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Here in America, we celebrate Columbus Day, the day the famed explorer, Christopher Columbus reached the Americas on October 12, 1492.
This Columbus Day, spend a few minutes in discussion with your kids on the importance of this holiday and make 3 mini paper boats to celebrate his crossing the Atlantic on his fleet of the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria. Celebrating holidays like Columbus Day with kids activities is what we do.  Here are some of our favorites similar to How to Make a Paper Boat…we even have paper airplanes! April 14, 2015Here is a super cute and quick little craft fr you  – cork and rubber band boats. 1) Place your elastic around the three corks – try and get 3 corks that are roughly the same width.
The pirate ship could of course have been a hollowed out milk carton with a lollipop stick but I wanted to create something Molly would engage with for even longer. She loves it, played with it for hours yesterday, and because it’s not the archetypal black with skull and crossbone pirate ship she thought it ok to welcome a group of giddy Polly Pockets onboard for a spin around the bay too. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
All content on this website is copyrighted and available for personal or educational use only. MollyMooCrafts is filled with creative DIY projects for children and their moms, craft tutorials, handmade toys, handmade gifts, decor ideas, everything I love and much much more!

Place a thumb and forefinger on the inside of the shape, at the center of each triangle, and carefully, completely open out the shape from the middle.
Fold each side in half, width-wise, bringing each bottom triangle up to the point at the top.
If you like, you can line the bottom of the boat with adhesive tape, which may make it more waterproof and help it float longer. This entry was posted in Crafts, Reading and tagged Children's Books, Craft Tutuorial, Curious George Rides a Bike, Kids Activities, Kids Crafts, Newspaper Boat, Origami Boat, Paper Boat, Paper Boat Tutuorial, Tutorial. Start with a 5×7 sheet of paper an fold it in half and press down on the middle crease. Push the two sides of the triangle in towards one another, just as you did in Step 4, creating a diamond again. Holding the diamond facing you, pull both the right and left top layers out to form the hulls of the boat. Although she swears she is not crafty, this momma never lacks in creativity and enthusiasm - her ultimate goal is making exceptional memories for her family. These are ridiculously easy and quick to do and yet are so cute and fun AND really float well. Under each photo on picasa is the direct link to the post or tutorial of the picture you clicked on.

Rey’s Curious George Rides a Bike, in which sweet and loveable George secures a paper route, which leads him to make and sail a whole flotilla of folded-newspaper boats.
This time, as you pull the bottom opening apart, use the other hand to stretch out the two top triangles from the other side of the figure, so that they become the bow and stern (back and front) of the boat. Once you start making these easy cork boats, you will soon find yourself with a whole regatta of them!!!! Two evenings later, covered in glue and paint, the ship was pushed down the slipway and launched with no great fanfair!
Wondering if a newspaper boat could really float, we got out some old newspaper, folded it into boats using the directions in Curious George, and took our boats down to a local creek, where they indeed sailed along once released, on a gently flowing spring stream.
We started off making colourful sails and then moved on to some of these pirate cork boat beauties.

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