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This entry was posted in Custom MiniFigs and tagged base, custom, Lego, minifig, star wars, teruel211. Clone Army Customs is run by Tyler who is a huge Star Wars fan and started making minifigures for his stop motion films, but when he saw all the different kinds of Clone Troopers he had to make them all, as well as the guns and helmets. I'm sure everyone has seen the new Mini Star Wars line that comes with the plastic planets. Anyway, It got me thinking how cool it was to showcase things that I love, in a minimalist way.

So, starting with my new Hobbit set, I'm going to use the Mini Star Wars Planet series as a template for my new LEGO obsession.
Long term goal is to workout a way to make little plaques like the Star Wars sets, but I think it turned out pretty sharp and have some cool ideas for the future! I have gotten both Star Wars Advent Calendars and the minimalist ships in those sets are just great! I only bought one planet set so far, the one with Lobot, because I wanted a flesh Lobot and the Bespin could be a nice dome for a Tatooine house.

All of these guns are available in either Black or Chrome and created specifically for LEGO minifigures using high quality injection molded ABS plastic.

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