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At the prompting of many fellow Redditors, I am making instructions to construct a LEGO Minecraft Chicken. The main difference between the original chicken and this one though is the inclusion of working wings. The build is a total of 97 pieces, give or take one or two because I can't count to save my life. For your convenience I am including a link to Bricklink for each of the pieces you will need. NOTE: When purchasing white bricks from Bricklink be sure to note whether or not the owner says they are yellowed. Add the fourth layer on and you will start to see the shape of your chicken's body forming. Now I'm assuming since you have actively chosen to follow my directions that you can figure out this step, so there is no video of me clicking these pieces together.
Regardless of whether or not you knew where the red piece was going I included a picture of it just to be safe. I cannot stress enough that for the most part, it does not matter how you tile the chicken.
The upcoming Lego Minecraft Microworld: The End (21107) was revealed earlier this year, and is set to hit the market this summer. Make sure to watch the whole video as their are some  updates on pending projects at the end. Feel free to contact us with your MOCs or Custom Minifigures if you would like to see here. Hopefully this will result in massive Karma to myself, as well as a pat on the back from Notch. This is on top of building this chicken not once, but three separate times to minimize the number of pieces used. The final product is essentially the same except that it is sturdier and the head does not pop off like in the original. Bricklink is THE online community for LEGO pieces run solely by LEGO Fans around the world.

One of the earlier mixtures of plastic for the white, gray and dark gray bricks was prone to yellowing, creating an off color white with a yellow tinge. Bricklink isn't the only way to get LEGO over the Internet, but it is probably the cheapest. For the most part, the entire build is basically built straight from the bottom up and the only inclusion of any sort of technique is for the face when attaching the beak and the eyes.
I realize now that the pattern is different from how I had it set up in the last photograph. The bricks are not as long because in the next step we will be adding wings to the chicken.
Note that these four 1x1 bricks face forward on the chicken's head and have no indentation to them. This pattern will work with the tiles I have provided, but it could be a lot more simplified and with fewer pieces.
You should note that I did not even follow my own tile specifications and instead used three 1x4 tiles on the head.
The creator of virtual sandbox game Minecraft finally caught the attention of the king of many real sandboxes, gathered 10,000 supporters in LEGO’s Kickstarter-like CUUSOO project site. Now, some leaked release details have revealed six new Lego Minecraft themed sets for the future.
The other proposals that were looked at included the Female Minifigures set, Poptropica, FTL Spaceships, the Road to Oz, ATLAS mini model, Ghostbusters, and Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary.
It is worth a look, and reveals just how much thought and time goes into designing an official Lego set. You will notice that some of my bricks in this guide are off white and that is because they are older.
Now add the piece with the hinge and snap that on top of the 1x6 bricks (the hinge can swing either way.) Now add the 1x4 brick.
The two remaining pieces that are similar to these four will be used in the next step and make up the eyes.
Note: Out of the two directions shown here, it does not matter which way the 1x3 plates on the bottom of the feet are facing.

Only Minecraft has expanded on the idea, creating a world where nearly anything can be made.
Some, or all of these sets may be the official release of the Minecraft Minifigure scale theme. Minecraft and Lego fans get to vote on various details, such as the shape and articulation of the Creeper, the possible biome settings, etc.
The only place that you could use less pieces in is with the tiling on the top of the chicken and on its nose. It's probably even more accurate to say that Minecraft is the digital embodiment of LEGO Mindstorms, thanks to all the working, moveable parts and ingenious in-game engineering that make Minecraft a functional, living world.But if you take the crafting table and redstone away, it's like basic childhood LEGOs all over again, so it's refreshing to see Chris Malloy taking Minecraft back to old school bricks in an impressive Minecraft and LEGO mashup.
For the past year Lego has been posting regular updates on their Co-Build project over on Facebook, which has been focusing on the Minifig scale. Too bad it sounds like they will not be making the handsome headquarters building. Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz, Egon Spengler and Winston Zeddemore are back in action. One of the huge announcements based on community feedback is that the final sets will have no stickers.
The only reason I have not done so is because I do not own enough tile pieces to minimize the number needed. It seems to be sturdier when the feet on the bottom are facing forward though, rather than out to the side.
He recently built his Minecraft diorama out of LEGOs, complete with passive pigs, pixelated landscape, and an underground cave system.He first unveiled his diorama at Brickcon 2011 back in October, but posted it online for all to see the day before MineCon and the official release of Minecraft.
Here's a few more examples from Flickr user suparMacho:Have you recreated any Minecraft scenes with LEGOs? People asked me for a tutorial and I am happy to oblige but I do not like other people who would post it as their own.

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