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I'm thinking maybe not necessarily a "house"boat but maybe like a Festa del Redentore boat like in Aria: The Natural. But yeah, I def want to do something like Festa del Redentore with these boats.It would be a fun thing to do with sims. I used a CFE trick to place a pool ladder on the foundation to make it look like it's a ladder that can be used to get on and off the boat. Given the fact that you need a little space to walk around on the deck, it would really be a small lot, espcially if you're bringing children or pets on board.
I've designed a fake small houseboat (posted above) and I was able to fit all the necessities without even needing ladders or the small bathroom. The Sims titles have been some of the best simulation games released for PC and that doesn't change with the recent release of the expansion The Sims 3: Island Paradise.
While Island Paradise may be the tenth expansion for the game series; gameplay is still refreshing and fun. When you are not partaking in the fun of the sea then you can build and run your own resort. Sims 3: Island Paradise is the next to last expansion for Sims 3 before Sims 4 releases next year.
For those of you who like dressing your Sim as much as playing them, don't fret because a variety of new styles are available in Island Paradise, from cute summer dresses to sexy swimsuits for the girls and colorful short sets and swim trunks for the guys.
When decorating your resort or boat there is a variety of new objects available in "Buy Mode." Players now have the option to purchase an all-in-one-bathroom which is a 1x1 box that contains both a toilet and a shower.
There is just so much to explore in Sims 3: Island Paradise that it just seems to go on forever.
The Warframe team made a ton of announcements at this year's Developer and Community panel at PAX East 2016. Dark Souls III made its debut during E3 back in June, revealing a return to form and style. Plus, it will help to make houseboast that don't look like they will tip over the minute you try to leave port with them lol. I will probably put the parents room in the basement and then add windows so you see the fishies and merms. Exciting new adventures are on the horizon for your Sims which includes sandy beaches, shimmering blue water and even creating your very own five-star resort.

Island Paradise has a lot of great content to explore and even has a new world called Isla Paradiso. The next expansion will include time travel and thus proves that the Sims franchise gets better with each new release. You can also give your Sim a stylish summer hairdo and even some nautical inspired tattoos! If your Sims are feeling romantic then they can even woohoo in this small contrapment and try for a child. There are exquisite new roof patterns, stylish windows, and of course nautical inspired walls, flooring and doors. And it was more Asian looking than Italian so maybe you would possibly be interested in it too? Rather your Sims decide to just partake in the island fun or take up inhabitance is totally up to you.
Players will have the chance to partake in several new interactions which include swimming underwater, scuba diving and even the use of houseboats. Sims staying at the resort will be able to get soothing massages and other spa services, swim in the pool and eat tasty food at the buffet. However, Sims 3: Island Paradise has to be one of the most addicting expansions yet with its immersive gameplay, tight controls, beautiful graphics and amazing soundtrack.
The best new addition is the option to use ladders instead of stairs which is especially helpful when you have limited space, such as on houseboats! The possibilities are now endless with The Sims 3: Island Paradise were you can explore all that the land and sea have to offer. The best part of Island Paradise is the addition of the mermaid were Sims have the chance to become the supernatural being.
You can even build over the water were your buildings will rest on docks which overlook the beach. And to top it all off, you can't forget the accessories which includes sunglasses, diving equipment and more. Other cool objects up for purchase include an underwater camera, firewalk pit, ocean themed paintings, roof decorations, and a wide selection of boats to choose from. And what would paradise be without the option of having a variety of cool and fun pool toys.

Your staff can be customized with special outfits and these aspects are somewhat similar to The Sims 2: Open for Business.
There were a few times that my character went through some of the scenery, but besides that, there wasn’t much to complain about. Your boats have to be as varied as your shoes so there are all kinds to test drive such as rowboats, paddleboats, sailboats, and speedboats. Gamers will be able to discover all of the treasures buried beneath the ocean's shimmering blue waves for the first time in a Sims game. Every resort has a star rating and this is increased by the quality of your hotel and the entertainment it provides. Your pool can come equipped with a pool bar, water slides, beautiful trees and even waterfalls depending on how extravagant you want to get. Also, finding a good price range for your resort is crucial to the amount and type of guests you will get. However, with all the new ways to build, buy and enjoy your Sims there also comes new ways to die. However, if you want to stay above water then you can customize your own houseboat and just enjoy the excitement of sailing between the beautiful islands. The Sims that stay at your resort will even leave a review for it which impacts your star rating.
You can even become a lifeguard and protect your fellow Sims while they enjoy the waters of the game world.
Island Paradise offers the player more freedom were they can purchase several properties and easily move between them. This is a rare occurrence but the longer you stay in the water than your chances for seeing one slowly increases.
The intricate detail in the game's graphics and environments make you feel like you are actually there on vacation with your Sim. The new feature to purchase several new properties and the ability to move around easier adds a ton of replayability to the new expansion.

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