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Once the pieces fit together flush (which did take some extra efforts in sanding to get all the four pieces in sync), I used some basic construction materials found in the deck area of the store to reinforce the connection of the boards.
All along I planned to make an inset space in the backside of the frame for the mirror to rest in, you know, like the lip that holds the glass inside a picture frame. Once the mirror fit, I attached some metal fittings to lock it in place (again, like the backing of a picture frame).
Great job, I want to make some picture frames and a mirror frame from barn wood and found your site through Google. Funny Brittany, I was just telling Chris (over on his little house bookmark thread) about all the barns around us that seem to be close to falling down.
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Hammering these in was quite a challenge; I'm not sure if it was because they aren't intended for this purpose or the wood was really dense and tough to hammer into, but I added some extra reinforcing angled brackets to make sure it stayed square.
But what I didn't realize is how time-consuming it would be to create that quater-inch groove all around the perimeter of the frame.
I avoided using a wire to hang the mirror, and instead installed D-rings to either end of the mirror to mount the frame directly to the very, very strong hooks. You can see all my before-and-afters at Merrypad, like how I built my own deck from scratch, among other projects.
I have a router attachment for my dremel tool and that is what I will use to cut the grove for the mirror or glass, I just need to buy the proper bit.
You're in luck, because my friend Emily from Merrypad, a DIY source of crafty home inspiration, has written up a how-to for those of us who simply have to have this mirror for ourselves.
Certainly there's a convenient router bit that would have done the job (anybody know of one?), but I went to town on it with surely the wrong tool, a trusty Dremel with a very toothy bit. 5 Ideas for Creating Unique Frames I can think of few experiences as pleasant as picking out artwork, or even photos, to fill the walls or the nooks and crannies of a space. Knowing the size of that mirror, I measured and cut four lengths of the barn wood, one for each side. You'd think I could have sliced right into it, but it took several hours to slowly chisel away the wood layer by layer until the mirror sat flush. As I determined the measurements and placements of the angles, I marked and cut 45-degree angles in each corner with a circular saw (which was not as easy as it sounds; I'd strongly recommend you use a table saw). Whether you can’t find the frame you want, or custom framing is out of your budget, or if you simply want to avoid generic frames on your highly personal art choices, matching a frame to the artwork can sometimes become frustrating or less than enjoyable.

Although this retailed frame is oxidized, you can capture the same vibe with some flat black or dark charcoal paint and a DIY enthusiasm. Take some MDF, measure the internal cutout space (the space that will be covered up with the existing standard frame), cut it out, paint it, and attach.
Using my pocket hole jog, I put two holes in each end of the smaller sides(top and bottom pieces). Find a mirror (or take your artwork – a modern abstract would be interesting here) and frame it out with rustic reclaimed wood. Depending on the type and size of wood you have, you could use heavy duty glue to attach the wood to the mirror, or you could attach the pieces to each other via metal brackets.
To finish off the frame, I sprayed several coats of polyurethane, giving the frame a light sanding with 320 grit sand paper in between coats.
Using custom cut acrylic sheets, cardboard, and paper (packaging) tape, you can create professional-looking frames.
The supplies are (1) 14 inch round mirror, (1) 1 x 8 x 8? board, (1) picture hanger, (4) 2-inch mending plates, (4) ?-inch wood screws to secure the mending plates, (1) 2-inch finish nail to act as a pivot point, (1) paintstick to outline the circular cuts.
Using a miter saw and the cut list above, cut the 1 x 8 frame sides to size with opposing 30-degree miters.

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