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During the winter lay-up I looked at ways of raising the seat and also changing its profile. Still looking for a suitable material from which to make the seats, I saw some 120 x 50 x 6cm blocks of roof insulation foam in a builders merchants. For durability and appearance I wanted to encapsulate the foam in a GRP layup: I made a trial sample to ensure the foam would not be melted by the resin.
Without using a mould I felt it would be hard to get a finish to match the cockpit colour, but a gelcoat flowcoat was the answer.
I laid up the top, front and back first, let it harden then turned the seat over and finished off the base and ends. Some undulations could still be seen after the topcoat had set, so the surface was sanded to remove high spots before a second application of topcoat. More than 7,000 visitors flocked to Beaulieu Boatjumble yesterday and left the Hampshire country estate laden with bargains. Use the free weather tool for sailors offering real-time high resolution data in a six day forecast.
The Designer Line of seats are made special with double stitch sewing while using Darcon Polyester Thread. Our High Density Foam is Mold and Mildew Resistant with an added plastic moisture barrier gives you the support and comfort to meet and exceed any pontoon owner's expectations. Fully Roto-molded Frames are durable and easy to clean - We do not make any seats out of wood. We have designed your pontoon seat bases with molded drain tubes to allow water to drain properly off the side of your pontoon boat to increase the life of your pontoon floor.
So I was pricing seat cowls, every dealer wants $200, and nobody seems to have a cheap used one to sell, so I figured, why not make my own? Now before you go thinking, oh god, some hack is going to make some POS lump instead of forking out the cash to get a quality part, take a look at the pics. I still need to peel of the rear masking over the red, then it gets a blue coat, sand, and clear.
Then we sewed the 2 long side pieces to one of the short end pieces and pinned them to the top, right sides together.

To make your velcro opening take the 2 other end pieces and fold one edge down on each piece..
After sewing trim to the bottom piece, pin it to the other side of your edges(right sides together). Turn right side out and stuff your cushion inside (this was a bit difficult to do because of  the size of our seat, so we unstitched a small opening on one side of the cushion, just big enough for a hand to fit through in order to grab and pull the cushion to the end). Close the velcro opening (hand stitch your other opening closed if you made one) and put your cushion in place!
I love the look of the cushion you made, but, to be honest, the instructions aren’t in enough detail for me. When I made the bumper from my daugther’s crib set, I put the closure on a long side in the middle instead of on a short side like you did. Thanks for the excellent tutorial!!!Your large bench cushions for garden looks comfortable to sit on and these benches can be placed anywhere in the house- from living room to garden. On one yacht of a similar size I found a very attractive cockpit where the seating was angled so that when the boat was sailing and heeling, the seating position was nearly horizontal. To overcome this I’d made two 4in-thick foam cushions, but when sitting my view ahead was obscured for some distance by the cabin roof. After determining that an increase of 2-4in in height would be suitable, I made a rudimentary seat from wood offcuts to see if I was on the right track, and then bought a child booster cushion made of polystyrene. The foam is easy to cut with a sharp, thin-bladed knife and can be smoothed with a Surform plane or a sanding disc, but protection from the dust is needed. The result was satisfactory: there was a little erosion, but not enough to distort the shape. When this was set the edges were smoothed and a strip of 50mm tape applied to seal the joints. Then came 3 layers of glass and a aluminum insert for the locking pin (sorry, didn't take pics of the first part). We had 2 large piece for the top and bottom, 2 long side pieces and we cut 3 end pieces (1 extra for a Velcro opening). Sew them together and them pin to the top piece and continue sewing the rest of the edge to the top.

I want to recover the one that came with the house we bought and I didn’t want to mess with a zipper, never thought about velcro! I feel if someone could follow them they probably don’t really need to be reading instructions like this to begin with. The best way to do it is fold your foam insert, slide it into the cover, and then release and let it flatten.
Having a bigger posterior than a child I reshaped it to something more comfortable, then had a profile I could replicate. I realised that if I made seats from this material they’d make good buoyancy aids in an emergency. The foam is strong enough to sit on so tests can be carried out to see if the cut shape is comfortable.
The finish depends on careful sanding and removing all dust: tack-free wipes were used as a final wipe-over. I did have numerous attempts and one restart after paint leaked through my masking and ruined a 90% complete job.
You will be able to keep the foam straight this way and no unstitching is necessary to help it along. I contemplated inserting grab handles but this would complicate things, so I decided that a strap could be fitted afterwards.
I have found if you take your time and by GOOD masking, a rattle can job can look just as good as a pro shops. I bought a stock cowl, I can't believe the engineers at triumph let that thing out of the factory!

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