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Fritzing was initiated at the FH Potsdam, and is now developed by the Friends-of-Fritzing foundation.
Auto LED lighting super store offers bulbs, lights & accessories from headlights to taillights! You see the Flexible LED Strips are commonly used for lighting up around the headlights, foglights or under the bumper to bring the car a fresh new European LED daytime running lights (DRL) look like the Audi A5, Q7 Style LED Headlights or Mercedes S Class LED Fog Lights (aka LED Driving Lights). This entry was posted in - LED & HID Updates, BMW and tagged 2005 BMW M3, audi led strip, Audi style LED, Audi style LED for BMW, BMW LED strip, BMW M3 LED strip lights, Car LED, flexible led strips, LED bulbs, led lights, LED strip, led strips lights by Eric Wu.
Using an adhesive backing, LED strip lights can be stuck just about anywhere.A  They are used for lighting projects by designers, developers, and home owners.
The lumi LED strips are amazingly bright and are available in warm white, white, blue, green, red, yellow, and a multi-colour version! Your electricity bill will be kept to a minimum as the lumi LED strips draw very little power. You will need the lumi LED strip power connector to attached to one end and connect this to your lumi 12v transformer power supply.
Advancement in lightning technology introduces flexible LED strips, which open new avenues to enhance home décor. From standard furniture edges to common collectibles and accessories, you can give a brilliant visual appeal and charm to all of these with the use of these lights. Moreover, the lights are perfect way to enhance appearance of all sorts of collectibles, such as stamps, dolls, vintage items, coins and other accessories. Kitchen worktops, shelves, around mirror, staircase or ramps are other places where such lights are perfect to employ.
Besides offering unlimited opportunity to home remodeling, the LED lighting strips deliver more benefits to homeowners. The LED light strips are also obtainable in wide range of colors as it is possible to generate any color with use of RGB technique. Appealing home interior is always a preferred choice for most homeowners, but at the same time, they avoid burdening their pocket over such issues. Our iJDMTOY 48-LED Audi Style LED Strips will give you that LED daytime running light look that the Audi A5 and Q7's have from factory without the price tag of buying an Audi!

These LED strips are completely universal so they do not have any specific vehicle application.
3528 SMD 1210SMD LED Strip Single Color Non-Waterproof1210 SMD LED is the same with 3528 SMD LED. It is hard to put into words about the magical smiles this E46 M3 makes on my face, but I guess only those of you who had actually the chance to take it for a spin will understand. I know it is kind of strange to install such lighting addon to that gorgeous M3, but after all – it looks really good. The phenomenal night look of this fancy extra in combination with such breathtaking 2005 BMW M3 is nothing less than awe-inspiring! You can get close to this awesome appearance just by ordering the iJDMTOY Audi Style LED strips for just a few bucks!
The surface mounted LEDs allow these strips an amazing amount of flexibility without causing damage; they can bend and twist in just about any direction imaginable. These 12-volt-ready LED Strips are sold in 1metre lengths with as many inter connectors you choose so you can easily connect them together. They are extremely efficient and therefore do not heat up which means they are less of a fire hazard, particularly in confined spaces. You can join the strips together using the lumi LED strip inter-connector for a single colour or for an RGB colour strip to make up whatever length you require. Such lights overcome all drawbacks of conventional fluorescent or incandescent lights and offer homeowners with opportunity to secure versatile designs for interiors of their homes.
The flexible LED strips offer a range of economical and practical strategies to enhance the look of any corner of your house. Even an authentic appeal can be secure easily by using these lights for draperies, valances, and all corners of house.
They are therefore, a perfect solution to provide home interiors with rich and charming appearance. The lights possess low energy consumption rate, which means that even using them for long hours, your utility bill is always going to be less. Therefore, along with low utility bills you can enjoy long lasting beautiful home interiors with use of these lights.

No matter which color you like, from warm white, blue and green to orange, yellow, red, and more, all of them are easily available according to your preference and taste.
You can always check on internet to secure interesting ideas to redesign your home with these amazing lighting options. Overcoming all these facts, there are amazing and easy to install flexible LED strip lighting option available. We run network of high quality 50+ high niche websites with millions of regular visitors, Please connect with us. These flexible LED strips are commonly used for headlights, daytime running lights, and fog light applications.
Please make sure that you measure the dimensions of your application prior to purchasing to ensure they fit. A doublesided tape is enough in most cases to fix these bad boys and the final step is to light them up by tapping to any 12V power source. Cabinets, window treatments, curios, art collections, painting, and more such items can acquire incredibly visual appearance with these lights.
So, if you are really looking forward to have exceptional appeal for your home interior and at the same time do not burden your pocket, then there is no better option than flexible LED strips lighting. These lights are available in numerous charming colors and perfect to enhance any or corner of a house. It breaks necks, causes people to stare and attracts attention thanks to its positively defined look which equilibrates muscle with class. However, when the car is in drive, it is a different story… but we are talking about styling now, about the 48-LED Audi Style Super Bright LED Strip Lights in Xenon White.

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