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Make sure you read all the plans first as some of the materials could be pricey, but well worth it. I bought all the standards and brackets at Menards for $87.58 and this price included tax and shipping. So, I stumbled upon these plans from the Family Handyman & couldn’t find a reason why this wouldn’t work in my shop. It has room for storage, can easily accommodate my tools & most importantly fold up to store.

I plan on topping all my surfaces with some ? inch tempered hardboard later on so I knew it would work. Due to the reduction in thickness of the plywood all my #8-1 inch screws needed to be adjusted to ? inch so to not screw through the ply. I also hit the molding isle to nab some pieces to use as furring strips to use under the shelves before attaching the brackets. This way I can sand each strip to match before mounting to make sure it lined up flat with the center top.

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