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This site does not host any of the howtos or images, and rather link to pages accross the web. Learning to draw is a great activity that encourages the creativity of children as well as adults. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
The clip over deck is harder to glass the inside and is also harder to get the belting to sit nicely . Location: Mexico, Florida Fellow I know has a small fishing boat on a trailer, but could be tossed in bed of a truck and hang out some.
The second most common (next to the shoe box) deck flange is the out-turned type, where two horizontal lips meet and are screwed together, with a bedding between and an extruded cap to cover it. The simple answer is, yep, you sure can, but the reality of it all is it depends on the flange type as to how much trouble you'll be in and how much 'glass you'll have to use to restore the lost stiffness. Lastly, if you bond the deck cap down, you'll need to use a reciprocating saw to remove it again, if in the future you need repairs. Location: Eustis, FL You can replace the rub rail with one of several extrusions available, if this is what you want. Location: Eustis, FL Cobra, it's wise to read the whole thread before making a comment, lest you make an obvious rookie mistake in a discussion forum.
Anyone can improve their drawing skills by following simple free step by step drawing online tutorials.

Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. Right from the start I found that the Skeg is not the correct angle to suit the bottom of the boat. The flang sticking out is easier to glass on the inside and easy to fit a belting to ,just make sure the rivits have had there under side lumps ground off or the lumps can cause a bump in the belting . The deck and hull uses flanges to join, but the flanges are rolled over into a lifting handle all along the gunn'l. Simply put, the flanges offer a good bit of stiffness to the hull sides and also serve to locate the deck cap properly. The other style is more common on sailboats and an in-turned flange, typically covered by the toe rail extrusion.
You can also 'glass the seam closed, but if you need to pop the deck cap off the boat at some point for repairs, then you're screwed. The original poster wants a clean, sans rub rail look, which may not be the way you'd do it, but it is what he wants and was the basis of his questions. You could just fill and fair the joint, depending on which type it is, but this is a lot more work then repairing a few dings and reattaching a rub rail. Start by learning the basic concepts of drawing and improve your drawing technic as you go along.
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Cut the squeezed out excess with a stanley knife whilst still green ,then flocoat the surface to waterproof it. He frp puttied in a length or two of PVC pipe along the underside corner and glassed over all.
By cutting a shoe box style of flange, you've removed this stiffener and the 'glass reinforcement you employ will have to be substantial enough to replace the lose.
Suggesting a different boat, when he has the one he wants is also not especially helpful, but thanks for repeating what has already been previously supplied in a less condescending tone.
These manufactured rails aren't especially cheap so you could just get some 1" flat bar aluminum stock and bend it around, hiding the seam and adding a new shinny bit. The current Skeg is 12 deg and I have had trouble finding any information regard 13 Deg Skegs. Evenly spaced oval head screws, the flat stock bedded in polyurethane and you're good to go. Has anyone got any ideas how I can pack under the Skeg to suit the boat, it requires about 6 mm of packing at one end and none at the other.

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