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I've been drawing up some plans for the past week and came up with this leather Fly Box Holster. Outstanding!May I ask if you're considering marketing these or are you content with just torturing us? Since this is for a gift, I'm using the Deyoung style trout artwork one finds on a lot of Simms products.
But at the same time one of the cool things about this is the minimalist look - which is why I suggested just a strap for the rain coat. It was a very slow process that many just don't have the time for anymore in this fast paced age.

It worked out nicely without making plans ahead and just added a few things to make it stand out and my own. Natural colored full grain leather that will be dyed Dark Brown when all tooling is complete. Also making me one for my folding fishing knife to mount just over the fly box Using same leather. I really like your leatherwork, do you have more examples of your work which i can admire on the internet? I'll be using a light cream colored thread size 277 with size 24 needle at 5 stitches per inch.

Made this fly box holster a little deeper to allow fitting a water tight seal plastic fly box.
One doesn't need that many and I can also just mount a couple with my spring tension system I came up with. Using Chicago screws on the harness so it can be taken apart and mounted in different positions.

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