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For those of you not familiar with fascinator hats, they are vintage-style caps with feathers, small veils, and other little knick knacks attached on the sides that were often worn by fashionable women in the '40s and '50s. The gingerbread house is my little space where I share the things that make me happy: from the crafts I try, my latest charity shop find, or a quilt I'm making.
I’m going to walk you through a technique to create vintage looking 3d stars in Illustrator.
Use the Star tool and hold Shift to make a Star shape (or any shape you want, really) on the artboard. Now that we have our 3D shape, we will most likely want to have a little more control over it. You’ll notice that we now have individual shapes for each side of the 3D star shape (and the effect s gone as well, which is good).
To do this, you can either ungroup (about 3 times) until you can select the individual shapes, or you can use the Direct Select Tool (white arrow) to select the individual shapes and fill them with a gradient. This is pretty much a 3D Vintage Star already, but there are a few extra touches we can add to take it a step further. To do this you will, again, either have to ungroup everything until you can select an individual shape, or use the Direct Select Tool (white arrow).
Click once on the blank artboard to deselect everything, then use the Direct Select Tool to select the new (smaller) star. Fill this smaller star with a different color to add something a little extra to your vintage star design. Now, select the NEW group of shapes and if they are grouped, you must ungroup them until you can select individual shapes with the black arrow.
You can download the file I used to make the Cover Image at the beginning of this tutorial! Formally trained at Oklahoma State, Jay Hilgert is a graphic and web designer, font designer (Link), software developer (Brush Pilot™), and the founder of BittBox. You need vintage Christmas weebits — I had one knee-hugger elf, but beyond that, I was way short of little somethings to add.
BUT big tip on garland size: Georgia Peachez says I should not have used the dinky thin old school garland!!! See her comments below.
I thought the building of little groupings and then filling in between them worked well for me. If you are hunting vintage Christmas ornaments on ebay or etsy, here are the brands I was able to identify: Shiny Brite, Coby, Bradford, Paragon, Commodore. Don’t worry about having the metal parts of the ornaments showing on the front of the wreath.

This week I also plan on testing some techniques to faux-age inexpensive, brand new-ornaments to use on the outer rings. The game tokens will go into my Etsy shop as soon as I have time to list them and this weekend I finally persuaded my husband to let me hang them on the wall.Last weekend was spent painting and decorating our bedroom and we just have a few final touches to make. Go to Object > Expand Appearance and click OK to get rid of the effect and separate our effect into individual shapes that we can edit. Then select both of your shapes like below, and hit these two buttons in the Align palette (Window > Align) in any order.
So all you have to do to get it behind the 3d shape is (with the black arrow) click on the blank artboard once to deselect everything. I used a standard high heat mini glue gun that I purchased at a local craft store, and it seems to have worked well. See my tips above on choosing garland — use the thicker, chunkier kind, Georgia Peachez advised me.
In general, we used two dabs of hot glue on each ornament: #1 to secure it to the wreath substrate. You don’t want large gaps, though — play with your ornament configurations before committing, and be sure to have a big stash of the tiny orbs before you get going! I cut floral wire about 14″ long, bend in half to make a loop, put behind wreath, bring legs around and thru to front and over again to the back, wrap each around loop. You can get a decent full size gun for high temp gluing at Joann’s for $20, less the coupon they constantly have, so it is very reasonable at $10-12.
But she is the first person I spotted several years ago among those instrumental in repopularizing them.
Upload ONCE and trust the image it there — I just need to “set new photos free” from my control panel and will be checking throughout the weekend to do so. We obviously got bitten by the bug as we also went out and bought the things needed to decorate my daughter’s room too. Danielle used 95 ornaments. I used fewer because the ornaments in my chosen colorways were larger, based on the supply I had available. But now that I have the bug bite bad, I have purchased this Surebonder HE-750 Professional High Temp 2 Heater Glue Gun (affiliate link), which seems to have received a lot of good reviews including for its high heat (BE CAREFUL!). One thing we learned with this method: Make the hole for the eye hook, then, before you put the eye hook in, dollop the hot glue but good down in the hole. Somewhat more of a challenge to do, but I like to see the tinsel peeking from inside the ring. If you don’t have the crafty gene, take a look at hers for sale — they go fast!

We are so pleased with the results, and we could not have completed this without your detailed directions. You will have a very useful vintage star vector on your artboard, and a new skill to go with it.
You need all sizes for the top layers, although I did not feel that large ones worked so well on the top layer, as they tended to overwhelm. We divvied up these ornaments and put them right down on the dining room table with us, so that we could each see what we were working with as we went. I can most definitely understand why buying a complete wreath from masters like Georgia Peachez now cost $250.
I’m just saying that, in general, if you are nervous, editing your palette is a more assured way of getting great results. With vector art gaining ground every day because of its long-term value and versatility, new vector art styles are constantly emerging.
And also really key: Tiny ones to fill in little open spaces and add whimsy-doodle to the front of wreath.
JoAnn’s seemed a little cheaper, by $1 per wreath or so, but again,  it did not have as many sizes.
You will be wielding a high temp hot glue gun — and you will want to keep your wits about you to ensure an artistic arrangement of your precious vintage ornaments.
Scissors String Picture hooks A hammer Fibre tape Craft sticksHow do you hang vintage game boards?The main problem was how to hang the boards. TIP: NEXT TIME I MAKE A WREATH I WILL INSTALL THE HANGING APPARATUS BEFORE I WRAP THE FOAM CORE IN TINSEL. I did this on both sides of each board, leaving a little slack in order to be hung on a picture hook which would be hidden behind the board.The second problem was how to ensure the board stayed flat when hung.
And if I do this right I won’t damage the boards ?? I am a sucker for vintage game boards. This gives me an extra boost to get out the old boxed games and find a display wall for them now too! The walls of the shop are lined with distressed wooden doors and make use of vintage furniture to […]Leave a Reply Cancel ReplyName * Email * Website Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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