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Location: The Netherlands For bonding (ply)wood to polyester, grind down the gelcoat of the polyester, and glue with epoxy glue. Before you glue the wood to the polyester, coat it several times with epoxy resin, then paint with 2K PU paint.
Tremblay 228 » Thread Tools Show Printable Version Email this Page Display Modes Linear Mode Switch to Hybrid Mode Switch to Threaded Mode Search this Thread Advanced Search Similar Threads Thread Thread Starter Forum Replies Last Post fiberglass boat building? When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
With the keel and the hull sides attached, I can think about filling the hull with foam and carving out the bottom of the hull. With these cardboard pieces installed, I will only need foam pieces that are an inch or so thick to finish off the hull bottom.
After all the foam pieces are attached, I can start sanding them smooth with my homemade sanding block. Staying up with my Fiberglass Project Posts, Tips and Tricks and time saving ideas on your desk top is quick, simple and NO EMAIL ADDRESS NEEDED. Some large and simple designs are produced, George Buehler is one of the proponents of this. Originally Posted by ecflyer No way does the man hours double from building a 35'er to a 50'er.
Originally Posted by ecflyer Then you come along put out the BS that it takes 50% longer.
I, personally, don't believe that building a 50' should take much more than 125% the time as a 35', given similar internal structures.
So, in the end, it comes down more to complexity, than to size, for what determines build time.
In fact we redesigned a 70ft of 86000lbs to 88ft and 130000lbs, thats about 50% increased displ.

Location: uk Well from my perspective considering that I focus on weight and speed a 50' should not be much different to a 30'. His answer was that the two would be about equally complex to build and the added length (being not much more than hull structure) not all that much more expensive, but that by going longer, he could have more storage, a longer sea-riding length (thus faster and more comfortable), and didn't have to cram living space into the (uncomfortable) ends of the boat. On the thread topic- so it looks like we have estimates ranging from 1.5 to 5 pounds an hour for typical boats and typical amateur or lazy professional builders, and possibly as much as 15 pounds of boat an hour for a really pro crew building a big, simple boat. Second observation is that in boatbuilding there's much less automation going on (due to amount of each model being made)? Originally Posted by JeroenW When thinking about this I tried to make an analogy to the way cars are built and it seems to me that the parts being assembled at a car factory are made by a lot of sub contractors. If there is already just a bit more than an empty shell in your design, how can you expect that there will be almost no difference in cost when you double the displacement? If you raise the beam 67% too, then you're going to be paying quite a bit more for materials. Originally Posted by robherc you're probably going to DECREASE your beam when you go from 30' to 50', Why? Below are some pictures of Long White Cloud, a Mobjack (LFH) 43' ketch cold-molded in NZ a few years back. At the same site, you will find hundreds of pages of tutorials, plans updates, a forum to share ideas about our boats and thousands of pictures - see completed boats and many of the building steps done by builders like you. Marine Epoxy & Fiberglass textile for Boatbuilding and gravy holder revivify MAS arrangement ternary and westward arrangement Epoxies. As I study the hull bottom as it sits, I notice that the hull sides have some waves in them. On the other hand, I can also see others' points that the 50' will be more marketable if it's more complex, and thus it takes significantly longer to build. So, if having a longer boat they like to have more beds bathrooms and the like.But if youre fine with a 50ft and translate the accommodation into say 75ft just to get a better speed and some elbowroom you have a win win situation.

For instance, while I might be able to coax myself into longboarding one side of the 30' hull in a couple hours (and take a break after), I'd prob.
28 Wax composition for Bondo & fiberglass cloth gravy boat regaining Building and Hull Repair. World-wide Description Woven fiberglass cloths are very vulgar for nautical & composite Lightweight cloth that is selfsame common in diminished craft boat building. Since it is much easier to fix this now, I go ahead and glue then clamp some thin pine strips along the inside of the hull sides about ? inch below the upper edge. The front of this hull requires thicker pieces, mostly because I would rather have thicker foam here instead of dealing with fitting cardboard to these more severely curved hull sections. Having a lot more storage to spoil, a locker to hang your soaked rags, a wider icebox and the extra space for some 24 more beercase is not a big factor on your bill. While in ship building it seems to me that the amount of parts arriving ready to be finished are fewer. Meeting place Title Nine How To Fiberglass Cloth This is Part 8 inwards a serial publication of video highlights from the Apalachicola Maritime. The extra m² of hull plating and interior paneling, the 100 ft of additional piping and wiring, what´s that?
Once these extra hull pieces are secure, I measure and cut cardboard to act as a surface on which to adhere my dry foam. Have a proper engine room, no motorbox and so on, but withstand the idea to build a cabin for mother in law! Fiberglass textile is the most common composite material used in boat building repairs and fiberglass cloth for boat building.

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