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It is two sheet plan including full constructional information and as of early 2011 there was also a building log on the Model Boat Mayhem website.
I have just been given an aerokits fairey swordsman model boat which has been partly started along with the boat is a plan but no instructions on how to build it.
The construction of my little Swordsman and the Aerokits kit are quite different and so I very much doubt if a copy of the plans of one would assist you greatly in building the other. On the same subject of an outbreak of Fairey Boats my 1:6 scale Huntress is sat in the shed waiting for warmer weather to complete the paint work. It was designed to be driven by a 2 stroke strimmer engine but as its being built to raise funds for Parkinsons I have been persuaded to fit two stonking great big electric motors instead.
The motors are 24v and are normally used in big cordless drills, they are geared up to produce 12,000rpm on direct drive through 6mm ballraced shafts. Distributors of Model Boats for our overseas readersClick here to see the contact details of our overseas distributors. Useful information published by the MPBA for anyone running an event or just interested in the legal position.
We welcome well written contributions from Website members on almost any aspect of Model Boating with a particular emphasis on practical hints, tips, experience and builds. In order to maintain a consistent standard and format, all suggestions should first be sent to me by Personal Message for approval in principle. Until recently I didnt think I wanted a boat but having been to the Ellesmere Port Boat Show with our lorries and seeing and having a try at one I had to have one, I really liked the looks of the Huntsman and managed to trade a RC monster truck for one with a mate. Cheers already got a link to the fairey owners club website and looked at photos, good reference to get on with. Looking good Ritchie!Bring it wed night, we can have a look at the prop etc, bring molegrips and a hammer , its coming out, like a bad tooth!! Not worked with wood in a long time but really enjoying this, hope it turns out as well as I hope.
Well been about 2 months since my last post on here, put the Huntsman aside for a while whilst I finished a couple of my other car projects (Old Tamiyas).

Hi biggus, what are you using to power your huntsman and what have you decided to use for your windows ?
Precedent Fairey Huntsman 31 Model Boat Kit - available from Hobbies, the UK's favourite online hobby store! The classic Precedent Fairey Huntsman 31 has been charming modellers for many years,with its advanced hull design and classy super-structure. Both have one-piece removable superstructures which allow plenty of room for even the largest motors. No running hardware is provided as this will vary greatly depending on the type of power unit used. The Huntsman 31 was Alan Burnard's brainchild as The primary reason for this hull was comfort at sea and racing (and staying dry!). Following digging out an old DVD of the 1969 Round Britain powerboat race, I wa simpressed immensely with the Fairey Huntsman 28' boats, run by the Ford team.
Talk to Paul (fat controller) he has a 4ft model of a huntsman that competed in the BP round Britain power boat race, the boat is called Tigger 2 and has a fantastic tiger paint job. HS93 has a very good point here, there are a number of plans and models being touted around that do not bear any resemblence to the original boat, particularly the 28. The original plans are for single screw and rudder, but I want to model the original prototype. That building log is by John Elsy who has contributed a number of excellent articles to Model Boats magazine in recent years. MHS can also probably supply a back-copy of the magazine, or a photocopy of the article at the very least.
Only a very limited amount of time is available for editing contributions into a suitable format for placing on the website so it is important that the material is well presented, lucid and free from obvious spelling errors. It is an opportunity for Website Members to freely share their  expertise and experience but I am afraid that virtue is its own reward as there is no budget to offer more material recompense!
How difficult would it be, to re mod it, as per the prototype, ie; twin screw and twin rudder?

There has been a regular demand for it on the model boating forums and thanks to the kindness of its designer Dave Milbourn, we are now able to re-introduce it into the MyHobbyStore Plans Service.
I think it goes without saying that contributions should be illustrated by appropriate photos. I tried a 12v lead acid, but after 5 mins it was tug boat speed, but would have lasted ages. I got a Thames type boat on e bay at the start of last year and it was in need of a repaint, but when I striped it down it was plank on frame. Still got to strip paint from the hull before i can do much more.I would like to hear your opinions, I have now managed to come by some instructions so can work on the cabin glass.
Nice build triumphjonWhen I built my Fairey Huntsman 31 I used plumbers alluminum tape ( what they use to fix lagging )to cover the window frames,it is self adheseive and easy to work with. Between the years 1961 and 1973 the total number of awards won by Fairey Marine cruisers in powerboat races was 148.
By X55 prop, does that mean 55mm?Re window frames, I did a template of paper, then transposed that to plasticcard, stuck the perspex on the frame as window, then stuck it to the boat.
Oh boy my wife said it was a waste of money but with in a few weeks i had her turned round. I then used small aluminium rivets (very difficult to get!) but dressmakers pins are similar, again glued in through pilot holes. Now my wife loves the boat and dose not want me to get rid of it Stick with it there is loads of help here on Mayhem if you need it. Price in 1970 for the complete boat was £11,340 inc twin Perkins T6354 145hp diesels.

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