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If you are looking to buy a boat or have your boat serviced, our team of certified marine technicians at Marine Center of Las Vegas and Dry Dock Boat Sales are awaiting your arrival. Inspection and replacement of your boat's engine oil, oil filter, fuel filter and gear lube. For sterndrive applications, we will inspect the drive shaft and gimbal bearing, with lubrication if needed. For all boats, we will review starting procedure, shift function, and running condition to ensure your vessel is ready for the water.
Our Annual Prevention Package's outboard maintenance program starts at $250 while sterndrive and inboard starts at $450. We also offer a la carte services if you would prefer to have specific work done rather than everything included in one of the above listed packages.
Though the Las Vegas area rarely receives any snow or severe winter conditions, it is still prudent to winterize your boat.
Can you imagine having to replace your boat's drive or engine simply because you did not bring it in for our winterization service? In the Downtown area, there’s the relatively new Mob Museum, which traces the instrumental role the Mob played in development of Las Vegas as a destination area and of Nevada’s gaming industry.
Outside of the Strip and Downtown areas, probably the best and newest museum in town for your family to see is the Las Vegas Springs Preserve, located across The Meadows Mall. If your kids like water parks, then they’re in luck as Las Vegas has a new Wet ‘n’ Wild water park in the southwest part of the city. Of course, one of the best places in Las Vegas for a visiting family to see is Hoover Dam, which is less than an hour drive from the Strip and Downtown hotels. No family outing to the Hoover Dam area would be complete without stopping by the neighboring Las Vegas Boat Harbor, located within the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. Take a drive out of Las Vegas to spend a family-friendly day away from the casinos and busy Strip hotels. Hoover Dam with a shadow of the bypass bridge — Photo courtesy of Ajar at flickrYou can also walk across the new bypass bridge that has re-routed traffic around the dam. Las Vegas Boat Harbor — Photo courtesy of Terrisa MeeksMake one last stop for the day to see the Big Horn Sheep at Hemenway Valley Park.
Our technicians are thoroughly trained to work on your boat, engine, trailer, and any other components in need of repair or improvement.
Bring your boat in for Express Service and you will be able to head out to the water in full confidence knowing that it will run as smoothly as possible. Let our fully-trained and certified marine technicians prepare your boat for the rigors of the water and seasons.

If you have lived in Nevada for an extended period of time, you know that we still receive hard winter freezes.
We also offer shrink-wrapping services to further protect your boat from the harsh elements. Stop by and see us at 4444 Boulder Highway or call us at 702-434-4405 to schedule an appointment today!
And if so, have they ever asked you what can their kids do in the adult-oriented town of Sin City? Not too far from the Mob Museum is the Neon Museum where your family can be entertained by the glitter and glamour of old, but still functioning, neon signs that used to illuminate and call attention to Strip and Downtown hotel s of days gone by. The museum complex tells a rather complete story of the Las Vegas area from when it was only a prehistoric spring in the desert to today as one of the entertainment capitals of the world as well as of its history, geology and varied lifeforms.
It only opened several years ago; so your kids can enjoy some of the latest features in water park attractions and is an ideal place to cool off with your kids on a sunny hot summer day. There is an excellent visitor center there which offers fascinating and educational tours of the dam complex, still considered one of the great engineering achievements in the world. The area is a local favorite as kids can thoroughly enjoy feeding popcorn the hundreds of oversized carp, striped bass and water birds looking for handouts within the confines of the harbor wharfs. You and the kids can enjoy parks and history with a day in Boulder City and a trip to Hoover Dam. Unlike the downtowns you might be used to in larger cities, in Boulder City you'll find plenty of parking on the street and in well-located parking lots. If you're a fan of history or architecture, you'll enjoy walking around the dam or taking a tour. It's known generally as the bypass bridge, but is formally named the Mike O'Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge. Kids and adults will be amazed at the carp feeding frenzy that results from tossing a handful of popcorn into the waters around the marina.
As you're heading back toward Las Vegas from Hoover Dam, look for the turn to Lake Mead, which will be on your right.
A herd of Big Horn Sheep hang out at the park, munching on grass and giving people something unusual to take pictures of.
While she always enjoys visiting the Strip, Terrisa's true passion is for exploring the lightly-visited Mojave Desert. Recommended yearly this service is a multi-faceted maintenance program to ensure that the boat and engine are ready for hassle free fun on the water. These low temperatures have the potential to wreak havoc on your boat engine by freezing the water left in your engine and "cracking" your block.

The Atomic Testing Museum tells the story about the Nevada Test Site, located 65 miles north of the city and the key role it played in the Cold War. While you are there, stop and walk across the new O’Callaghan-Tillman Memorial Bridge which spans the Colorado River and offers some of the best panoramic views of Hoover Dam. This is a city made for walking, and in addition to many shady parks, you'll find an assortment of restaurants along with antique and second-hand stores.
This is a family-friendly experience that will give you the chance to show the kids a piece of living history. You'll find a tiny shop at the marina where little bags of popcorn are waiting to become fish food. Terrisa has traveled throughout the United States, from Maine to Hawaii, but she especially enjoys exploring the Southwestern United States. The Annual Prevention Service gives you the confidence you need to bring your boat out onto the water without any concern about being stranded due to a mechanical problem.
Rely on our certified marine technicians to prepare your vessel for the cold temperatures and you won't have to pour money down the drain to repair a compromised component. While the Strip and Downtown areas are probably not the ideal places for kids, there are a number of places in the area or nearby that would probably appeal to them.
Among other things, you can find exhibits about the times when live nuclear arsenals were routinely tested and exploded above ground. The bridge is reported to be the longest concrete arch bridge in the Western Hemisphere and, in and of itself, is a great modern day engineering feat.
Whimsical statues on the sidewalks capture bronze versions of everything from motorcycles to children. On the bridge's pedestrian walkway, you'll get a view of Hoover Dam once reserved for helicopter tours. And, if the Big Horns aren't on the playground, you might be able to tire out the kids before you head back into town. As people then were not fully aware of the deadly hazards of nuclear radioactivity, for a while, these above ground live nuclear explosions were quite a tourist attraction.

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