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Indie Retro News: Stonehearth - A sandbox strategy game with town building, crafting, and epic battles! The kickstarter goal is at $120,000 but it's already at $99,000+ and still increasing, so head over to the kickstarter page and pledge. Stonehearth is also on Steam Greenlight, so make sure to throw some votes towards a successful Steam Release! Caren and the Tangled Tentacles - An impressive adventure for the C64 gets an easyflash tease!
I am looking for some ideas for my family reunion Scavenger hunt and I was hoping to find some here on this website soon so I hope you come up with some ideas soon.
Ideas for a Graduation Party Apr 25, 16 02:23 PMCelebrate your grad's achievements with these ideas for a graduation party. Detective Theme Party Apr 22, 16 11:26 AMFor our detective theme party we passed out character cards. Cassell Elementary School Alphabet Scavenger Hunt List Apr 20, 16 12:39 PMAre you ready to play the Cassell Elementary School alphabet scavenger hunt? Customize your own box of 64 Count Crayola Crayons, 8 Count Crayola Crayons or Crayola Art Case in just a few quick steps.

Plot all of your ships by drawing an outline of each ship on the grid according to its size. This fantastic looking game is being developed by Radiant Entertainment, and currently going through a Kickstarter, which is hitting it's success goal at a rather rapid rate.
What's more, Stonehearth is completely moddable from your city to the people and creatures inhabiting the world, and will ship with the tools and documentation for you to add your own customizations to the game, and you can even share them with friends. We are traveling from all over the United States and to pass the time getting to our destination we would like to have a scavenger hunt.
We have all ages, so I'm trying to make it easy enough for the little ones, but interesting for the older people too.
Each child has their own page, that the opponent should not see, on which they keep track of enemy battleships plotted in the sea. Mark your shot as a hit (X) or a miss (O) on your enemy ship grid according to your opponents reply.
We are all in our 20s - 50s with young kids (10 and under.) Any ideas would be appreciated.
If you rub a lot of crayon wax on the bottom and sides of the hull, the ship could float in water.

See if you have what it takes to be a rocket scientist.CREATEChoose and connect parts together to build rocket ships. What starts off as a small settlement must be developed into a large civilization, with the ability to defend themselves against hostile enemies.
Thank you so much!WendyReply: Austin shared a road trip family scavenger hunt list here that might work for your trip.Also, there's a fun printable family reunion scavenger hunt available Party Fun Printables! There was a twist though - each of the items had a colored letter on it to spell out "20th Family Reunion" and each team had to find the right colored letter. You can fly through the intense atmosphere of Venus, or you can take advantage of the low gravity of Mercury. Players will learn about rocket science and astrodynamics while they are having a blast exploring the solar system.

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