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Stingerz®  have 3M double sided tape factory applied on all 3 sides, simply peel and stick.
1) Breathe - The remote control slowly decreases the LEDs from full brightness down to dim then slowly increases the LED intensity back to full brightness and then repeats. DRSA offers a selection of flexible light strip, tape lights and LED Neon Flex rope lighting for interior and exterior lighting solutions. Feel assured we only sell high quality 18W LED Marine Stainless Underwater Light at the best prices around. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. Our tried and tested original range of LED Aquarium Reef Lights offer a mid range light at cost whereby it punches above its weight to an unbelievable standard.
Integrated Design: Everyone who has had a few LED keychain lights knows there is a lot more to building a good light than just a battery, some wires and an LED.
Thermal Solution: While you may only see the pleasing visual aspects of our beautifully finished bezels, the entire fixture is actually a mechanical work of art that not only transmits light through the lens, but also transfers heat away from the critical electronics, including the LEDs themselves. Get The Right Light: BTi’s Float line of underwater marine LED Lights are available in a wide array of sizes, materials, finishes, and LED colors to match any application and budget.
Size: Even when money is no object, cost is always a consideration and lumen ratings really can’t be used to compare the added wow factor of going with a larger light. Material: If you are contemplating salt water adventures, stainless steel or bronze aluminum are the only materials we recommend.
Installation: Though we sell direct and include detailed installation instructions backed by factory support, remember that each installation is a bit different and your enjoyment and safety depends on a well thought out and carefully executed installation. Happy Customers I experienced my first BTI brand Underwater LED lights the other night at Lake Pleasant. If you have any questions about 18W LED Marine Stainless Underwater Light, feel free to email us. With an improved depth penetration of 90cm and 75cm for width, there should not be a tank that the TripleR 2C can not light beyond your expectations.
These lights incorporate robust engineering, artful design, unmatched craftsmanship, and outrageous performance at a total cost per lumen that rivals even the foreign made knock offs. While most people think of LED’s simply in terms of shape, size and color, there are a number of other properties that differentiate one LED from another.
High power LED lighting systems however, confront the designer with a whole new set of challenges.

Though LED’s are by nature much more efficient than other light sources, they still produce some heat that must be managed in powerful lights such as our float series.
We simply say that while our three inch models will really impress you, the four inch model will produce twice, and the six inch model four times the light.
LED color is generally self-explanatory and strictly a matter of taste, however the natural properties of the LED materials as well as the varying sensitivity of the human eye to different wavelengths of visible light combine to make some colors appear brighter. Use our option selector tool to configure and price your desired light(s) or contact your local marine dealer today.
I had read about marine LED lights before but seeing them in person was nothing short of amazing. Marine CD players, iPod receivers, speakers, amplifiers, and subwoofers are all available to fit your boat. Whether for looks or adding light to storage areas LED lights are a perfect fit when combined with water proof switches and a clean install. Flexible and stiff tape lights, strip lights or rope lighting fixtures are available in several fashionable colors for exterior and interior installations. MUST be used with the LED power supply (included) Damage will occur if power supply is not used Great for attracting sea life to the water's surface. This unit also includes legs and a hanging kit and available in sizes from 16 inches (406mm) and up to 5 feet (1.52 metres) with separate white and blue power cords so you can add your own external timers and achieve that deep dark blue moonlight effect and pick up corals in light you can only imagine. A high power light relies heavily on a well-integrated electrical, thermal and mechanical design to ensure that it will continue to function safely and reliably over its lifetime. Our patent pending thermal solution, while simple and elegant in theory, relies on advanced materials and close tolerance manufacturing to achieve the uniquely low thermal impedance that is characteristic of our fixtures.
Please do not confuse this with our anodized aluminum housings.) While our polished stainless steel housings are unbeatable from a low maintenance perspective, some boaters prefer a gold colored appearance that our polished bronze aluminum housings present.
Our anodized aluminum bezels are available in red, blue, black and silver (clear anodizing). I have been at the lake after dark on other occasions and have seen other brands of LED lights glowing under the water but they weren’t even in the same ballpark. Available in unlimited colors, designs, and mounting options…Please ask us how we can light up your boat. Most consumers are not aware (and many manufacturers don’t want you to know) that LEDs are more like fruit than cereal.
BTi specializes in selecting the highest efficacy LEDs available and integrating them into a fixture that optimizes not only light output, but overall efficiency and reliability. To state it more simply, we have put a lot of time and effort into making sure that our LEDs not only are top performers, but are able to work smarter instead of harder to produce the brilliantly beautiful illumination that enhances your boating experience.

Though more effort is required to keep the bronze aluminum material clean and shiny, it represents the best solution for those wanting to enjoy a classic beauty reminiscent of early naval vessels without taking on the daunting task of keeping “real” brass polished to the same great look.
Please note that there are no “standard” colors for the anodizing process and therefore the color of your BTi fixture may not match other anodized parts on your boat. Also, remember that you may be able to negotiate a better price on these lights through your local marine dealer, which might effectively reduce the cost of a professional installation. LED Neon Flex rope lighting is available in 7 colors and is easy to cut and can be bent into an angle or bend by hand.
Our buyers routinely reject more LEDs than we purchase to ensure that every one that ends up in one of our lights, not only meets our rigid specifications, but is matched to its neighbors in all of the most important characteristics, including emission color and efficacy curve.
If you use your boat exclusively in fresh water and want more color choices, we recommend our aluminum bezels which we glass bead before anodizing to give them a satin finish.
I can’t wait to get a pair for my boat!Bob Walker, Scottsdale, Arizona I saw some BTI underwater lights a few weeks ago at the lake and I was completely blown away.
Even though you don’t see them (unless you look carefully at our artfully executed electronic circuitry under the lens) we use the same philosophy for all of our components.
Please note that stainless and bronze aluminum bezels are currently not available on our three inch lights.
I didn’t even know you could mount lights under the waterline, much less light up anywhere near that much area around a boat. Even the tiniest resistor, is purchased, picked, placed and soldered with utmost care, to ensure that every BTi Float light consistently exceeds our performance promise. There was so much light that you could see more in the water at night than you could at noon on a sunny day.
I just had my local shop install a pair of the 4 inch lights and went to Lake Mead that same evening. I can already tell that we will be using our boat more and having a lot more fun when we do, especially because we typically don’t go out until early evening. If you don’t have a boat already, these lights will make you want one even more.Mike Morrison, Las Vegas, Nevada I'm excited that it took less than an hour to make the Fun Cub a night flier. Can't wait for night flying at Cub Nuts!Kelly, My brother gave me a couple of sets of these lights recently and I've already had a blast with them. The best news is that we just bought a new house with a perfect RC electric flying site right in our back yard so my son Grey and I will be out in the evenings lighting up the sky from the back porch!

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