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I think the dish pan was used more for boats this week than it was for dishes, and there was a constant supply of little drips to clean up of the counters and floor!
One discovery that the boys made was that the thicker base pieces made better boats because they could sink down in the water a little without letting water in through any cracks. The boats would sink down about the depth of the thicker base pieces, which worked pretty well. You can have the latest posts from Frugal Fun for Boys delivered to your inbox every Friday!
The entire kit looks very festive and would make a great geeky table decoration that you can put out as part of your holiday decorations. It’s pretty amazing how piles of colorful plastic bricks can build wonders when they are attached together. What we are going to show you today are some Lego models you don’t get to see often, not available for purchase in the neighborhood stores for sure. Here’s a collection of 35 incredible Lego Mega Construction, large in scale but built to its finest details.

LEGO TableThe table consists of 22,742 pieces clicked together with traditional lego construction techniques (no glue), a 136mm grommet is located in its centre. Crawler TownThis machine has several playable features include functional powered treads for movement , full suspension and front and rear steering. LEGO Sport CityThe LEGO Sport City display was built by the Hong Kong LEGO Users Group (HKLUG) to help promote the Summer Olympic Games in Beijing. The one in the picture above was the first one that Aidan built, and he was shocked to discover that it didn’t float!
A  Come link up your kids’ Lego boats, or any post about kid-generated Lego designs or a Lego learning activity! They might inspire my little boy to have a go at making boats-machines were the flavour of the month after Venetian bridges. Christmas is the perfect time to get all sorts of new building kits, and the holidays will be here before you know it.
Lego was first introduced by Lego Group in 1949 and have been everyone’s favorite ever since.

In the build up for holiday shopping, toys are released months before it’s cold and holiday-like in most parts of the world. Engineering of Prussia St and is topped with a 10mm sheet of toughened glass manufactured by Action Glass. A Once he removed the top part, it did a little better, but there were several cracks that let in water.
A Building a boat that would actually float proved to be a challenge, but the boys happily stuck with this project forA hours this week.

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