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All materials – craft seashells, cross and decorative sand can be purchased at local craft store.
Of course, these small wood boxes also make a great mens jewelry box or teen jewelry box, for those without very much to store. To see other views of this box, click on the images below or click here to return to the Split Top page.
To see other designs of my handmade wooden jewelry boxes, please click here to return to the main Jewelry Boxes page. Please note that since each of these small wood boxes are made with unique pieces of wood, each one is different. For more real-life testimonials from my customers, please click here to visit the Testimonials page. October 18, 2011 By Beckie Rayan from The Design Confidential has been trying desperately to get her office craft space under control.
But when I first say Marty’s Musings simple Christmas tree wall deco from scrap wood it made me stop. Here at Hometipsworld we look for interesting articles covering home improvement, cleaning and gardening tips from around the world.

Jagger SeriesMirror and Wood Abstract Home Interior DecorationJagger, a simple yet elegant series of abstract interior mirror and wood decor designs by designer Tad Davinci. Thaddeus Davinci's Tiger Claw bridges the natural with the synthetic by borrowing elements from nature, giving them a postmodern twist and bringing them into your home and office interior to help build depth and sophistication. This Aztec'esq mirror design brings glimmering movement into any home or office interior whether it be modern or contemporary. Find more great Thanksgiving crafts in our collection of 30+ Last Minute Thanksgiving Craft Ideas! I found this unfinished piece at my local thrift store and thought it would make a cute table decoration! We will decorate a wood cross with seashells so you can put it on Christmas tree or elsewhere in house. If you are interested in seeing what I currently have in stock in this design, please email me via the form below and inquire about my Split Top Box. If you want to know how she did it, head over to here sit by clicking the link below where she provides excellent step-by-step instructions…. Available in an array of variations, Jagger is known for its ability to create the illusion of an abstract window into another room.

Using wooden cutouts and bold hues you can create a beautiful Thanksgiving decoration in a few easy steps.
We hope it will be an heirloom piece for her to remember her graduation day from med school. Rayan especially wanted a place to display all her fabrics for upcoming projects to keep herself focused and inspired. Whether it be through the dashing tear marks of a tiger's claw, or through a series of aztec'esq dashes, its ability to expand the dynamism of any interior is undeniable. Hopefully we will do business again in two years when my other daughter finishes her grad degree.Sincerely yours,Georgia Just to let you know that my jewelry box arrived and it is stunning, I really love it! The possibilities are pretty much endless with this piece as it could simply stand alone for a rustic, reclaimed look or be used to store items like quilts and blankets.

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