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Using an RC circuit, we can keep an LED on for specific time as determined by resistors R1, R2 and capacitor C1. As we press the Push-to-On switch, the capacitor C1-1000uF gets charged and it gives biasing voltage to the transistor Q1 through resistance R2-1K. This makes the circuit play music for a specific time as determined by the values of resistors R3 and capacitor C1.The above has been made combining the logic of a dark detector and a musical circuit(using UM66). As we leave the switch, the LED keeps on glowing because of the charge present in the capacitor.

Discharging rate of capacitor is determined by the resistor R1 and R2, hence it also determines the timing of RC circuit.
There is even a fully functioning winch on the front of the truck, I guess this will help you out when you crash it into a large stock of celery. When someone blocks the light falling on LDR, the relay gets activated and RC circuit gets power through the pole of relay.
Laser torch), the relay gets deactivated and RC circuit gets power through the pole of relay.

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