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You're going to need a bigger conservatory: Mr Diment had to convert his conservatory into a shipyard for much of the nine-month construction process.
Ruler of the waves: The completed model is estimated to be worth A?15,000 - but can the Ministry of Defence afford it? The management consultant from Waterlooville, Hampshire, is now taking his creation to model exhibitions around the country.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. 4:24 pm January 16, 2012 By Julian Horsey Tweet Share11 +12Shares 13Here on Geeky Gadgets we have featured a number of fairly large Lego creations, but they all look very small compared to their monster 19 ft tall Saturn V Rocket. The Lego Saturn 5 Rocket has been built by Australian Ryan McNaught, who you can see standing next to his creation after the jump to get some idea to the size of this Lego construction.

The rocket took McNaught over 250 hours to complete and contains around 120,000 pieces of Lego, and is currently the largest Lego structure in Australia.
You can check out more images of this monster 19 ft tall Lego Saturn V Rocket over on Ryan McNaughts’ Flickr page. Kerbal Space Program was released last month, and has since been updated multiple times adding new items and features. There isn't much in the way of objectives or challenges at the moment, as that part of the game is yet to be added. Despite his efforts, the model hasna€™t beaten the record for the worlda€™s largest Lego ship.
The rocket will also be available to view between January 21st and 22nd in Melbourne Town Hall, Australia.

It's essentially a rocketship building simulator, with players putting a shuttle together and then launching into into the depths of space.
You may well run out of fuel before you get there, or your ship design might not be up to scratch, leading to something randomly exploding mid-flight. In August, Rene Hoffmeister and 3,500 children built a 25.1ft-long container ship over seven days in Wilhelmshaven, Germany, using 513,000 bricks.

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