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I agree to Shutterstock's Website Terms, Privacy Policy, Licensing Terms and to receive emails that I can opt out of at any time. All plans come as a Standard license, and can be upgraded to an Enhanced license at any time. We don’t see animals every time we visit the creek, but we do always find something just as exciting in the soft earth beside the water – animal tracks! This was the last attraction that Walt Disney himself participated in designing; with it opening three months after his death. During the course of the indoor boat ride, guests float through an immersive, larger-than-life pirate adventure featuring gunshots, cannon blasts, and burning buildings, all set to pirates carousing and pillaging while accompanied by "Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life for Me)" written by George Bruns and Xavier Atencio.
The following is a detailed summary what appears in the original Disneyland version of the ride, from 1967-2006.
The ride begins in a bayou amid glimmering fireflies and an evening abuzz with the croaking of bullfrogs.
But upon turning a final corner in the brick channel, guests find a talking skull with crossed swords mounted on the bricks above the boat's pathway.
Then a more chilling sound becomes audible: the thundering of a waterfall, down which guests plunge.
A skeletal helmsman can be seen at the ship's wheel of a shipwreck, the rotting boards smashed on the rocky grotto shore as we see through the rocky walls of the grotto out into the stormy night sky.
Moving onward, guests pass the "Crew's Quarters," a salty hangout where two pirates appear to have died enjoying their rum and wine; in which one drink trickles through one pirate's exposed rib cage. Emerging from the eerie Grotto, the guests find themselves thrust through a blinding mist into in the middle of a fog-enshrouded harbor under cloudy night skies, their bateau caught in the middle of a fierce battle between a pirate galleon, the Wicked Wench, and a Spanish fort on the shore of the island colony. The Pirate Captain barks orders to his crew as they fire the ship's guns and cannons into the water around the guest's boat. Passing through the gates of the sacked town of Puerto Dorado, guests see the first of a number of incredibly detailed scenes of mayhem.
Floating onward through the town, the next scene that guests come to is an auction, in which drunken pirates are encouraged to bid on the local women, and a banner advises the men to "Take a Wench for a Bride!" While the Auctioneer is trying to sell off a "stout-hearted and cornfed" wench of the town, the bidders cry out for the "redhead" a flirtatious woman waiting in the wings for her turn to go to the highest bidder, with apparent delight. As the boats drift further into the heart of the town, the pirates get more frantic and the mayhem gets more dangerous as the town is set ablaze. The boats continue their trip through the melee, drifting into the foundations of the town and passing prison cells that are threatened by the looming flames, as are the captive pirates trapped inside. Finally drifting into a burning building, guests are suddenly thrust into the midst of burning embers and flaming pillars. The following is what appears in the current version of the ride which is very similar to the original, except with the additions of characters and objects from the films. The ride begins amid glimmering fireflies during an evening abuzz with the croaking of bullfrogs. After a hair-raising plunge into the depths of an underground grotto, guests behold the skeletal remains of an unfortunate band of pirates, guarding their loot and treasure with macabre delight. Suddenly, cannonballs whistle overhead and explosions throw water into the air—a fierce battle between a marauding pirate galleon, the Wicked Wench, and a Spanish fortress is in full swing.
The village on the Isla Tesoro beyond is overrun with pirates in search of Captain Jack Sparrow, while the notorious pirate hides in between two mannequins as the mayor is tortured.
Carefree, tipsy pirates succeed in ravaging the town and setting it aflame, filling the night air with an orange glow. You have to enjoy the irony somewhat, Made In Italy - Amnesia's Friday night hosts since 2003 - spent 2008 on loan to Wednesday night to make way for Manumission; two quintessentially Ibiza club brands, both having used the theme of sex and excess in large doses, yet it is the bigger and brasher Manumission that has fallen by the wayside.
2009's theme, "The Return of the Pirate Ship", opens a whole can of worms for the MII crew. Everyone who signs up gets full access to our entire library, including our curated collections. Our Standard license allows you to use images for anything, except large print runs over 500,000+ or for merchandising. Once you have downloaded your image, you have life-long rights to use it under the terms of the license purchased. It would be opened in other Disney parks, Magic Kingdom, Tokyo Disneyland, and Disneyland Paris. He was instrumental in bringing this attraction to life, and was involved with the project until the end of his life.

Daring adventurers board their boats at Laffite's Landing, and are at once afloat in the heart of bayou country. When they reach the bottom of the waterfall, guests hear the frightening echo of "Dead men tell no tales!" Further into the depths of an underground grotto, guests behold the skeleton remains of an unfortunate band of pirates, guarding their loot and treasure with macabre delight.
Shredded sails and old cargo remains scattered throughout the site of the wreck as the lone helmsman is doomed to eternally pilot the ship through a thunderstorm to a long forgotten destination.
Pirates seem to have once used this old inn as a homestead, as signs hanging nearby read "Stow yer weapons" and "Thar Be No Place Like Home!" Decorated with remnants from old ships and vessels, this hideaway is adorned with liquor, glassware, and lush artwork. Aye, blood money and cursed it be." The treasure cavern itself is filled edge to edge with sparkling jewels, piles of gold, and all types of trinkets and art.
While the Pirate Captain leads the assault from the deck of the Wicked Wench, firing the cannons across the lagoon at the fort, colonial defenders can be seen manning the fort's cannons, barking orders to each other in Spanish and shouting threats at the invading pirates. First, the magistrate of the town, Carlos, is seen being tortured by being dunked in a well by a group of pirates asking for the location of the town's treasure. It is then shown, as guest drift forward, that many of the women didn't take kindly to being sold off, as many of them have escaped, and are being chased through town by their pirate suitors. Meanwhile, the pirates have become too drunk to care, as they sing A Pirate's Life for Me blissfully and go about their looting of the village, unaware of the threat that the flaming town has become. Pirates continue singing A Pirate's Life for Me as they stand around with their lit torches burning in their hands, unaware of their surroundings.
Some of the prisoners are frantically trying to bribe a prison dog into bringing them the keys to the cell, which the dog holds tauntingly in his jaws. From above, ominous creaking sounds echo through the subterranean chamber as the foundations of the buildings above sway and burning beams crack and groan under the pressure. A waterfall with a projection of Davy Jones then appears, and the riders seem to float through without getting wet. The Auctioneer led an auction on the town's women are being sold as "brides" to the invading pirates.
After witnessing the lesbian biker chick dancers last year, not to mention promoter Rossano in his full leather biker get up, the imagination does run wild as to how wooden legs, masts, eye patches and a bottle of rum can be put to good use. If at any time you're unsatisfied with your experience with us, you can cancel your subscription. We have seen minnow, frogs, crayfish, turtles, the occasional great blue heron, beaver, mink, raccoon, opossum, white tail deer….lots of creatures.
Instead of just sitting and watching an often fleeting glimpse of the animal, we can be actively engaged in the study of the animal. You might conclude that the deer whose tracks you found along the lakeshore were there to get a drink.
Pirates of the Caribbean is one of the world's most popular and well-loved Disney attractions. Walt's theme park design division (known as WED) created a remarkable world for the pirates to live in, relying on the talents of some of the best creative minds in the entertainment field, such as Marc Davis, X Atencio, Claude Coats, Yale Gracey, Blaine Gibson and others. After entering your boat, it drifts off placidly through the misty waters, past a lolling houseboat in the Blue Bayou.
Drifting onward, the guests' boat passes the "Captain's Quarters", rigged with the finest furnishin's money did not buy, where they see the captain himself. Seated atop this giant cache of plundered wealth is a final skeletal pirate—to remind guests that even the finest riches and wealth are no match for death, which is the only reward any of these pirates could count on.
Caught in the middle between splashing cannonballs are the innocent guests aboard their boats, proceeding heedlessly through the smoky melee. Others wallow in the mud, one pirate in particular sleeping with pigs, and a pirate named Old Bill offering rum to stray cats. Some prisoners try to get the dog, by either offering a bone or getting his attention, while other prisoners have rope to use to get the dog with. The boats then enter the town's underground arsenal and armory, filled with weapons, cannonballs, and stacked barrels of gunpowder. Once past several rickety houseboats, the soft strumming of a banjo melody can be heard over the peaceful symphony of nature. Both pirates invite guests to proceed if "they be brave or fool enough to face a pirate's curse". Barbossa leads the assault from the deck of the Wicked Wench, giving orders to his crew as cannonballs screech towards the fort in the ongoing battle.

Riders next float past a jail where imprisoned pirates are doing their best to escape as flames draw near.
As far as the music goes, being back in the main room suits much better as it allows the dark side of the talented roster to really let fly. The tracks in the garden where you found nibbled leaves might be from a rabbit getting breakfast. There they can collect their data, write their hypotheses, and create art or a story to go along with their findings. With the help of his Imagineers, Disney created a boat ride featuring thrills, chills, and space-age robotics known as "Audio-Animatronics" to bring life to the multitude of salty characters that make the Pirates of the Caribbean the fascinating experience that it is. Crickets, frogs, toads and all sorts of waterfowl, hidden behind the mangroves, sing their eerie songs quietly throughout the swamp as you drift slowly past several rickety houseboats. All three skeletons apparently being victims of another band of treacherous villains, or victims of fighting amongst themselves. The captain, who is nothing more than a bony corpse propped up in his lush bed, can be seen studying a treasure map while his harpsichord plays a melancholy melody as well as a rousing rendition of Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life for Me). As the boat continues past the treasure, the visions of forbidden riches still dancing in guests' head, the grotto narrows into a tunnel shrouded in mist. Who knows when that evil curse will strike the greedy beholders of this bewitched treasure?
A line of other town captives stand in a line, bound as prisoners, waiting their turn at being questioned; one of them shivering in fear. A "pooped" pirate reminisced about the "lively lassie" he wished to "hoist his colors" upon. The guests' boat drifts directly under a stone archway under the glazed gaze of a stupefied pirate. Though the prisoners tried hard to retrieve the dog's keys, the dog never moved from where it was sitting.
The drunken pirates are oblivious to the imminent threat, as they take potshots at guests in the boats, the casks of gunpowder, and each other while their shots ricochet off of the walls and armor stored in the room.
Just beyond is the infamous "pooped pirate" drunkenly waving a map and key to the treasure vault, boasting that Jack Sparrow will never see it.
A small dog just out of the prisoners' reach holds the key to their escape in his teeth; he seems all but immune to the pleas of the pirates trying to coax him closer.
After a one off bash in Amnesia 1994, Made In Italy represented in grand style with the Pacha Monday night slot from 1995 to 2000, arguably the halcyon days for the club. Shinedoe, Anja Schneider , Ellen Allien, Martin Buttrich and Steve Bug are top names to please serious clubbers and the combination with People from Ibiza (resident Mar-T) means the tackiness associated with having the Foam Party in the other room, has disappeared.
The soft strumming of a banjo melody can be heard over the peaceful symphony of nature as guests pass by one houseboat, on the porch of which an old man calmly rocks back and forth in his rocking chair.
The captives are being held at the gates of the Mayor's home, which has been battered open and ransacked.
Holding her slip as he prattles on, the woman peers out from inside a barrel that sat right behind the pirate's back as he keeps boasting, unaware. Before the inebriated salts can blow the arsenal into pieces, the boat takes their guests "up" a waterfall, thereby escaping the pirates.
Little does he know, Jack is hiding in a barrel just behind him, popping out and getting a good look at the map over the pirate's shoulder.
During this period, the showcasing of native DJs coincided with the prominence of the deep, chunky, tribal house championed by the likes of regular jocks Francesco Farfa and Claudio Coccoluto at the time. Moving through the grotto, the crusty skeletons become more animated, as noted by each of their actions.
Carlos' proud wife occasionally peeks out of an upstairs window, admonishing her husband "Don't tell him, Carlos!
Don't be chicken!"A pirate's pot shot at the window sill quickly causes the wife to duck back inside, but she'll peek out again before long.
Secondly, the MII sound is defined by the purest and most cultured house music with a calibre of artists featured over the years that reads like a house music hall of fame.

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