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Repairing Canvas Wear and TearIf your boat canvas has been worn through from contact with its own frame or with other parts of the boat, it can probably be repaired, and if the wear and tear will be repeated, it is a good idea to reinforce the canvas in that area by sewing on some leather or isinglass, both of which resist abrasion quite well. Re-waterproofingand Cleaning Your CanvasSee our page on Caring for Marine Canvas for information on waterproofing and cleaning your canvas.Repairing Simple Tears or Cuts in the CanvasA simple tear or cut in the canvas can be stitched back together, but will deform the surrounding cloth if it is drawn tight.
Here is a picture of a separating marine zipper and the proper terminology starting with #2.Separating means that the zipper unzips and the two sides completely separate from one another.
Please Read Before ordering zippersThe marine zippers we sell are the same zippers we use in our shop, and are shown on this page. Order your zipper sliders here!Please Read Before ordering slidersZippers sliders should be kept handy on boats, because the metal corrodes and the plastic sliders weaken with age break or get lost. Do You Have a Question You Would Like to Ask About EZ-Xtend Boat Zippers or Marine Zippers?
Click here to see the rest of the form and complete your submission.What Questions Have Other Visitors Asked? Zippers In the salt water environment, do you recommend Plastic or Metal Self locking YKK #10 Pulls? How can I sew a zipper? Do I need a special sewing machine and a special sewing thread? Zipper for my Stack Pack I am looking for 195 inch very strong zipper for the stack Pack on my sailboat and that protects the main sail once doused.
How to replace zippers on larger enclosure I need to replace zippers and I ran into a problem. West Marine zipper seizing I am in the process of returning or replacing a 5 year old marine jacket because the zippers have frozen up.
Double Zipper - Which of your products would be appropriate to replace a double zipper on an Isinglass smiley face. Purchase from a non-us esident travelling to US in end of may. Hi, I do not live in US but ill be travelling for memorial day to FL, how can i buy a Marine zipper from you?
Are your zippers YKK or Lenzip? I need to replace the full canvas and Biminis on my Sea Ray EC390 and would like to know if the zippers you sale are the YKK or the Lenzip ones?
Bimini Zipper Problems The zippers on my bimini top (2000 Regal Commodore 2460)are shot - corroded. Zipper Stop Removal I want to replace my YKK #10 aluminum sliders with stainless steel sliders. Retainer box I have a 2004 jeep wrangler and need a replacement retainer box for a #10 zipper. Zipper for a Bimini top, black, 24 inches I need a zipper that has two sliders that will separate to allow a cable through then close around the cable and not slip, # 10 marine grade. If the retaining box breaks can it be replaced? The retaining box fell off the zipper and i was wondering if just the box could be replaced?

Can you supply zippers to an address in the United Kingdom? Replacement zips on yacht awnings.
Do you have 36" white Riri #8 zippers ? Building an enclosure for a boat using pieces build previously with Riri zippers. Hi, Need 2 very long, havy duty zippers, 28 feet long, Hi, Need 2 very long, havy duty zippers, 28 feet long, with stainless slider, for my jib sail and cover for it.
A Christian based children's home for boys and girls in crisis and in need of hope and healing. I got a chance to install these yesterday and just thought I'd get back to you to let you know that they worked perfectly for me. We just installed the zipper we received on our sea ray boat canvas- what an incredibly easy experience! Awnings & CanvasWe have extensive experience in all kinds of custom canvas work, and welcome the challenge to develop a custom designed product for you or your company. Whether at mooring, in the back yard, or on the road, your boat is exposed to harsh elements that wear away unprotected surfaces. AboutOlson Awning & Canvas in Moorhead, MN serves FM & Lakes Area for Industrial, Residential, Commercial customers.
Ocean Tailors has extensive cushion experience and can tailor comfortable, beautiful, long lasting cushions. We offer different types of foam, feather, and down combinations to offer several comfort options for indoor or outdoor cushions. Our fabric selection ranges from designer Ralph Lauren fabrics, to UV resistant, washable, Sunbrella.
The stitching can deteriorate in sunlight, the canvas can be worn through or torn by the frame or nearby fittings, or it might have been cut or torn by a sharp object. To repair your boat canvas, you can buy canvas repair kits with small swatches of cloth and some thread and needles, and start sewing. The area of the repair will not be all that water resistant, and it should be patched with another piece of canvas sewn on.When to Repair Your Boat CanvasFor a boat canvas on which the stitching is failing, it may or may not be worthwhile to have the canvas restitched. We build covers for a range of boats – Lund, Ranger, Skeeter, Alumacraft, Bayliner, Crestliner and many more. Object with ID '106145072785160' does not exist, cannot be loaded due to missing permissions, or does not support this operation. Depending on the type of damage and the condition of the canvas, it is sometimes possible to repair the canvas using canvas repair tape and replacement grommets. In my experience, the canvas will look like a three year old got loose with some of mom's sewing stuff.
Canvas tends to shrink over time in the sun, so a tight canvas can rip its own stitching in some cases, especially if the thread used was not a high quality UV resistant thread. Stainless steel zipper pulls are on the market for salt water boaters along, and they are worth the price since you can keep them for life and can put them on all future boat zippers you may have.
If you want nice, clean seams and a waterproof repair, you might want to go to a professional marine canvas shop to have your canvas repaired.

If the thread has failed but the canvas cloth itself is in decent condition, it can be restitched.
Select it and click on the button to choose it.Then click on the link if you want to upload up to 3 more images. Sealing your marine canvas with a good canvas fabric and seam sealer will not only make it more waterproof, but will also lengthen the life of the cloth and the thread — so when you do replace your old canvas, be sure to seal it properly to help it last as long as possible.
If the canvas material is becoming brittle and crunchy from sun exposure, itis probably not worth restitching it.If your canvas gets damaged or torn while you're out cruising, a temporary canvas repair can be a good idea.
Even if you know you will be replacing the canvas once you're back at your home port, a temporary repair can help protect your sails or other parts of your boat until you're able to replace the damaged canvas. RiRi marine zippers are almost not available in the US and I suspect will be gone before long.Marine zippers have been a source of frustration for boat owners for a long time. Check your zipper teeth for extreme degradation.If you have plastic zipper sliders, try replacing them with metal zipper sliders. If you are unsure, request a sample from our "contact us" page.In our shop we carry common sizes of zipper that cover every boaters needs, so order the size longer than the actual length you need. Vislon plastic zipper sliders weaken, and once that begins, they won't push the teeth together.Preventative maintenance helps protect your teeth. Your canvas repair kit should contain canvas repair tape or patches, grommets and fasteners, and UV-resistant thread (plus a sewing needle designed for use with canvas).If the repair will result in a couple more years of service from a boat canvas, it is fairly inexpensive to have an old canvas repaired, but if it is on the way out anyway, why waste time and money on it? A new Sunbrella canvas will last for years, so it makes sense to look at the annual cost of of your canvas, not just the initial price.
This can facilitate the failure of the locking bond between the two sides of the zipper teeth. If your restitching job is close to the annual cost of owning a new canvas, and your old one is about done anyway, it's time for some new canvas.
So if you use E-Z Snap Lubricant, it is best to use it from the beginning to slow down the deterioration and not after substantial deterioration has begun.
A little chalkiness is normal, a lot is a sign that the zippers are kaput and need to be replaced.Stuck zipper sliderIf you have a stuck zipper slider unit because of salt corrosion or age, try WD-40 and a hair dryer.
Sooner or later, your snaps and fasteners will succumb to salt and corrosion - especially ifA you haveA plated fasteners.
Next, since by now you have several zipper pull replacements already on your boat, you can try prying open the zipper pull very carefully so not to break the teeth using a wide flat head screw driver and tapping it between the edge of the pull from the side and forcing the pull open enough to free the teeth. Whatever the case, you can secure your boat canvas - enclosures and curtains -with stainless snaps and new fasteners. Since you may have reason to replace a zipper pull anyway, you will want a supply of stainless steel crimp-on zipper stops on board.
We Offer Quick Turnaround And Reasonable Rates 757-705-7791Copyright 2012 Whte's Marine Canvas.

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