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The Lego City Cargo Terminal Toy Building Set includes pieces to build an airport terminal. He did a good job of putting that together but in the process he lost one of the essential parts that holds the base of the crane to the crane extension part.
Fortunately Lego offers a service to replace lost parts so I went online and ordered the missing part and it should take about three weeks to arrive. It still amazes me that the creators of Lego can reverse engineer something like a crane and make all the bits that fit together to make something like this.

A collection of stunning Lego creations including Batman, a man sitting on a chair, an elephant etc.
Here is a guy in Europe who has put together a short video using lego guys while recapping the World Cup matches. It hasn’t turned up and this is despite a two hour tidy up in his room and searching everywhere for it. The crane above took about 3-4 hours but some of the items in the collection took months to build.

I wish I had this much time to sit and watch each World Cup match, and then to recreate them with legos.

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