible craft offers up to 1,000 square metres of living space including six double rooms, a sun deck, a BBQ area, Jacuzzi, and a bar with seating for up to 15 people.
The main deck hosts a spacious living room and lounge with exotic aquarium, regulated lighting and air supply. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. I also built several different styles of restaurants, some of them on the water, too - and a couple of houseboat-styled nightclubs. Guillermo's place offers many amenities such as: Gym equipment, a swimming pool complete with a pool slide, pool bar and waterfall and a firewalking pit. He's loving all the outdoors activities Isla Paradiso has to offer and is also working as a lifeguard to pay for his athletics education at university.
I tweaked the mesh some, got rid of the flag and the portholes and overall shortened it some. This is as much as I can do with this mesh, if anyone wants to edit it further, please do so.
The Osros floating Island was designed to offer the billionaire superyacht lifestyle for mere millionaire money.

That was before you knew that the next expansion was The Sims 3: Island Paradise, wherein you're allowed to become the manager of an island resort, build a houseboat, have sex in an all-in-one bathroom, and beat the hell out of a shark. Also try our endless buffet, which offers a variety of food from breakfast through to dinner.
This massive tower scared me a little and I was afraid I could not find a way to blend it with the rest. If you have forgotten your password, click here, or if you have forgotten your username, click here instead. It boasts six luxury double bedrooms, with space for 12 residents and accommodation for up to four staff members, all for a cool A?3million.
Well, you can do all of those things and more, so maybe it's about time you locked away your Sims 3 prejudice and prepared to embrace the island life.Island Paradise is a massive departure from past Sims expansions.
Whilst at Guillmero's place, stay in our cozy beach bungalows, and you won't have to lift a finger due to room service and spa services available in the main building!
There is what the manufacturers describe as an 'autonomous power supply based energy system' powered, both day and night, by a noiseless wind energy system, as well as more than 120 m2 of solar panels making the most use of daylight. In it, you're sent off to the world of Isla Paradiso, a set of tropical islands covered with secrets to find and vacations to be had.
I don't think there's much more I can do for it so anyone who wants to use it, package is attached below. After building your house boat you can sail around the different islands, choosing to dock and explore or simply wander around in any one of the ocean-ready vehicles in the game. If you're feeling entrepreneurial you can even start your own resort, building it from the ground up to create the perfect getaway.And if you're feeling so bold you can cruise out to the sea with your boat, drop anchor, and dive into the deeps. We watched as a Sim tried to avoid a shark, but was thrust into a vicious fight with the predator.
Well, then you should swing back this summer for our full review of Island Paradise.Check out the following slides for additional images and more information.

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