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Kudos to Hydro Lance to make it seem possible and feasible except for the financial investment (this magical transformation will need capital investment of $3.75 million) to create floating Boat Planes which will glide over rough seas at amazing high speeds. Let us not be cynics, it is best to be optimistic that future will be dreamy and we will be able to glide on troubled ocean waters with high speed even when volcanic eruption grounds all flights. The 3 high-performance 26" pontoon logs feature lifting strakes to get the boat up on plane quickly, and wave deflectors to ensure a dry ride. Inside, you'll find unparalleled luxury, with plush seating throughout and storage everywhere you turn.
All things considered, the 220 DL3 is a step up in sumptuous comfort like you've never experienced. Location: Ontario If I recall correctly (someone make note if I'm wrong), Benchmark gets lift on the outboard hull in a turn, by making the outer deadrise of each hull steeper than the inner deadrise. The Clark boats are pretty much exactly what I had in mind, but there's not a lot of info on their website.
Of course, being the stubborn damnfool gearhead that I am, now that I know this idea is not only possible but practical, I'm even more determined to build my own boat that's faster and lighter than either of those two. They appear to be using a very simple design that doesn't require a lot of fabrication or custom materials, just aluminum sheet and a simple extrusion. Location: Shiloh, IL Nah, that's just another 'toon with lifting strakes attached to standard pontoons.

Location: Shiloh, IL Haven't gotten past the model stage so far, due to lack of funds. Location: Shiloh, IL Thanks for the tips, especially the one about the skil saw.
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Here at Inhabitat we’ve seen our fair share of airplanes repurposed into incredible new forms, but this heavy-duty recycling plan takes the cake. Hydro Lance compares its HARTH pontoon system to logs which sit stable even in rough water. The company’s website has a vintage video discussing the technology, showing a scale demonstration vessel in operation, and discussing some of the other benefits ships built with the HARTH system would offer.
The retro-styling is interesting, but it’s questionable whether passengers would want to have an aircraft seating arrangement for more than a couple hours. Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments.
If the aim is to traverse a body of water, why would you convert an airplane that flies over it into something that has to travel through it? They have actually designed Boat Plane (or Float Plane) which is nothing but good old Boeing and Jet planes recycled and converted into passenger ferry and boat.

Well, in principle buoyancy makes floating possible so jet planes should be able to float and cruise in waters.
The 7-ply, marine-grade treated deck is supported by full-width Z-bar cross members using coated TEK fasteners which friction-weld to the Z-bars as they are tightened. A company called Hydro Lance proposes to transform old, obsolete aircraft into high-speed ocean vessels by replacing their wings with narrow pontoons.
Seems like if it's powered using the same jet engine, it would travel through water a lot less efficiently.
Well, let us call this futuristic design because who knows in future old jets may get recycled into high speed passenger ferries. And idea of recycling of engine, controls, fuelage and replacing jet wings with Hydrolance pontoons seems fantastic and right out of action thriller movie but will it be all that easy?

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