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The model boat manual page has been updated with the table of contents and eight sample pages. Newcastle University in 1974 and shortly after became a member of the Royal Institute of Naval Architects. The 22' Ruby launch was designed as a solution for those steam boat enthusiasts who wanted to get their steam plant onto the water quickly without going to the extent of building a strip planked hull. Details of the full-size Ruby 22' launch can be found on the Selway Fisher Design web site. The model can be scaled down to a 1:10 scale which will give a displacement volume of around 5kg. The second sheet gives side profile, plan and several sections through the launch plus approximate position of the steam power unit, propeller etc and material sizes for the model.
To order using a Credit or Debit card with our secure on-line ordering system simply use the buttons below 1 post and packing charges which will be added at the above rates, or less for multiple orders.

Those wanting to order using cash, cheque, postal order or Paypal please go to the How to Order page for more details. Location: Ireland Does anyone know what make and model this timber boat is?
I'd like to know what make and model this boat is so I cant find images of what it was like when it hit the water for the first time.
I've spent a lot of time researching early Riva and Boesch but it doesn't seem to be in the league.
Location: Dublin,Ireland Hi nulabert, Fergal here It looks to be built the same as mine, I can't see why he would build the deck in 3 bits unless he was short on plywood so I don't think it was factory built.
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. A double chined plywood hull offers an elegant low cost compromise between good looks and ease and speed of construction.

The hull would be built using the plank over frame method and the steam unit shown is the Krick Alex 2 cylinder model with a vertical boiler.
The tumblehome aft would be a 70's styling feature, flare would be, but then again it could be anything.
When looking at boats like this you should go around with a screwdriver and poke every bit of wood to see whats rotten all to many times I have seen lovely boats on the outside just held together with paint and varnish.
It's usually carved into a major structural element, like the keel, inside the transom, behind the instrument panel, etc.
Would you know any forum I could post this on where someone might either have one or know what it is.

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