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Jazz up your LEGO creations with Brick Brites, which are compatible with Lego bricks and have LED lights in them.
Friday, August 27th, 2010 at 12:22am by Benjamin, BZPower ReporterGoing back to the future and to the past! At BrickFair, August 5-8, 2010, AFOLs (that is Adult Fan of LEGO) from all over the nation gathered to have a fun time with like-minded people.
The Sci-Fi section had an array of ships, shuttles, space ports and anything else, all in a variety of colors and sizes. One of the biggest displays there was a collaborative effort amongst 3LUG, a group of three two AFOLs that teamed together (again) to make (another) large display.

A few other AFOLs from the local LEGO Users Group (of which I am a member), WAMALUG, showed of some cool works. While the Moonbase theme does seem to be dwindling here in America, the two that showed up were impressive.
These are not to be confused with Battlestar Galactica's Vipers, of which there was also a nice docking bay on display by local AFOL Dene Quest. If you thought the space stuff was impressive, just wait until you look at the work castle fans make. The castle theme also stretches into the fantasy world, filled with dragons and forest spirits.

Also displaying on a good amount of table space was our own Nuju Metru's funtcional Castle MOCs.

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