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If you are ready to build your own boat and save thousands of dollars, or need to learn how to build your own boat in the first place, you need a superb set of boat-building plans to follow.
Plans4Boats is backed by a full 60-day moneyback guarantee.  It costs $49, and you get every penny of that back if you choose to not use it. Fab Labs were born from an outreach project by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in inner-city Boston in 2005.
Every time we go camping at Clear Lake near Mount Hood in Oregon, I used to jealously walk past all of the canoes, kayaks and rowboats dotting the shoreline of the lake, waiting to be taken out into the water for hours of fishing and paddle-borne awesomeness.
We currently have a small Honda CR-V, and I just couldn’t imagine pulling a full-size boat on a trailer with it, so the idea of a small boat that I could transport on top of it was very attractive. So, being that I also love to experiment with projects outside of my comfort zone, I started to imagine building a small plywood boat that I could then fiberglass and make seaworthy, or, I mean lakeworthy. After researching several videos and websites (Hannu’s Boatyard is a classic website and the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife have an excellent instructional Youtube video), I decided to try and make my own 2 sheet plywood boat. So, with most of the thoughts and plans in my head, I quickly sketched a basic layout of the boat on a piece of paper and went to the lumber yard. Seriously, this homemade boat CAN be made with only two sheets of plywood, some fiberglass cloth and polyester resin (you can also use epoxy), screws, bondo, and paint, and will only cost you approximately $150 in materials. To be honest, I'm an ok DIYer and sketched out my ideas, using the important points on this page, but structurally the thing was a disaster. It took a couple of weekends, but with a little help from my wife, I built a solid, safe, and if I say so myself, pretty good looking coop for under $170 all in. If your building your first, or need plans for a different coop, the three guides below are recommended.
All of the critical precautions and advice on positioning, security and materials are covered, as well as clever design tips to make your coop as maintenance friendly as possible. The build instructions are clear and precise, going from laying out to final completion in logical stages.
The guide comes complete with bonus information on chicken rearing, also includes membership to a forum where you can ask questions and find answers to any chicken related queries.

If you're a beginner, or have some experience already, this guide contains all the information you could ever need to build your own well designed coop.
The plans are very clearly laid out, and particular attention is paid to materials, to enable you to build a quality coop at the lowest price.
Our No#1 scored higher because of the supplemental information it provided on raising chickens, and the additional plans- if you already have some experience or have other information available, then this guide could be for you as it is a few dollars cheaper. This guide focuses on building a good, solid coop at the lowest price possible - they managed to get all their materials together for under $100! There isn't the variety of plans as in our top 2 choices, but if you're on a tight budget and are prepared to adapt where necessary, this guide will provide all you need to build a cheap (but not nasty) coop for up to 8 chickens.
If DIY is not your thing, there is an additional guide provided to show how to mark up and cut all of your component parts prior to building - this may be simplistic for some but if you'd rather concentrate on your chickens rather than building your coop, it could be a godsend. There are additional bonuses on chicken raising, and, uniquely, access to videos on various chicken related subjects. If you're on a tight budget with limited building skills, this will be right up your street.
All the information you could ever need, from a guy like you and me who started from scratch, and made a few mistakes along the way. All mentioned trademarks, product names or service names are the property of their respective owners.
Should you build your own houseboat, I think so, since I now plan on building a second, bigger house boat this time. The first small one I bought ($220 - ouch), and set about getting the second when we decided to increase our flock.
It has several plans to cover different sizes and budgets, but it is the quality of the instructions and the ability to build a great looking coop using only 'normal' tools (no workshop required) that clinched it.
The guide is written by an experienced chicken farmer, and provides a selection of plans depending on your space and budget. Now there are over 200 Fab Labs from the inner cities of the USA to the villages of Africa.

The guides were much more comprehensive than the advice on forums etc, with most having a variety of coop plans, clear diagrams and easy to follow sequences. We started off with a couple, and now have eleven, living in a coop at the bottom of our garden.
I enjoyed building it so much that I am going to build my second one, a 26' x 104' aluminum hull houseboat, with a 20 x 40 cabin. For those traveling intercoastal waterways, back rivers and estuaries, 26 feet in width is way to wide. There are a few bridges I can get under with a party top, but couldn't fit width wise, at 26 feet.
Build Your have Boat Since our first plans were sold for internal gravy boat grammatical construction in 1938 more than century 000 Hartley Boats built worldwide Trimarans. It was lots of fun to build but there are times when I thought I had bit off more than I can chew. I have emailed a couple of pics taken last year to the editor, and hoping he will post them for me. Maneuvering such a width in our areas, would keep us in the Gulf of Mexico, even some channels are hard enough to maneuver with an 18 foot width.
Possibly you can send me an email by using our contact form, and you will be able to attach a picture in the return email, and I will be able to attach it to your posting.Are you building the houseboats to sell them, or will you just keep them both? How is the fact that you have a 26 foot beam, is this creating a problem in your area?Again, thanks for letting us know that it was "simple", but not an easy project, that required seven years of hard work, but allowed you to accomplished a lifelong dream. I see that you are a dedicated houseboat builder :)Lastly, hopefully some of our readers will share and post comments about their own lifelong dream, houseboat building experiences. Go ahead click the book and sign-up, it's free and filled with great articles, tips, information and website updates.

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