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Electronic Arts a recemment publie une image inedite du prochain disque additionnel, Les Sims 3 : ile de reve, prevu pour le 27 Juin.
Tous les logos, images et marques commerciales sont la propriete de leurs detenteurs respectifs. n'est affilie ni a Electronic Arts ni a ses marques deposees Maxis et EA Games. New with Island Paradise: life on the water One of the awesome new additions with the Island Paradise expansion pack is the ability to live on houseboats. But the good news is that you can park your houseboat anywhere in the water, and stay there indefinitely.
You can fish off the side of your houseboat, but you need to have at least 2x3 tiles free in order to do this.

If you want to be faithful to standard nautical practice, you may want to outfit your houseboat with nautical signal lights.
Sim 2 SimSims information, gaming tips, cheat codes, and the latest game news . But I must warn you up front: houseboat living is not for players who are easily made seasick. Other players have found that they are fine, right up until they watch a Sim in a rocking chair or on a rocking horse on the houseboat. These ports may look like just a plain old dock or mooring post, but they have specific "Port" status in the game, which makes them special. Somehow the electricity and drinking water and groceries magically appear on your houseboat without the need for a tether.

Just park your houseboat right over the dive spot, and your Sim will be able to return home in a jiffy when they get tired from all that diving. This would be a red light on the front left corner and a green light on the front right corner.

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