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If you want to make this card, please check out my instructions on how to make the 2-tier cake pop up card. Rick I brought the machine ,and the reason I brought it because of your cards., I can,t wait to get them thank you again. Hi Alexandria, When you subscribe to my website, you will be sent an email with a link to the files. Roll the cake balls into spheres, stick the cake pop sticks in each and return to the fridge for 30mins- 1hr If you are having trouble keeping the cake pop on the stick then you can put a small bit of the chocolate on the base of the cake pop before you put it in the fridge so it sticks together.
I find these work best if I leave them int he fridge as long as possible otherwise they can go a bit gooey. Purchase the template for this design here: Detailed Birthday Cupcake Pop Up Card Template. Print out the template and use it to cut out the center card, oval cake parts, frosting, candles, flames and other pieces you want to decorate your cupcake with.

If you chose the frosting with the sprinkles or the stars, cut another piece of colored paper to put behind the frosting.
I made a wedding cake version almost 2 months ago, but I wanted to refine the design so it would be easy to assemble and make. They aren’t the easiest thing to make though so I wanted to keep them really simple this year as I only had a short amount of time. Mix with the icing, you can make your own butter icing but I used a tub of Betty Crocker this time. This version is a little more advanced than the simple version because the design requires you to be skilled with an X-acto knife or have a cutting machine.
This will add color to the sprinkles or stars and will also block the background color of the cake ovals and the center card.
Another tip is to put the melted chocolate in a tall thin container so that you can put dip the whole of the cake pop in.

I’ve also included a few more versions of the parts so that the cake is more customizable.
Other cake pop up card designs I’ve seen tend to have creases on the side, make the cake look somewhat football or oval shaped. The template will have all the numbers so you can customize the birthday cake with any candle number. I bought a bunch of ribbon, so I’m going to make several different versions of this popup card to inspire you to be creative and decorate the card in your unique way.
This will give you the most flexibility in choosing what your cake will look like.Here is the second cake pop up card I made.

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