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The knob and pinion are held in place by tiny set screws, allowing me to make fine adjustments of their placements as needed. The rear needs some work as well, If looking at the car from the side, the FB frame rails are straight, where the FC ones get thicker and dip down in the back near the firewall, and as a result the FC's subframe is not level (if you look at the subframe from the side its not flat across the top).
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This week I’m wrapping up work on the focusing rack and starting on the front standard.
I’m also hoping that my ground glass arrives soon so I can finish up some simple things on the ground glass and negative holder frames.
The back of the camera will be mounted on this channel so that it can slide up and down the base, allowing me to compress the bellows as much as possible for a wide angle shot. There will be a piece of brass holding the rod in the proper place so that the pinion can turn and move the focusing rack forward and backward. The goal of the focusing rack is (obviously) to focus the image that is projected onto the ground glass. I've gotton a number of pm's asking for more detail so I figured it was time to make a thread about this. I've wanted to do a FC subframe swap on my T2 FB for many years, but for various reasons (other projects taking up my time etc) I just never go around to it. You will need to construct some large spacers around the rear mounting holes on the FC subframe so that the subframe is level when bolted into the FB.
If you're going the same route as I did then you will leave the front FB stud in there, and just remove the rear stud. Well, the FC control arms, spindles, hubs, brakes (the FB master cylinder runs the T2 brakes just fine, and presumably the NA FC brakes as well) and steering rack are all just bolt in items. There are many ways to go about the suspension, but what I did was take a set of old blown FC shocks, and cut pretty much right below the spring perch. The FB and FC columns are almost the same size, but not quite close enough to just slide right together (can't be too easy now can it lol) so you will need to take a bit of material off the FC's lower column so that it slides into the FB upper. I completed this swap in the beginning of April and have put several thousand miles on it already and so far no issues at all!
IKEA BEKV M spiciness gouge Saves space on the countertopSolid wood can personify sanded and surface treated as needed.
A quick note, when I build a car, or do a project I like to make it look stock, so that if someone who is not familiar with the car were to look at it, they would think that it came that way. About this time last year I decided it was time to start getting serious about it and started doing research. If you were to bolt it up using the existing front hole in the subframe and existing front stud on the FB it will sit too far forward and the wheel will look silly and rub the fender well.
Obviously now is a good time to replace worn parts like ball joints tie rods and bushings, sandblast and paint things etc, but thats entirely up to you. Once you cut all the way around the strut itself will come out and you're left with basically a tube with mounting ears on it.
I used a dull flap wheel on a angle grinder (dull so that i didn't take too much off at a time) and just slowly ground away until it was right. Like many of the people pm'ing me I found that the information on here about the swap is very scattered, and many of the build threads were never updated with the end result.
I'm really just showing how I went about the swap, and to give you guys some ideas on how to go about it. Seems that many guys on here just remove all 4 studs from the FB and replace them with bolts in the correct spot. You will then need to get out of a set of duckbill pliers, or a hammer and dolly, or just a hammer and a block of wood, whatever you prefer, and do some bending on the pinchweld along the bottom of the FB's frame rail. A quick note, the S4 (86-88) control arms are preferable because they have replaceable ball joints, but the S5's will work as well. I decided to that there is enough collapsable stuff built into this system that I didn't need to bother making the column collapsible (if you want to, go right ahead) so I just welded the two halves together. It wasn't clear if those people just didn't finish the thread, or if the swap itself had never been completed.
While there is no way to get around the need for a new bolt or stud for the rear of the subframe, you can use the existing front stud if you modify the subframe itself. You will see in the pics where you need to bend, its just a few spots around where the FC subframe bows out, nothing major.

Also, if you're running a re-speed sway bar, which already has solid heim jointed links then all you need to do is make a simple brakcet to attach it to the control arm. Once the column is one piece (be sure to measure 3 or 10 times before welding lol) then you put it into the FB upper and weld the FC lower bearing and its tube to the FB part.
In my case I spent some time sandblasting and painting the parts, and replaced the bushings, ball joints, tie rod ends and tie rod boots. I knew there were at least a few people who had finished the swap, but in many cases they were on track only cars, or widebodies or some other setup where it didn't matter as much if it looked stock - it just needed to work. Again going with my theme of making it look stock, I wanted to keep the modifications to the FB as minimal as possible, this means keeping the front stud.
I know Peejay went with a 1" spacer and said it sits flush in his FB, not sure why there is such a difference between our two FB bodies, but either way, whatever gets the thing in there level is what you should make Also, Peejay welded his spacer to the body itself, I welded mine to the subframe, again I wanted to keep the FB body as untouched as possible. Once those areas are bent you can put the FC subframe on the FB's front studs and hold it there with some nuts (be sure to support the rear with some stands or something as well) If you've done your measuring correctly then it should be lined up and sitting in there correctly. If you want to run the FC sway bar then you will need to make some way to mount it to the FB body. You want to use both the spring perch and strut tube so don't damage either of these parts. Anyway, after much comparison between the FB parts and FC parts, it became obvious that this was going to work, and work well, so earlier this year (end of March, early April) I went ahead and started wrenching.
So, to get the subframe moved back the 1 inch it needs to be, I simply drilled a new hole 1" forward on the FC subframe.
Make sure you measure constantly throughout this process to make sure its sitting in there straight and level!
I did not go this route (I used the re-speed bar) so I'm not 100% familiar with the mods needed, however the "legs" on the FC sway bar are shorter than that of an FB bar, so it needs to be mounted closer to the subframe to work. Once the spring perch is off grind the rest of the weld smooth on the strut tube so that the perch can slide past where it used to sit. The only thing left at this point is making a way to hold the bottom of the column in the car. Now if you look at a FC subframe you'll see that this is dangerously close to the front edge of the frame itself. I know its been done on several other swaps, and is probably just a matter of drilling and reinforcing a few holes in the FB frame rail and bolting it in. Next cut the spindle portion off so that you're left with just the tube part of the FB assembly.
I also chose to use a 15:1 rack and depowered it, there is a thread in the FC section on how to properly do this, it involved taking the rack completely apart, removing a bunch of seals and running a few welds on the pinion shaft. So once all that is taken care of, you have the steering colum and the strut assemblies left to build, and you guessed it, more cutting and welding! Conveniently the inner diameter of the FC tube you have, and the outter diameter of the FB tube are the same so they slide together nicely, almost as if it was made for this lol. How you go about drilling these holes is up to you, just be careful not to go balistic and damage a bunch of surround metal or yourself! Basically what you want is the tube to be the same height as the FB's original one (so the FB strut insert will go in correctly) and the spring perch to be the same distance from the middle of the spindle (so the bottom of the spring is the same distance to the middle of the FC spindle, as it was to the middle of the FB spindle) this ensures you have the same ride height you did before. I made a bracket that goes on two of the brake booster studs, and used the bracket off the bottom of the FC column, to bolt it all together. I only say that because I was using an incredibly powerful corded drill with a unibit to get through the FB box's support tube, it caught and almost broke my wrist from the force lol, so be careful. I drilled a few holes in the side of the FC tube so I could do some rosette welds, along with the bead I ran along the top, just to give it some extra strength.
Once that is all weded together and painted to prevent rusting go ahead and bolt the subframe in!

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