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I've had a lot or requests of late to make map models - generic objects so to speak - that mappers can add to their custom maps. You may NOT recompile these models into any other format or any other game engine other than that provided. You MUST credit myself as the author of the model in any README or documentation included with your mod or map.
A typical USAAF Douglas C-47 Skytrain transport aircraft as used to drop Airborne troops during WWII. German type IX-B U-Boat of which only 14 examples were made, yet in terms of tonnage sunk per boat was the most sucessful type made. Model is split into 7 sub-models for the purpose of optimisation and details of how to re-construct it correctly in your maps can be found included in the ZIP file. Vintage model boats, john anthony model design - John Anthony Model Design, Cayton Vintage Models, Model Aircraft and Boat plans service.

On this page you will find old and forgotten designs and photos of model boating in bygone times along with other items of interest and nostalgia!Any material used is either original to ourselves of from long expired publications. These are from a 1920's publication (estimated) and are for a free running 10 rater pond yacht. I may be able to get these reprinted at actual size if there is any interest in the design.
Models generally get made on as as needed basis or on request, if you can convince me to make it!
If you are working on a project for a different game engine and would like to use one of my models, please contact me to discuss what you need. They may sound harsh, but their fairly simple and fair and are only their because some jerks like to try ripping off my work as their own.
You may NOT use any part of these model or their textures in your own work without my express permission.

Includes un-damaged and burnt out versions, seperate and combined as one model with submodels. In the case of the original fir tree with 31 bones, this was the equivelent on an extra player and may cause some lag if there are a lot of them.
We do not intentionally infringe any current copyrights and if we cause any offence in our ignorance please contact us! Includes two models, one undamaged and one with blown trunk, plus 3 animations - static, swaying and falling.

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