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November 6, 2013Earlier this week, I shared my newly organized kitchen cabinet interiors where I added multiple materials to make the vertical space on the interiors of the doors super useful.  One specific element that made a world of difference, as far as storage, are the 2 wood spice racks that I made from scratch. After securing the wood and the jig with a clamp, I drilled a hole on each end of the base piece.
Then I put the dowel in the two end pieces and connected the end pieces with the bottom piece using the Kreg screws specifically made for 90 degree connections. I decided to add some color to the new spice holder and used Valspar Spring Sprout in Satin. To see how I organized the rest of this cabinet, plus more of my kitchen interiors, head over to Kitchen Organization: Ideas for the Inside of the Cabinet Doors.
This entry was posted on Monday, December 9th, 2013 at 8:31 pmand is filed under How To Make Reclaimed Wood Dining Room Table. Craftsman style lighting,- If you want to make your bathroom or any room in your house looks beautiful you can use craftsman style lighting for your room lights.
Portable metal garage,- You will have no any problem anymore once you want to build a garage on near your house. There are at least five living room ceiling lighting ideas which can be selected according to your home interior decorating style. Modern and contemporary style actually is inseparable with similar design applied on any furniture and home appliance including contemporary mirrors for living room. When doing a renovation on your kitchen, one of the biggest expenses is generally the cabinets. Many areas of the country are high humidity areas (the seasons are also a consideration) and veneered cabinets will be more stable than solid lumber in these areas.
For contemporary kitchens, you can use ash which has a nice light color, and is complimented lightly with clear and natural finishes.
Many consumers like birch because it is easily able to look like a far more expensive wood while being very inexpensive. Cherry wood is a nice option for kitchens because of its ability to stand up well to wear and tear.
Less common than cherry, used usually in custom and semi-custom cabinetry projects, is hickory.
Hard maple is a fine grain and light color wood that is slightly expensive and used mostly in custom and semi-custom cabinet projects. In addition to all of the woods mentioned above, there are many veneer options to choose from that might fit your style and budget better.
Masculine Kitchen Furniture Design Of Concrete And Dark Wood - DigsDigs Search for: BEGIN TYPING YOUR SEARCH ABOVE AND PRESS RETURN TO SEARCH. With all of the new ideas out on the market from creative uses of colors, modern appliances and innovative materials there is a world of kitchen amenities to bring your kitchen into the present day of modernization.
In a cabinet or in a drawer?  Is this project something you think you would tackle?  With every new tool, there is a learning curve, but it was fairly easy. All image in this gallery hopefully can give you an ideas to improve your home become more beautiful especially on interior design. Those living room ceiling lighting ideas are included pendant light, cove or hidden light, track light, recessed light, and flush light. By the good and optimal lighting, your dining room will look more beautiful and comfortable to stay.
Your cabinets take up much of the overall wall space and the type of wood, style, color and layout will determine the look and feel of the most important room in most homes: the kitchen.
Many of these hardwoods are put on top of a veneer-like plywood in order to cut down on cost. This is where layers of veneer are glued with bland grain under very high pressure and sliced into sheets across the grain for a straight-grain effect.

You have to consider what your style is, what color fits best with your home, what type of grain you will like, and what kind of budget you have.
Reclaimed solid slab acacia wood dining table and all other images, photo or designs in this blog are copyright of their respective owners. As we know that lighting can set your own mood, making serenity, drama or even enhance productivity.
It is usually used in traditional or country style kitchens and is a soft yellow color that can be stained or just finished naturally.
You can stain it to appear like a cherry wood (which is far more pricey) or like maple wood.
You can stain it lightly just to gloss it and usually customers choosing hickory keep the light color. You can get red oak in a large variety of styles and finishes and it has nice grain patterns that are usual in more traditional cabinet styles. A thin piece of a log is glued and bonded with another material like fiberboard or plywood for example.
Metals are a hot trend in kitchen design from chrome, brushed aluminum, stainless steel, nickel and copper – try these materials out in your cabinetry hardware, pendant lighting, and range hood options.Collect this ideaUpdate finishes to a modern look in your kitchen2. We collect from various website and blog to use as home decoration and inspiration for home interior designs. If the wood is not finished on all sides before it leaves the factory, you will have warped cabinets.
It is a good low cost option but a caution is it is easily damaged and not as durable as some of the hardwood options. Because the pieces are made of 8mm thick concrete shell next to the dark wood of the smoked and golden anodized aluminum. Change out old flooring with wood or resilient materialsFlooring is one of those areas of your kitchen that is often forgotten but consumes your entire kitchen.
If you have young children and a small space your cabinets might get dinged up and thick solid wood might be a better choice.
Pores, cracks, grain edges and the colors seem raw and that’s the peculiarity of this kitchen.
While you may think it won’t make a difference try switching from your traditional rolled vinyl or linoleum flooring to a resilient material such as wood, tile, or stone. Automatic LED lighting, ideal handles to the style and flexible division of drawers with magnetic strips make this kitchen a masterpiece. In recent years ceramic tile that looks just like hardwood has become popular as well as travertine and slate.3. Remove upper cabinetry for a sleek kitchenIn older homes the trend was to include walls and walls of upper cabinetry to house dishes and cookware and often times these cabinets consumed the eye. If you want to increase the visual space of your kitchen, consider removing the upper cabinets and just leaving the lower ones. This frees up the wall for adding color, or even attaching floating or open shelving for a few decorative items and dishware.
You will be surprised how modern your kitchen will feel once your upper cabinets have been removed and the human eye will enjoy the space too!Collect this ideaFor a sleek and modern appeal remove upper kitchen cabinets4. The kinds of countertop surfaces options out there are mind boggling from solid surfacing varieties that consist of resin, polymers to natural stone varieties such as marble and granite, there are a plethora of options in the countertop market. Over the last few years designers are becoming more creative and are using materials that used to be considered only for structural purposes now for countertops. They call it the heart of your home due to it’s traffic as well as bringing the family together for family meals – the kitchen is the “pulse” of your home. To modernize your old kitchen, consider bringing seating from the dining room into your space.

Whether you choose countertop stools and seats at a breakfast bar or you opt for a banquette or bench at a window side table, seating can make your kitchen have a whole new appeal.
Busy families with children doing homework to parents entertaining friends while cooking make seating essential in your modern-day kitchen.Collect this ideaBring seating into your kitchen area6. Replace appliances with energy efficient onesLet’s face it – we are in the green age of saving resources and your kitchen is a great place to start.
Energy efficient appliances should replace your old ones to bring modern styling into your kitchen and to save water and energy from your household expenses. Consider replacing plumbing fixtures as well – low flow kitchen faucets can save water and with the new styles available from kitchen plumbing manufacturers you will love the “touch free” technology and temperature sensor options that are available.
Paint Cabinetry with Modern ColorsFor homes that love their current kitchen cabinets but would like to add modern appeal- why not add color? Painting, staining, and even replacing cabinetry doors with new and modern detailed ones are a great option for homeowners on a budget. There are plenty of faux finishes you can try while painting kitchen cabinets and who doesn’t love a great do it yourself project in the kitchen? From distressing doors to paint glazes and stains, you will be surprised how your elbow grease and some additional color will transform your old cabinetry into new.Collect this ideaGive cabinets a modern look with a painted finish8.  Install new lighting optionsOnce you have modernized the major components of your kitchen, don’t forget the lighting!
While kitchen lighting can be very minimal it is essential for safety, ambiance and versatility of your kitchen. If you have been suffering with one overhead ambient lighting fixture, look to recessed lighting or “can lights” for a modern illumination source. Consider installing a dimmer switch for versatility in mood and illumination strength while entertaining, cooking, or just relaxing for a midnight snack! Pendant lighting over a kitchen island, under cabinet lighting to illuminate countertops, and chandeliers are all becoming great options for updated lighting sources.Collect this ideaUpdate kitchen lighting throughout your space9. Adding decorative elementsWhile you may not think about it, your kitchen is a great place to add decorative elements to bring a sense of you and your lifestyle into your kitchen.
For many homeowners plant shelves on top of cabinets allow area for plants, sculptures, artwork and other decorative items. Built in display shelves below your kitchen island can display kitchen memorabilia, your favorite cookbooks, or display an heirloom set of china passed down through generations.
Add a vase of flowers, a fresh bowl of limes or lemons for a shot of color and bring a sense of you to your modern kitchen with decorative additions.10. Enlarge your kitchen – knock down wallsFor many older kitchens the compartmentalized and boxed-in feeling of kitchens built generations ago is very common.
If you’re looking to open up your kitchen and share the view with an adjacent dining room or living room – consider knocking down some partitions! While your kitchen could look fabulous as-is, what would it look like without that bothersome wall? If you’re unsure if this is possible – consult a structural engineer or architect to see what possibilities there are for your kitchen.Collect this ideaBring more space into your kitchen by removing wallsYour older kitchen just got a makeover with these simple tips to modernize the heart of your home. From updating finishes and materials to bringing in color, illumination, and space – the options abound for your older kitchen.
While you may not use all 10 of these ideas, see which ones are perfect for your lifestyle, budget and family.

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