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Then you’re ready to play. You can even turn yourself into a robot and spend the rest of the day walking round with stiff arms and talking in a monotone voice! If you like our junk model robots then you might also like the ideas in our free ebook Glorious Junk! When he was about 15 months we made a snake pull toy by painting a paper towel tube green and attaching a string. I taught a similar lesson at an art museum I used to work at when we had a Robot exhibition.

If you have any more ideas you can share with us, please leave a link in the comments or on our Facebook page – we’re always looking for new inspiration and have a stack of boxes ready to go! The children loved it, mostly because it’s so open-ended and up to their imaginations to determine the look of their robots. We love using items from our craft box which otherwise would be thrown away – turning them into toys and extending the life of the materials. Glue or double-sided sticky tape would make for a neater robot, so you may prefer to use these.

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