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England’s MAA Architects are ahead of their time when it comes to their particular craft.
Sea levels may rise and coastlines may fall but one thing will always remain consistent: the Danish are going to get through life in style.
Definitely exhilaratingly modernist in spirit, the Waterliving line incorporates elements from the vernacular of waterfront architecture, mixes in a few nautical tropes, and manages to stay undoubtedly stylish. Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. As far as finding a sustainable houseboat architect, I'm afraid you will be hard pressed to find one in the U.S.
I'm actually now in the process of divorcing myself from Waterliving, due to the fact that it is basically turning into a pure production firm, and I feel that it is losing it inspiration and driving ideals and goals. I currently reside in Los Angeles, and have been searching to find a sustainable houseboat architect in the United States. Does anyone have any suggestions about what the best approach would be in terms of either renovating a houseboat to new green standards or finding a builder interested in the floating green venture? I think these are wonderful solutions which work well in a civilised social democratic country like yours.
Our local authority seems very conservative and self-satisfied (ignoring the intense housing crisis facing young people and low income groups). Minimalist meets regional vernacular in this straightforward floating home designed for Latvian winters and summers by NRJA. Creative contemporary domestic designs, from unique home architecture to custom interior, furniture & DIY design ideas.Find inspiration via plans & pictures of compact modular mini-houses, small-space apartments, all-in-one bathroom & bedroom projects & more.Upcycled cargo shipping container houses, to space-saving furniture, ultra-modern interiors & futuristic homes!
Location: NC Houseboat idea I've got the thought in my head (and this may be considered cheating) to build a houseboat using a 24' Sea Ark super-jon aluminum hull as a base.
I've found one site for commercialy built houseboats using the Sea Ark hull, and they are an upscale version of what I'd like to produce, although the cabin is quite large. As an alternative, I've considered a design that would have a telescopic cabin similar to a Hi-Lo travel trailer.
Location: Washington I suppose it could be done, but as Thunderhead said, you'll need to pay attention to stability. Location: NC Example of what I have in mind I talked to this fella after his boat sold. His design is almost identical to my scale model design, only my cabin would be a few feet longer, and made from aluminum.
My suggestion would be to spend this winter reading - start with Gerr - The nature of Boats, and Boat Strength - and Bolger. And if you haven't already spent a lot of futzing with boats, get yourself a cheap aluminum outboard, and go nuts modifying it. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
I've been a toolmaker all my life, self-employed for the last 23 years, and my shop is in my backyard. I've been Googling around for some time now, checking out books, forums, whatever I can find, and this seems to be the best place to ask questions. I live in the Finger Lakes area of upstate New York, south of Rochester, and the boat will have to be trailerable. The canal is an international waterway, so aside from construction tips and ideas, I need some good advice on what I can and cannot do as far as altering an existing boat, weight limits, other requirements, etc.
Location: Eustis, FL Pontoons aren't the best way to get a fairly good size houseboat. Drop me an email (click on my name) if interested in Belle or one of my other houseboat designs. The only reason I want to build this thing is because I don't have the money to spend to just go out and buy it.
I basically just want to build a simple floating cabin, using a purchased pontoon boat for a base. Originally Posted by PAR Pontoons aren't the best way to get a fairly good size houseboat. Location: Eustis, FL A smaller houseboat (33' LOD, 9' beam) with a similar theme as Belle.
Location: maine I have a dream to one day explore the American canal system.
This boat could take side trips onto lakes or even go a ways offshore and sail (if modestly).

The pontoon concept puts bouyancy way out to each side, and so it's assumed the platform is practically uncapsizable.
For one thing, tippiness from human movement is far different from instability when water conditions act on a hull. Add to this the fact that pontoon boats carry their weight high up, and you can see why they would be real death traps if one were caught out in a squall (this can happen anywhere---- imagine adding a 6 ft box to the basic pontoon boat platform. At least consider a boat-shaped hull, one that would allow your feet to be below the waterline, with a roof no more than 5 ft off the water, and with much of the accomodations having no headroom if not necessary---- berths, storage, eating area. Originally Posted by lazeyjack bruce , your user cp , does not allow emails or PM,s if you revise those preferences I can send you a houseboat which, at this stage I do not want made public Jack, I turned email on, but I cannot find any info about PMing. Originally Posted by alan white I have a dream to one day explore the American canal system. My original idea a few years ago was to buy the smallest cuddy cabin I could get, around 20 feet. I want something simple, cheap (everything used except probably the motor), cheap to run, easy to maintain (no wood hulls) and I can't spend years making it. Location: Houston, Tx Why don't you post a picture of what you want to build to get this started? Location: lake elsinore I was thinking how cool it would be to have a trailer that floated and powered its self .
Location: Eustis, FL Typically when you attempt to make things do more then what they normally do, you end up with something that does neither very well.
Houseboats, by their nature are not very good boats and I've designed a few that are better then the average.
Location: Ford, Wa, USA Pontoon supplier Have u checked out UFAB pontoon boats. Location: Coastal Georgia Don't get locked into the idea they have to be pontoons. Originally Posted by rasorinc Instead of using pontoons you could easily build a trailerable (8'-6") wide beam houseboat hull using a catamaran hull as it is easy to calculate the weight of a house boat, I know you could get a 32' to 36' long hull (2 hulls ) with a flat deck on which to build off yet would give you a substantial sea kindly boat. Location: OREGON Go to the Glen L boat design site and under boat plans look up under outboards Bearcat Cuddy.
This is the boat I am building lengthened to 32' Then go to customer pictures and look up Wildcat. Depending on what you want the catamaran sponsons ( pontoons ) will have to sized correctly if building a much larger hull but the basic structural designing will be very similiar. Location: Alliston, Ontario, Canada Where you planning to use it: lake, river or coast? On arrival at the Cochin Airport meet our tour representative who will escort you to the cab to drive to Kumarakom - one of the best tourist attractions in Kerala. Morning after breakfast transfer to the deluxe houseboat to enjoy the 48 hours of backwater cruise from Kumarakom to Alleppey and Thottapali and back to Kumarakom. Morning after breakfast check out houseboat at Kumarakom and later board the cab to drive to Cochin Airport to board your flight to the onwards destination.
From unbelievable residential construction to elaborate large-scale projects, MAA has certainly proven to be on the right track since its initial conception. We love the wood paneling, the funky round windows, contemporary fixtures and all the great outdoor spaces. The "house" part of the houseboat is built after the (very strict) Danish Small House regulations, and all of the utilities work just like they would in a regular house (gravity drainage for example). If I design the cabin top to be strong enough to use as an upper deck, then the cabin can be larger.
Of course I'd like to build it as least as strong as it needs to be, yet keep the weight down as much as possible.
Maybe one of our friends in this forum has a bit of spare time to do a quickie on it for you. He didn't have any stability problems, and stated that the boat was more rigid, and actually handled better, afte the cabin was installed.
I wenton the chat room and asked about using there plans but building the hull out of aluminum they said bad idea. They seem initially an easy way to provide floatation, but there are other issues to consider, such as the mechanicals all have to be on or above the weather decks, usual sharing living spaces. I have smaller houseboats as well, including a number that can be trailered back to the house and parked, saving storage fees. I maybe should have made this point in my original post, but I have been making a living with my hands for 40 years, and believe me I get no real thrill out of it anymore, and in my spare time I usually do something other than create things with my hands.

And I'm not sure there even is anything out there like I want: not really a houseboat, just an enclosed party boat, no more than 20 or so feet long, with a few creature comforts to spend a few days on. I don't need plans, just ideas as how this pertains to a boat, things to watch out for, and information about what I can or cannot alter so I am legal as far as the Coast Guard requires.
But they all come with big motors and I am not interested in going 30-40 mph, with all the gas-sucking to boot (canal limit is 10 mph). Making a amphibihouse is fraught with difficulties, that the best engineers and NA's would spend lots of nights scratching their heads over.
Sure it can, but it might be a hell of a sight cheaper to launch a houseboat off a trailer, putter around where ever you like then load her back up on the trailer and take her home. Their latest project is further proof as they add a newly-designed houseboat moored in the River Thames to their wide-ranging portfolio. This can include restaurants, hotels, event spaces … Beyond architecture, the firm can also help navigate political and zoning issues. By its nature, a houseboat should be as selfsufficient as possible; therefore, we are begining to incorporate solar energy, thermal heating (but from water instead of the earth), and other systems into our houseboats. The only difference is that there is a "collecting tank" (call it a small septic tank if you like) in the hull with is connected directly to the public sewage system. I feel that our designs are always improving, and we now have a little of something for most tastes. After looking at the 24' super jon it looks like it would be a nice project, but there are some things to be aware of. An enclosed cabin, a small room with chemical toilet, some sort of auxilliary power for lighting, radio, etc., a simple gravity feed faucet and sink for hand washing, etc. The Barge Canal is only 20-30 miles away from me, and the ultimate goal is to travel on that for some weeks during the summer after I retire. My houseboat designs represent more of a ship like attitude then floating Winnebago, which unfortunately many seem to appear. As for a novice to design something like this, well good luck and don't take family and loved ones on the sea trials. The house boat is fully furnished with single and double bedrooms, sundeck, private balcony and a kitchen. Your solution is inspired and indicative of what usually happens when someone really wants to live in this way.
Depending on the location, the waste is either pumped or suctioned out of the houseboats and into the sewers.
The amount of weight of cabin and parts you add to the boat will reduce its carrying capacity.
That would likely just be me and my girlfriend, and the canal being dotted with towns, we would probably rent a room and eat at diners a lot, so it's not like we would be stuck on the boat for days on end. Naturally big boats have trailer limitations, but these limitations would still exist, even if the boat had a trailer built in or was amphibious. There are specific details within the home such as timber-front doors and a suspended wood-burning fireplace that come together to give the home life. Also the upper deck you want may cause stability problems for you if you are not careful how much weight you put up there. They do have some good designs but the forum is a bit clickish AND they won't stick their necks out for anyone. I never thought I would like boating that much, but the older I get the more I like it, and the less I tend to ride my relatively dangerous motorcycle, which I've been doing since I was 19.
It's very difficult to engineer moving pieces, with any level of tolerance to be occasional immersed and not have issues. However, even with all this intricate craftsmanship and unreal accommodations, the house isn’t completely finished. If you're the adventureous type, build it and do extensive testing on its stability and handling before you invite any friend aboard. The materials that go into the making are all local and Eco friendly bamboo poles, coconut fiber ropes, bamboo mats, coir carpets etc.
Certain details are left undone as a way to give the future owner of this home the opportunity to add their own finishing touches. It all just come together to create an unspoiled residential palace. Glide along from Kumarakom through Punnamada Lake, admire the old traditional houses on the bank, visit the chavara bhavan, admire duck farming, stop by at triveni.

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