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Great product and price that allowed me to adapt the new Kodia brakes system to a different manufacturer's brake system on the boat trailer. If you manufacture, restore or haul boats or if you're a boat dealer or own a boatyard or marina, you'll appreciate the many benefits associated with using innovative hydraulic trailers.
HOSTAR Marine has a proud history of building hydraulic boat trailers specifically designed to alleviate common problems such as time-consuming loading and launching, costly transport and handling, cumbersome cradles and limited storage space.
If you're in the market for a self-propelled boat trailer, or would like a quote on any of the products mentioned, please contact us for more information. A common use for this brake fitting is on boat trailers, but of course it can be used on any trailer that has hydraulic brakes. Our highly experienced mechanics and welders are passionate professionals who take pride in knowing that each and every HOSTAR hydraulic boat trailer is built for consistent reliability, year after year.
So if you've been wondering where to find a used hydraulic boat trailer for sale, look no further than the pre-owned tab on this site.

This fitting is normally attached to the trailer axle and splits the main line that is coming from the master cylinder down one side of the trailer frame.
Not by chance but because it has been maintained and cared for.Thunderbird Formula boats are premium made offshore performance boats with ahead of their time styling and performance. This 25 year old boat is always the focal point wherever it is because of the great look, gelcoat, lines and styling. This boat is solid due to its design and does not rattle or shake when it hits waves due to the unique arch contruction on the bow. Try that on a cuddy boat!I spent over $1000 on the interior last year not because the interior was junk but because it had minor flaws and the rest of the boat is so nice.
Has bearing buddiesBoat has a one year old marine battery.I just did plugs, cap and rotor and oil change 2 weeks ago.
Rudy's personal 1985 Trail Jeep CJ7 83 Rot Free Jeep Scrambler in original paint 86 Jeep CJ7 Automatic Rot Free builder from California $6500.00 83 Jeep CJ7 Renegade Original Paint 97k Miles $7500 Clean 84 Jeep CJ-7 Only 89k Original Miles.

Desert Jeep ONLY $8000.00 84 Rot free desert Scrambler $7500 2 Rot Free Desert Laredos $6500 Each 82 Jeep CJ7 Laredo Seriously modified and upgraded rot free western Jeep! 1982 Scrambler builder project 85 Rot Free Jeep CJ7 in red paint with only 69,000 miles $10,000 One Owner, Original Paint Scrambler from Vegas $15,000 Beautiful 82 CJ7 from California Rebuilt Engine, Trans w Fuel Inj $9000 82 Scrambler in original paint. You have to be able to trust your equipment and this boat didn't fail me and never has.

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