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April 27, 2012Welcome back to this week’s How To – where I made a Cardboard DIY Pirate Ship for the children!
I like to layer my paper in different directions – you know how when you tear newspaper it one direction it tears really is easily, but not in the other? 7) Let dry again and add detail – I painted on some skull and cross bones and anchors. I’ve been dying to see this since the teaser (prior to covering in paper mache) and it is amazing! What a cute little pirate ship…my boys would have so much fun playing with one like that! After all the amazing things you’ve posted to Creative Juice Thursday over the past year, I just had to feature you {and much more in the future too} at the new site. The grey represents what material you want to make it out of and (not including floors) is approx. 40 stacks of material for an 10 block high, one floor castle.
You can edit or add to the castle however you like, especially since there is a large amount of unused space.

Great for a children's table, these whimsical place cards require little more than kraft paper and a simple folding technique. I used some nail scissors (that I have especially for crafting) – as they have a nice round curve. The deck is quite fragile and is the part that probably benefits the most from the paper mache.
Well, I believe that if you criss cross your paper layers when paper maching, you get a stronger final construction.
Just for your information, Origami Paper Boat with Rooftop located in Origami Boat category and this post was created on October 26, 2014. 30 stacks of wall material, 13 stacks of floor material per level, 19 stacks of ceiling material, and 14 doors.
Punch two holes in pennant with a small hole punch; slip a wooden skewer (cut to a 5-inch length) through holes. Then glue all the discs together with strong (!) glue and finally glue in place on the boat.

I reckon it would be a really good pinata for a birthday party if it was built a bit bigger with a weakened section – what do you think? See what you can find at home and amend our DIY Pirate Ship How to, to suite what you have at home! Near the middle I snipped the fabric, threaded through some string and with that tied the sail to the mast!
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Best to cut your two side panels and the back, tape it all together and then to cut your base and desk to fit your boat.

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