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Location: upstate, ny Need Chinese Junk Hull Boat Plans I have been searching for chinese junk hull boat plans and am having little success. If there are any resources out there that anyone can send my way, I would be more than appreciative. Location: home lazy n crazy There some stuff on junk of that size in this thread. I met Paul Fay when he visited Ireland earlier this year, in his very impressive 40' Junk rigged steel schooner that he'd built himself.
Location: US I was curious if there were more places for junk plans for boats build in wood. Location: South Africa Try searching this site or google - Jonque de Plaisance. Allen Farrell, a British Columbia boat designer and builder, gave us the gorgeous, fast sailing 40 foot CHINA CLOUD, and her plans are available I think. Location: USA The JDP boats are an interesting compromise but I would hesitate to call them junks.
Originally Posted by BATAAN The JDP boats are an interesting compromise but I would hesitate to call them junks.

If anyone can point me in the right direction for some plans or help me noodle out what I am seeking by prompting me to think a bit more, I would be most grateful.
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I remember reading somewhere that the hull of the Chinese Junk was derived from looking at the body shape of pelagic birds that would float on the surface of the water even during rough weather. Location: Brisbane yuen_sail, mate, that is one fine model, very nice work, it seems to be in a museum, is that so, i can see other orks in the reflections. Originally Posted by Landlubber yuen_sail, mate, that is one fine model, very nice work, it seems to be in a museum, is that so, i can see other orks in the reflections. Location: china Fujian winding coastline, in Taiwan strait, in cold warm crisscross area, the prevailing wind are unstable, summer, autumn two season often have typhoons landed.
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Once you have downloaded your image, you have life-long rights to use it under the terms of the license purchased. It is quite common to call anything with a junk rig on it a sailing junk, but there are big differences between a junk that was designed to primarily sail up and down the large rivers of China, those that traded along the coastal cities, those that were warships, and those that traded with other countries, possibly as far as East Africa. One of their curators researched and with a crew of volunteers built the GRACE QUAN, a very authentic Chinese SF bay shrimper, and could possibly point you toward plans and building methods.

The complex natural environment for junk modelling, the performance, structure, material and construction process puts forward specific requirements, formed the bottom type pointed cut, flat on the fore and aft seals, The freeboard tilt, Keel obvious, rudder deep, deck girder and arch big easy drainage, adding the common characteristic ballast etc. If at any time you're unsatisfied with your experience with us, you can cancel your subscription. She was edge-fastened strip built on heavy floors, a few bulkheads, and the common Canadian wide, thin bent frames.
Few junks have a keel and most have a hoisting rudder that hangs well below the bottom when sailing. Unique external conditions and inner motivation, make fujian junks gradually become the main Chinese junks.
A traditional junk builder uses his axe for almost everything, is not bothered by gaping seams, edge nails or uses clever iron staples to secure planking, and generally has his own successful ways to build a strong, long-lasting vessel. I don't have a photo as I'm on the road on a job but when I get home I'll see what I can find.

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