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Konrad advised the new jet is being built because customers have approached Scott Waterjet to fill the gap between jetski size jets and the 8.5 inch industry standard jet. The jets powering jetskis and personal watercraft are not rugged or durable enough for extreme jet boating.
The new jet model SWJ-602 is a 6" two stage jet modelled on our very successful two stage sprint and recreational jets.
We believe this is a real advance in jet propulsion, as with its lightweight and small footprint in the boat it will be ideally suited to all types of smaller boats. Scott Waterjet are confident, with the tightening EPA regulations in the USA, that there will be growing demand, particularly in rescue and recovery, shallow river boating and small recreational boats - for the new 6 inch jet.
While this jet is still in development we would welcome feedback and input from boat builders, rescue agencies, and prospective boat owners on technical requirements.
In this case, his clients wanted an energy-efficient small home made out of sustainable materials. The clients are an aging couple who are nearing retirement so they wanted a single story design that they’d love. It’s amazing how many talented people it takes to put something beautiful like this together.
So the clients chose Nir Pearlson as an architect and Six Degrees Construction as the builder. I love tiny houses but I also love small houses and I hope that the tiny house movement can also encourage the design and development of more homes like this one.
Anyone wanting to build a home to leave future generations of children and grandchildren as a legacy couldn’t pick a better way to go. I read somewhere not so long ago that post and beam construction was now banned in the U.S. If you live anywhere near an Amish community you might be able to hire some of their fine carpenters and builders to do some or all of this. But yeah, thought it was strange, the argument I read was that there was too much weight and an inordinately high number were having the roof collapse.

Tubs are also not Eco-Friendly, in the sheer volume of water that must be run to fill one adequately. I also noticed that Harry but since it could be easily changed, as you recommended, I don’t see a problem. Update 2015: I just ran across an article that goes over methods for sizing the building low to no head undershot water wheels -- its the first entry in the References section.
In particular customers wanted smaller, aggressive jetboats to access river systems that normally require physically man-handling boats across, or around unboatable sections, or are simply too tight for regular jetboats. Braided or extreme rivers need jets that can maintain high thrust, while running with sticks and stones in the intake grate. It features a tough cast aluminum intake, one piece stator, high tensile impellors, full reverse and the Scott trim nozzle system. I know I couldn’t have come up with something this nice by myself (without an architect).
There’s something about it especially when the beams are exposed that looks so great to me. Don’t you also agree that we need more homes in the range of 500 to 1200 square feet? He has a passion for exploring and sharing tiny homes (from yurts and RVs to tiny cabins and cottages) and inspiring simple living stories.
Bigger houses then half of rooms not being used unless you have big family, but so…even one child in this little house can be adjusted making a small room within the 800! I inherited land from my parents because they were farmers all their lives and it’s a wonderful legacy, the best, to leave your children. Links to the plans are at the bottom of the article… but here it is as an absolute link. It covers sizing and building undershot water wheels for no head and low head situations and has some hands on hints for constructing them as well. The availability of high revving, light weight engines has now made the development of this jet practical.

Importantly the low upfront cost of the jet, and very low operating cost will make it a very attractive alternative for smaller boats. I think we do because they’re more realistic for most people and in many cases would work better long-term even though tiny houses are absolutely awesome. We invite you to send in your story and tiny home photos too so we can re-share and inspire others towards a simple life too.
So, we had a huge cattle trough in the mud room that was our “bathtub” and we took turns using the SAME water! But I’ve even read of (cough cough) Hollywood celebrities using this method of bathing. What used to cost over $50 per month for a rentals city water now cost me just $250 per year for filters and UV light.
Potentially, that is going to cause leakage and dry rot problems where the porch meets the roof valance.
They lived in a desert area and had a cistern for water for many years, so they knew how to conserve water. LOL If you claim that one gallon of water poured over your sweaty body gets you sparkling clean, more power to ya.
I did have some problems with water and electric utilities as they wanted to insist I connect to their systems.
We could just imagine stepping inside the front entry and experiencing the visual impact from that straight shot of sightline right to the back of the home. A narrow hall leads to the living area, where the space opens up in a very purposeful way, flanked by the kitchen and dining area on one wing, and the master suite across the way.
Two sizeable bedrooms at either end of the loft balance out the upstairs, and closets and extra storage space crop up in excess.

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